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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1980 Spud Boy
1980 -- Ladouceur Lyle Pembina ND
1980 BM Anderson Warren Los Angeles CA
1980 CPO Cook Ken Philadelphia PA
1980 CPO Spaulding Richard Bristol RI
1980 EN Haynes Curtis Grass Valley CA
1980 EN Lussier Bruce Norco CA
1980 EW Kay Brian Long Beach CA
1980 FT Schwarz Steve Chicago IL
1980 GM Cearfoss Ii James Killeen TX
1980 GM Coleman Janes Chicago IL
1980 GM Coleman James Chicago IL
1980 GS Shepard Dennis Jefferson OH
1980 OS Donnelly Jerry Vancouver WA
1980 OS Manis Frank Los Angeles CA
1980 RM Powell Gregory A. Fort Worth TX
1980 SN Heil Richard Kent WA
1980 ST Cornwall William Santa Monica CA
1981 BM Ward A.l. Clarksdale MS
1981 FT Jewell Jerry Arapahoe NC
1981 HT Gray Michael Hagerstown MD
1981 HT Williams Mike Coldwater KS
1981 MS Ciccione Mike Monrovia CA
1981 PC Trinkle Charles Bloomington IN
1981 ST Kanten Steven Gilcrest CO
1982 EN Parnell Charles Bessemer AL
1982 IC Roy Daryl Oxford MI
1982 RM Pople Phil Frederick MD
1983 CMDR Ernst Eric Elkhart IN
1983 CPO Cupp David Columbus OH
1983 EN Biard Raymond Marshall TX
1983 EN Quick Robert High Ridge MO
1983 GM Blair Daniel Dallas OR
1983 GM Campbell Chris Waco TX
1983 GM Howard Charles Waco TX
1983 GM Smallwood Kenneth Garden Grove CA
1983 IC Frodge Stephen San Antonio TX
1983 IC Frodge Stephen San Antonio TX
1983 RM Brux Ron Camp Douglas WI
1983 SN Garwood Daren Oakdale CA
1984 EW Miller Bob Hackensack NJ
1984 FTM Horn Dale Stroud OK
1984 GM Dale David Chappell NE
1984 GS Callas Steve Clinton NJ
1984 HT Holtz Marty Buffalo NY
1984 IC Larry Eckman Sebeka MN
1984 MS Reyes Jorge Attleboro MA
1984 RM Wallace Steve Norman OK
1984 SM Arciszewski Gary North Fort Myers FL
1984 SN Robinson Floyd Fayetteville NC
1984 ST Schweiger Frank Cincinnati OH
1985 BM Donegan Michael Anthony Encinitas CA
1985 BM Riedel Joseph Bellmawr NJ
1985 BM Vail Michael Leavittsburg OH
1985 EN Reese Mike Springfield OH
1985 OS Stryker Steve Edison NJ
1985 QM Nicholson Jack White Bluff TN
1985 RM Clark Gary North Huntingdon PA
1985 RM Clark Gary North Huntingdon PA
1985 RM Core Michael Phoenix AZ
1986 BM Palmer Daron Friendly WV
1986 ET Jenkins Carl Akron OH
1986 FC Matthews Lee Kalamazoo MI
1986 GM Mckee Daniel Deer Lodge MT
1986 ST Hoffman Brian San Jose CA
1987 EN Barzac Anthony East Rochester NY
1987 GS Waldron Gary Los Angeles CA
1987 HM Stevens Donald Kinsman OH
1987 SM Bertelle Bob Albuquerque NM
1988 CPO Garces Antono (tony) Mcallen TX
1988 EW Crowhurst Joe Toney AL
1988 MCPO Cortez Bernardo Laredo TX
1988 OS Evernham David Santa Maria CA
1989 BM Tabor Jon Meadville PA
1989 DC Wood Lawrence Plattsburgh NY
1989 LTJG Payne Darryl Texas City TX
1989 QM Ricchiuto Tony ??????? MD
1989 RM Hess Jerry Lexington OH
1989 SM Leath Robert Austin TX
1990 ET Lichtenstein Gary West Hills CA
1990 IS Alvores Joseph Jacksonville FL
1990 SH Mills Jason Lompoc CA
1990 ST Anderson Ronald Medicine Lake MT
1991 BM Burklin Steven Hayward CA
1991 BM Peach William Grass Valley CA
1991 GS Losee Shawn Riceville IA
1991 IC Ferguson John (jp) Gastonia NC
1991 LTJG Beardon Kyle NC
1991 MS Love --
1991 MS Rubio Raul Hawthorne CA
1991 OS Watkins Dan Texas TX
1991 QM Jacobs Tim Stockbridge MI
1991 QM Sweeney Michael Rochester NY
1991 RM Raines Calvin Azusa CA
1991 RM Richardson Brian Seattle WA
1991 ST Long Scott Lawrenceburg TN
1993 EM Lopez Juan Chicago IL
1993 FC Golden Greg Cedarburg WI
1993 FC Hughes Gregg Powdersville SC
1993 HT Stacy John Seattle WA
1994 DC Gooldy Jeff Prosser WA
1994 EW Decker William Ocala FL
1994 GM Decesare Nicholas Bethlehem PA
1995 CPO Berry James San Antonio TX
1995 OS Urtz Matt Ilion NY
1996 GS Mcneal Michael Moss Point MS
1996 IC Ethier Eran Philadelphia PA
1996 SK Meadows Joseph Bessemer City NC
1997 EM Price Michael (Remy) Portland OR
1997 EN Gray Rich Pittsburgh PA
1997 FC Schatmeier Marc Yorba Linda CA
1997 GM Cox Shane Des Moines IA
1997 HT Mertz Scott Fargo ND
1997 IC Howard Franklin Salyersville KY
1997 OS Garbe William Chicago IL
1997 OS Garbe William Chicago IL
1997 SCPO Perez Vernon Wadsworth IL
1997 ST Liptrap Ed Anaheim CA
1997 YN Lucas Clarence Junction City KS
1998 CPO Charles Myers Rowland Heights CA
1998 FC Finnan Josh Las Vegas NV
1998 HM Me Me Tx LA
1998 SK Lindebak Erik Glendale AZ
1998 ST Marruffo Richard Santee CA
1999 CPO Owsian Anthony Gardena CA
1999 HT Tegel Gary Newport Beach CA
1999 MR Sipchen Bill Buffalo Grove IL
1999 MS Costello Daniel Brooklyn NY
1999 OS Halsey Scott Lebanon TN
2000 SM Dixon Frank Jacksonville FL
2000 SM Nelson Michael Portland OR
2000 SM Nelson Michael Portland OR
2001 DC Bross Terry Traverse City MI
2001 QM Bononcini Joe Stockdale TX
2001 SN Bonds Greg Tulsa OK
2001 SN Bonds Greg Tulsa OK
2002 HM Porter Ken North Kingstown RI
2002 QM Boose Shaun Fort Lauderdale FL





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