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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 FC Matheson Robert Paulding MI
1943 MM Ewing Harold St Louis MO
1943 RT Mitchell Robert E Chicago IL
1944 ET Mitchell Robert E Tucson AZ
1944 YN Roth John Allentown PA
1945 BM Starr Leo Cuyahoga Falls OH
1945 MM Spangler Max Shelby NC
1945 MM Spangler Max Shelby NC
1951 CS Badalucca Robert Oceanside NY
1951 GM Baine Tom Rossville GA
1951 TE Elvin Arthur Readfield ME
1952 Brown James Staten Island NY
1952 CS Dennen Don Erie PA
1952 MM Claussen Kenneth Bronx NY
1952 QM Cerstvik John Newark NJ
1953 SO Griffin James New Brunswick NJ
1955 CS Fleming Patrick Dayton OH
1955 TE Morris Martin New York NY
1956 ET Mccabe Mead Miami FL
1956 MM Pavone Serafino (stacy) Rochester NY
1957 SM Schurott Pat Brooklyn NY
1958 BT Knox Harold Flushing NY
1958 LT Allan Alexander Woodhaven NY
1958 MM Beavers James Chicago IL
1959 SM Frank Bart Parkland FL
1959 SO Haskins Lou Braintree MA
1960 FT Nyulassy Fred (scotty) Long Island City NY
1960 SK Myricks Wilman Akron OH
1961 BM Bohn George A. Bayside Long Island NY
1961 BM Trapani Joseph Bayside NY
1961 CMDR Kadison Herbert New York City NY
1961 CS Harris Guilford Kings Park NY
1961 EN Sarni Gerard Central Islip NY
1961 ET Kelly Bob East Setauket NY
1961 ET Willis John New York City NY
1961 LT Bellone Elmer Long Island NY
1961 MM Lanigan Vincent Uniondale NY
1961 MM Servedio Michael St. James NY
1961 QM Socha Paul Hempstead NY
1961 RD Ahmes Charlie Jamaica NY
1961 RD Connolly John Astoria, Queens NY
1961 RD Lattanzio Victor Jamaica NY
1961 RD Mueller Paul Ridgewood NY
1961 RM Barreiro Richard East Setauket NY
1961 SK Anderson Albert James Astoria NY
1961 SK Lohnes Robert Astoria, Queens NY
1961 SN Baglione Lou College Point Q
1962 EM Lally Tim Hollis NY
1962 QM Finn Thomas Centereach NY
1962 RD Di Fede Anthony (tony) Ronkonkoma NY
1962 RD Goutink Edward Kings Park NY
1962 SN Falbee Robert Levittown NY
1963 Saltzman Ronnie Flushing NY
1963 CS Overbaugh Richard West Camp NY
1963 QM Hickey John J Utica NY
1963 SD Andaya Carlos Balayan, Batangas PI
1963 SN Dennis Morganlander Long Island NY
1964 BM Hayes Chip Astoria NY
1964 BM Paivarinta William Flint MI
1964 BM Slee Robert Monroe CT
1964 BT Bingaman Terry Quincy MI
1964 FN Grady Joe Astoria NY
1964 FT Tolman Gerald Keene NH
1964 RD Stendahl Douglas Buffalo NY
1964 SM Capriotti Robert Freeport NY
1964 SN Hickey William F Utica NY
1965 CPO Garrett John East Berlin PA
1965 ET Letizia Charles Flushing NY
1965 FN Sobina, Jr. Rudolf Huntington Station NY
1965 SF Dichiro John North Royalton OH
1965 SN Fontana Tony Flagler Beach FL
1966 EM Roush Jake Naples ME
1966 MM Olson Richard Massapequa NY
1966 SK Heissenbuttel Harry Deer Park NY
1966 SM Swick Monte Pahrump NV
1966 SN Tortora Michael Nashville TN
1967 GM Stoddard William (Bill) North Babylon NY
1967 LT Mawn Paul Lynn MA
1967 SF Gustafson Barry Paw Paw MI
1968 FT Colarusso John Allentown PA
1968 LT Darwin John Fairhaven MA
1968 ST Snodgrass Lennie Hernshaw WV





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