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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1981 HT Parker Alan Hartselle AL
1982 BM Belcher Kenneth Washington IN
1982 BM Kelly Murray Atlanta GA
1982 BM Kelly Murray Atlanta GA
1982 BM Sauls Stephen Chamblee GA
1982 ENS Barcomb Wayne Tupper Lake NY
1982 FT Brazel John Reidsville GA
1982 GM Mckey Kenneth Victoria TX
1982 HT Parker Alan Hartselle AL
1982 LT Husta Peter Wilton CT
1982 MS Anderson Leroy Memphis TN
1982 OS Theys John Green Bay WI
1982 QM Young Dennis Maysville MO
1982 SK Eidel George Hicksville NY
1982 SK Werner Michael Crystal MN
1983 BM Canter Bill Winston-salem NC
1983 BM Hunt Horace Thomasvile NC
1983 BM Walker Stevieheavy Monticello KY
1983 CPO Fletcher Chuck Marietta SC
1983 CPO Jaekle Raymond Charleston SC
1983 EN Spisak Michael Struthers OH
1983 FC Beaty Russell Baltimore MD
1983 FC Fairweather Tom Jackson TN
1983 FC Hall Don Magnolia TX
1983 GS Brown Wayne Newington CT
1983 GS Burrough Tony Vicksburg MS
1983 GS Fox Douglas Osage IA
1983 GS Kukura Jim Johnstown PA
1983 GS Reid John IL
1983 GS Turner Tom Bloomfield IN
1983 GS Weinberg Bill Albany OR
1983 GS Weinberg Bill Albany OR
1983 LT Bump Joe --
1983 LTJG Sorensen Dan --
1983 OS Smith Mark Jacksonville AR
1983 SH Stevenson Wilson Evan Mills NY
1983 SK Jenn Dan Waterloo IA
1983 SM Milledge Frederick Columbia SC
1983 ST Kampfl Jeffrey Chillicothe IL
1983 ST West Mark Evansville IN
1984 EM Kinney Leonard (joe) Spartansburg PA
1984 EN Bell Michael Trenton TN
1984 EN Rosson Bud TN
1984 GS Harshman John PA
1984 HT Dekker Dennis Muskegon MI
1984 HT Ward Frank Columbus OH
1984 HT Wright Scott Dickson TN
1985 CPO Neff Michael Johnstown PA
1985 EN Pickrell Ronald Dayton OH
1985 EN Zedo John Pittsburgh PA
1985 GS Eason Robert Paris TN
1985 LCDR Israel Thomas Augusta GA
1985 PN Quinn Michael P Billings MT
1985 RM Mann Matthew Garnerville NY
1985 SK Pratt Glenn Fayetteville AR
1985 ST Davis Ricky Texas City TX
1986 BM Hasley Joel Monroe MI
1986 BM Hasley Joel Monroe MI
1986 CPO Bivens Arthur Westview KY
1986 EN Rosson Bud Manchester TN
1986 GM Lindenmier Gary Rockford IL
1986 GS Mungia David Victoria TX
1986 MCPO Brown Bill Goose C SC
1986 SK Poindexter Chris Plainville IN
1987 EN Diaz Nelson Hartford CT
1987 IC Littlejohn Wilbert Gaffney SC
1987 LT Deloach Chris Columbia SC
1987 SK Torres Rafael CA
1987 SN Bacon John Garden City GA
1988 BM Nilson Rob Austin TX
1988 DC Willis Anthony Youngstown OH
1988 OS Pelfrey Sean Spokane WA
1989 BM Ross Rob Wilmington DE
1989 GS Robinson Richard Fleming OH
1989 OS Adkins Brent Florence KY
1989 ST Sciacca David Columbus OH
1990 CPO Fugere Michael Raymond NH
1990 ET Wright Mitchell St. Louis MO
1990 HT Ringler Robert Westminster CO
1990 HT White Kevin Vallejo CA
1990 IC Mangus David Cincinnati OH
1990 QM Soskin Evan Detroit MI
1990 SN View Pat Mohawk NY
1990 SN View Pat Mohawk NY
1991 BM Culver Billy Gadsden AL
1991 BM Holland Alvey Louisville KY
1991 CPO Oneill Tim Fallon NV
