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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1984 ET Graw Steve Port Huron MI
1984 LT Ayres Dan Weirton WV
1984 RM Gruener John Eminence IN
1985 BM Smith Cameron Minneapolis MN
1985 BM Smith Cameron Minneapolis MN
1985 CPO Brock Lynn Maywood CA
1985 CPO Dutton Steven Mccall ID
1985 EM Alderman Brent Westtown NY
1985 EN Ramirez Carlos Odessa TX
1985 EN Vavala Dino Warren PA
1985 FC Butler Stephen Florence SC
1985 GM Pryke Jerry Toledo OH
1985 GM Ramet Donald Middletown PA
1985 GS Cavalcante Bob Rutherford NJ
1985 GS Fox Douglas Osage IA
1985 IC Graw Matthew Port Huron MI
1985 IC Stafford Melvin Middlebury PA
1985 LCDR Hassler Pat Salem NJ
1985 LT Chipley Charles Frederick MD
1985 LT Chipley Charles Frederick MD
1985 MS Lilly Scott Festus, Missouri MO
1985 MS Murawski Gary Buffalo NY
1985 OS Thompson Alvah Falmouth ME
1985 PN Clendening Dale New Ross IN
1985 PN Jannuzzi Thomas Punta Gorda FL
1985 PN Townsend Barry Oneonta NY
1985 RM Lawrence Allen Sandersville GA
1985 RM Ohsfeldt Miles Charleston SC
1985 RM Rose Craig Sedona AZ
1985 SCPO Goo Micah Torrance CA
1985 SCPO Morley Russell Jersey City NJ
1985 ST Archambault Michael Manchester NH
1985 TM Cofield Patrick Sterling Park VA
1986 MR Hall Richard, \\ Niagara Falls NY
1986 OS Maar Rob New York NY
1987 BM Coyle John Warren RI
1987 CPO Mcginley Terence Pasadena CA
1987 FC Bohaty Tony Saint Paul MN
1987 HT Grimsley John Grenfield OH
1987 IC Iannetta Phillip Providence RI
1987 MS Orlikowski Brian Buffalo NY
1987 ST Militello Eric Buffalo NY
1988 HM Helms - Hm3 Don Scottsdale AZ
1988 OS Lyden Robert Boston MA
1988 OS Wilson Dennis Virginia Beach VA
1988 QM Tinlin Matt Weymouth MA
1988 SN Church James Lewiston NY
1988 SN Jodun Bill . FL
1989 BM Buzzanco Tracey Kingston NY
1989 DC Dedee Timothy Saratoga NY
1989 EM Flavin John Ogdensburg NY
1989 EW Longoria Christopher San Antonio TX
1989 LT Early Steve Euless TX
1989 MS Joudrie George Boston MA
1989 MS Joudrie George Boston MA
1989 PN Parrigan John
1989 SM Davis Sammy J. Shreveport LA
1990 BM Gabler Mike Chambersburg PA
1990 BM Hoyler Steven --
1990 BM Hoyler Steven
1990 CPO Moore Robert Carthage NY
1990 EM Wardrip Jim Vine Grove KY
1990 GS Dunlop Todd Londonderry NH
1990 LT Whelan Richard Franklin MA
1990 SH Henson William Maryland Heights MO
1990 SK Poland James Utica OH
1991 DC Moquin Robert Fitchburg MA
1991 EN Washington Steven Fall River MA
1991 ET Tittel Joe Rahway NJ
1991 FC Shearer --
1991 FC Weidner Fc1 Weidner Boyertown PA
1991 GS Brotko Mark Wichita KS
1991 GS Earnest Tom Boston MA
1991 IC Carson Steve Hawthorne CA
1992 BM Schlagel Scott Fargo ND
1992 OS Raynor Jerry Philadelphia PA
1992 OS Snyder Gerald Oconto WI
1993 BM Owen Chris Nashville TN
1993 CMDR Hanna Jim Baltimore MD
1993 GM Farris Gary San Antonio TX
1993 HT Greene Brent Greybull WY
1993 IC Sabatino Manuel Blackstone MA
1993 LCDR Brughelli John Modesto CA
1993 QM Robinson Thomas Gulfport FL
1994 CPO Mcintire John Sparta IL
1994 EN Delay Dale Chattanooga TN
1994 FC Bradley Joey Bogue Chitto MS
1994 MR Hidinger Eric Brockway PA
1994 OS Woods Matthew Clark NJ
1994 QM Godfrey James Lap Porte TX
1994 QM Silver David Paradise Valley AZ
1995 BM Morgan Marc Portsmouth VA
1995 CMDR Block Doughlas Omaha NE
1995 FC Fc3 Stump --
1995 GM Fesenger Chief --
1995 GM Rodriguez Gm3 Alex Booster Brownsville TX
1995 GM Stritch Mark Neenah WI
1995 GS Protextor Jonathan Park Rapids MN
1995 LT Obrien Matthew Cinnaminson NJ
1995 RM Woods --
1995 SH Matthews Phil Bergen NY
1995 SN Silver David Phoenix AZ
1996 BM Nixon Branden Ponce De Leon FL
1996 CMDR Block Douglas Omaha --
1996 GM Nichols Christopher Corpus Christi TX
1996 RM Carson Kenneth Butler KY
1996 SCPO Peck Kevin Saratoga NY
1996 TM Bell Rex Longview TX
1997 BM Elliott Joey Sebring FL
1997 EM Lockhart Louis New York NY
1997 ET Pratt Christopher Oak Ridge TN
1997 FC Rogers Iv Carl Schaumburg IL
1997 GM Mayne Erik Spencer WV
1997 HM Gamber Shawn Meridian MS
1997 MA Schwerdtfeger James Richmond VA
1998 BM Braden Chris Yukon OK
1998 GM Jeglum Jeffrey Fortuna ND
1998 PN Torrey Jon --
1999 Houser Jason Dayton OH
1999 BM Adams Mike Baltimore MD
1999 PN Torrey Jon Jamestown NY
2000 CWO Furbee Sr. George Washington PA
2000 EN Dizon Rick San Diego CA
2000 MS Lewis Scott Champaign IL
2000 SN Rinkavage Steven Kernersville NC
2001 MS Robischeau Mike Plymouth MA
2002 GM Craft Edmond Jackson MS
2002 ST Haas Bradley Buena Vista GA
2005 MCPO Simpkins Howard West Palm Beach FL
2008 SN Louiz Jacob Corning NY





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