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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 -- Crawford Douglas Liberal MO
1944 SM Saxer Carl Passaic NJ
1950 QM Frost Jack Fortuna CA
1951 EM Curran John J. Wakefield MA
1951 FT Durham Harold Ray Riverside CA
1951 GM Berto Lino Vallejo CA
1951 GM Helmke Paul Concord CA
1951 LTJG Mccallister Luverne Williamsburg IA
1951 QM Goodridge William (bill)) Fresno (now Modesto, Ca.) CA
1952 EN Myers Louis Lake Charles LA
1952 FT Woodall Frank Montgomery AL
1952 GM Delfoe Joseph Hellertown PA
1952 GM Delfoe Joseph Hellertown PA
1952 GM Foxwell Robert E. Clayton DE
1952 GM Justice Don Ironton OH
1952 MCPO Postel George Central City IA
1952 MM North Jerry Bell Gardens CA
1952 RM Negron Victor San Antonio TX
1952 SM Hutchens Kenneth Martinez CA
1952 SM Kirby Rip Salt Lake City UT
1952 YN Mccrory Brooks Atlanta GA
1953 LTJG Linsley James Urbana IL
1953 SM Hutchens Kenneth Martinez CA
1954 EM Ikenberry Paul Eagel Rock CA
1954 FT Benson Thomas Cameron Park CA
1954 SM Dopp Vernon Kansas City MO
1955 BM Decaccia Earl Pleasamt Hill CA
1955 EM Elder J.w. (luke) Greensboro NC
1955 MM Esparza Gilbert San Antonio TX
1955 MM Esparza Gilbert San Antonio TX
1955 RD Simmons David Burbank CA
1955 SK Sundine James E. Denver CO
1955 SM Moore Lee Tacoma WA
1955 SM Moore Lee Puyallup WA
1956 BM Morgan James Texas City TX
1956 BT Engelbrecht Harold Pueblo, Co CO
1956 EM Manker Bob San Francisco CA
1956 ET Franklin Norman Dayton OH
1956 YN Dustman Bob Kansas City MO
1957 BM Arnold Sidney Gloster MS
1957 BT Rowe John Hicksville NY
1957 DK Hanson Gary Hollywood CA
1957 PN Mccaughey Richard Burlingame CA
1957 RM Barrientos John Omaha NE
1957 RM Gilb Joe Cincinnati OH
1957 RM Nicita Anthony (tony) Mt. Vernon NY
1957 SN Young Stephen San Francisco CA
1957 YN Ruppe Harold --
1958 MM Mckinley Larry ( Mac ) Connersville IN
1958 RM Payes Oki (william) American Samoa HI
1958 SO Jenks Douglas Newport VT
1958 YN Bernard Richard (dick) Eau Claire WI
1959 EM Korfanta Harold Rock Springs WY
1959 MM Beach Patrick Marinette WI
1959 MM Giamanco Ross Baton Rouge LA
1959 MM Pack Bill La Mesa NM
1959 TM Killian Darrel Remer MN





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