1991 DK Godby Kenneth Pekin IL
1991 EN Dessert Robert East Hartford CT
1991 ET Lawson Brian Jasper AL
1991 FC Berry Robert San Antonio TX
1991 FC Monk Mark Haines City FL
1991 OS Farmer George Summerville SC
1991 RM Bryant Marcus Shreveport LA
1991 SH Lopez Bobby Cameron OK
1991 SK Bauder Tim Debary FL
1991 SM Gorham David Charleston SC
1991 SM Wright Christopher Campbellsville KY
1991 YN Olvera Donovan “ov” El Paso TX
1992 QM Anderson Michael Redlands CA
1992 SN Jacobs Bobby Panama City FL
1993 DC Lagadinos Charles Cloverport KY
1993 EN Niggl Steven Peekskill NY
1993 GM Frank James Phoenix AZ
1993 IC Bonsall Brian Philadelphia PA
1993 OS Constable Mark Bel Air MD
1993 OS Monk Randy Gainesville FL
1993 QM Kashmer George Scranton PA
1993 SM Jacobs James Corpus Christi TX
1993 SN Beshears Brian Lusby MD
1993 SN Caldwell Brian Harrisburg PA
1994 FC Ruth Scott Hingham MA
1994 OS Mason Jermaine Richmond VA
1994 SC Jason. Barclay FL
1994 SCPO Holwell Scott Hot Springs SD
1994 SH Laird Kerry Calhoun City MS
1994 SN Hammond David Omaha NE
1995 CPO Lewis James Deatsville AL
1995 FC Josephson Sean Houston TX
1995 GS Washam Jason Adair OK
1995 LT Hollowell Mike Prince Frederick MD
1995 OS Maniaci Philip Ronkonkoma NY
1995 OS Paige Steve Orlando FL
1995 RM Doss Joshua Colorado Springs CO
1995 RM Galic Stephen Dallas/San Padre TX
1995 SCPO Holwell Scott Hot Springs SD
1995 SH Carr Howard
1995 SK Helms Sven Wetumpka AL
1996 BM Jensen Keith Brookline NH
1996 BM Shanken Richard Oak Ridge TN
1996 GS Banta Ron Sweethome OR
1996 PN Carter Demetrius Chicago IL
1996 QM Best James Topeka KS
1996 RM Doss Joshua --
1996 ST Jensen Shanon Blairstown NJ
1996 ST Schweiger Frank Cincinnati OH
1997 OS Craycroft Adam Decatur IL
1997 SCPO Phillips Steve Rutledge AL
1998 BM Junkins Cliff Kernersville NC
1998 BM Predmore Randall Coudersport PA
1998 DC Schilling Jody Staten Island NY
1998 LT Quirk David Plantation FL
1998 PN Manzueta Robert Orlando FL
1998 RM Rue Justin College Station TX
1999 Hammond Buck Chesapeake VA
1999 EM Cusick Phillip Richmond VA
1999 PN Keeney Sean Manhattan NY
1999 PN Keeney Sean Ralegh NC
1999 PN Keeney Sean Ftn Ralegh NC
1999 PN Keeney Sean Raleigh NC
1999 SM Heyden James --
1999 YN Arabie Charles Lafayette LA
2000 LT Massaro Bob Watertown NY
2000 RM Delgado (alaniz) Joe Nelson Weslaco TX
2001 BM Smith Darryl Knoxville TN
2001 DC George Jason Panhandle TX
2001 FC Lytle Reginald Spartanburg SC
2002 CMDR Davis Stephen Jacksonville FL
2002 SCPO Beatty Harry Longview TX
2003 BM Rivera Gersom Brooklyn NY
2003 OS Burroughs Marcus Charlotte NC
2003 SM Stolts Cory Monticello WI
2004 BM Rivera Gersom
2004 BM Woodhead Justin Rochester WA
2006 ET Rasay Norman Jacksonville FL
2006 HM Ortiz Hector Scranton PA
2007 EM Hill Johnny Melbourne FL
2007 EM Hill Johnny Melbourne FL
2007 OS Li Eric Hollywood FL
2008 GS Gardner David Charlotte NC
2011 FC Carr Danny Eatonton GA
2011 HM Cobleigh Chris Atchison KS





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