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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 EM Holland John Revere MA
1944 RM Christian Bill Shawnee OK
1944 RM Rowell Jd Knox City TX
1944 SF Moon Clyde Holly Pond AL
1944 SM Dischino Robert Wellesley MA
1948 SM Dietzen Con Danville I
1948 SM Dietzen Con Danville I
1950 SN Hesseltine Robert Pleasant Plain IA
1952 GM Kaspar Anton - Tony El Campo TX
1952 LTJG Brown Arnold Oakland CA
1952 MM Saunders Mickey (sandy) San Antonio TX
1952 QM Comer Edward Rock Hill SC
1953 EM Noel Richard Roseland NE
1953 MM Poteat? NC
1954 BT Jorgensen Carl Hayward CA
1954 EM Noel Richard Roseland NE
1954 YN Duenkel Albert New Haven CT
1955 Shaw CA
1955 BT Brasell Jerry Alex City AL
1955 BT Gibson Monti Salem OR
1955 BT Myers
1955 Diver C Or Klinkingbeard
1955 ENS Jaffe Burton Suffolk VA
1955 FT Pittelkow Robert (bob) Tallahassee FL
1955 LTJG Woodhouse Cal Unknown
1955 MM Decker Charlie MN
1955 MM Maw
1955 MM Mcphearson
1955 MM Waldrop James Randall (ranny) Pee Wee) Easley SC
1956 BT Mc Fadden Larry Portland IN
1956 CPO Fernandez
1956 ML Irby Owen Electra TX
1956 RD Petro John T. Dunbar PA
1956 RM Small Larry Wagram NC
1956 RM Zech Lyle Denver CO
1957 BT Hughes Dewey Vivian LA
1957 BT Suddreth Richard D. Grand Junction CO
1957 RM Thompson Frank Ridgefield WA
1958 FT Shipley Guy Mc Alester OK
1958 FT Shipley Guy Mcalester OK
1958 FTM Kuhn Donald Indianapolis IN
1958 MM Weidokal Gerald Cleveland OH
1958 RM Carter Gary N. Tazewell VA
1958 SN Todd Jack Ft. Myers FL
1958 TM Clemons Donald Daisy TN
1959 EN Bucho Kenneth Rock Springs WY
1959 FN Grosskreutz Stanley San Diego CA
1959 LTJG Donald Linch Lincolnn NE
1959 LTJG Linch Donald Lincoln NE
1959 RM Korn Marvin (marv) Leavenworth KS
1959 SN Clevenger Gerald Cincinnati OH
1959 SN Wheeler Dennis Butch Greensboro NC





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