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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Moody Roland Dodge City KS
1949 LT Brown Robert (Bob) Lyons IN
1949 QM Gililland Robert Hemet CA
1966 CPO Kangas Carl Aiken SC
1966 CPO Klipp Michael Grants Pass OR
1968 Mischo Peter Des Moines IA
1968 BM Brown Carlos Houston TX
1968 BM Neimi Jim WA
1968 BT Williams Calvin Gary IN
1968 CS Allen Joseph Muscoda WI
1968 CS Allen Joseph Muscoda WI
1968 EM Vennebush James (jay) Mckessport PA
1968 FT Kanderis Nick Flushing NY
1968 GM Scroggins William Fort Worth TX
1968 HM Heltsley John San Francisci CA
1968 OS Ebeling Dale Mcminnville OR
1968 RD Cook David Greensburg KS
1968 RM Boruff Ed Knoxville TN
1968 SK Morrison Tom Los Angeles CA
1968 ST Hanson Keith Terry MT
1968 ST Mehling Richard Fresno CA
1968 ST Mischo Peter Des Moines IA
1968 ST Popek Dick Cedar Rapids IA
1969 BT Worthington Bill Perry KS
1969 ET Hansen Joe Los Angeles CA
1969 LT Brown Bob San Diego CA
1969 TM Kobeluch Ronald Chicago IL
1970 BM Brannen Larry Bucks PA
1970 CPO Roland Ronald St. Augustine FL
1970 IC Jones Richard Cincinnati OH
1970 IC Jones Richard Cincinnati OH
1970 LCDR Roder Pete Muskegon Heights MI
1970 MM Lacombe Jerry Everett WA
1970 RD Charcho John San Francisco CA
1970 SCPO Brown Doug Vermillion SD
1970 SH Sandquist Tom Big Springs NE
1971 CMDR Smith Marvin G Indpls IN
1971 CS Jacobson Dean Salt Lake City UT
1971 CS Mills Wesley Rochester MN
1971 ET Myers Jerry York NE
1971 HT Tauro Daniel Pomona CA
1971 LTJG Campbell Vic Chumucklacom FL
1971 SM Boyle Steve Sacramento CA
1971 ST Sherrod Bob Concord CA
1972 BM Burgess Virgil Auberry CA
1972 BM Schippert James Junction City KS
1972 BM Vaught David Salt Lake City UT
1972 FT Smith Steve Excelsior Springs MO
1972 HT Moon Lonnie Graham WA
1972 HT Tauro Daniel Pomona CA
1972 MM Hicks Marvin Portland OR
1972 MM Mazza Gene San Francisco CA
1972 MM Williams Roy IL
1972 PN Williams Duane Toppenish WA
1972 SH Morgan Donald Montana MT
1972 SN Ehrsam Michael Rendondo Bch Ca. CA
1973 BM Rathburn Roy Chula Vista CA
1973 BT Searles William Malaga WA
1973 BT Sneen Bruce Hastings MN
1973 FT Vance Michael Bellflower CA
1973 HT Evans Willard Palmetto FL
1973 IC Campbell Mark Albuquerque NM
1973 MCPO Boughan Curtis Joe Buna TX
1974 EM Anderson Steve Norwalk CA
1974 EM Engel Peter Lansing MI
1974 IC Moon Billy Stephenville TX
1974 MM Durbin Robert (bob) Bishop CA
1974 MM Piatt Terry Creston OH
1974 SH Pierce Carl Sacramento CA
1974 ST Melin Kevin Park River ND
1975 BM Hakes Harold Bountiful VA
1975 BT Larson Gaylord Rawlins WY
1975 BT Nobles Jack Austin TX
1975 BT Stevenson John Pontiac MI
1975 LCDR Snyder Peter Bridgeport CT
1975 SH Clements Dennis Lehighton PA
1976 BT Hall Don Neoga IL
1976 ET Teel Dana Wapello IA
1976 LTJG Gillingham Dave San Diego CA
1976 LTJG Murphy Larry San Diego CA
1976 OS Lafferty Mark Detroit MI
1976 OS Mcfadden Danny Oklahoma City OK
1976 PC Hill Sherman Arkadelphia AR
1976 RM Adkisson Ken Warren MI
1976 SCPO Bell Edward East Chicago IN
1976 ST Lewis Craig San Diego CA
1977 AE Mireles Robert San Antonio TX
1977 AX Bohach Nick Rochester MN
1977 BT Carril Thomas E St Louis IL
1977 MS Gardner Gary Danville KY
1977 OS White James Edgewood MD
1977 RM Funk Michael Modesto CA
1977 TM Nash Lester Akron OH
1978 FT Venneberg Karl Haysville KS
1978 HT Wisdom Clyde St Louis MO
1978 LT Davis Richard Lafayette IN
1978 LT Neff Chris Honolulu HI
1978 SCPO Hibbeler Wayne King George VA
1978 ST Knippel Bob Wausau WI
1979 BM Gutierrez Phillip Salinas CA
1979 FT Barrett Rick Oklahoma City OK
1979 GM Bourdieu George West Palm Beach FL
1979 MM Beason Randy Maryville MO
1979 MM Tysall Dan Honeoye Falls NY
1979 OS Colwell Norman Ottawa KS
1979 OS King Tom Bucks County PA
1979 OS Lawson Ronnie Paducah KY
1979 QM Stein John Norwalk OH
1979 SN Beaver Charlie Ceres CA
1980 BM Blankenship Dan Denver CO
1980 BM Snyder Jeff Jerseyville IL
1980 BT Skinner Paul CA
1980 CPO Altringer Michael Fargo ND
1980 FC Wildau Matt Albuquerque NM
1980 LTJG Otano Andres Falls Church Va TX
1980 OS Butterfield Tim St. Louis MO
1980 SN Phelps Robert High Point NC
1981 BT Brown John Wallawalla WA
1981 IC Miller Mike Long Beach CA
1981 LT Schwaneke Robert Rolla MO
1981 MM Hutchinson Jr Norman C Des Moines Iowa IA
1981 MS Cote Bradley Escanaba MI
1981 OS Metts James Portland OR
1981 RM Vasquez Ruben El Paso TX
1981 YN Stone David Phoenix AZ
1982 BT Obermeier John Melville NY
1982 BT Obermeier John Melville NY
1982 GM Rice William New Castle PA
1982 IC Speake Glenn East Rutherford NJ
1982 IC Tann Isaac Philadelphia PA
1982 MM Hass Michael Pentwater MI
1982 MM Pesta Larry (deceased) Terra Bella CA
1982 MS Leach James Cleveland OH
1982 RM Bauman Frank San Bernardino CA
1982 SH Goldberg Randy Grand Haven MI
1982 SH Goldberg Randy Grand Haven MI
1982 SN Walker Jd Pittsburgh PA
1983 BM Cook William Quincy CA
1983 ET Culley David Sandusky OH
1983 OS Bitner Jay Colorado Springs CO
1983 OS Bitner Jay Colorado Springs CO
1984 EW Salisbury Brian Altoona PA
1984 NC Mathias Jim Wabasha MN
1984 RM Gourley Marshall Stockton CA
1985 BM Johnson Dj
1985 BM Pearson Michael Detroit MI
1985 BM Tullis Marvin
1985 ET Mullen Blaine Denver CO
1985 EW Boykin Dennis Bakersfield CA
1985 IC Veeder Parris Duluth MN
1985 OS Mullins Larry Eugene OR
1986 BM Reedy Carl Baker City OR
1986 ET Fowler Brian Newport News VA
1986 IC Curtis John Youngstown OH
1986 LT Ferguson Leslie Long Beach CA
1986 MM Hann Jeb Ava MO
1986 OS Hinkle Mark Va Beach VA
1986 RM Alexander Ray Kannapolis NC
1986 RM Alexander Ray Kannapolis NC
1986 SN Mulherin Richard St Peters MO
1986 ST Helms William Hohenwald TN
1986 ST Nutter David Mount Upton NY
1987 BM Zavala Michael Chicago IL
1987 DC Smith William Ironton OH
1987 EM Ocallahan Joe Wnuk FL
1987 EM Wnuk Joe FL
1987 GM Davis Jimmy Cisco TX
1987 IC Harmer Shawn Colorado Springs CO
1987 LCDR Viscovich Paul Weston FL
1987 SN Hardaway Howard Culpeper VA
1987 ST Cummings Nathan Orange CA
1988 ST Carroll Mark Smithfield NC





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