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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Julian Gerald Wichita KS
1941 LT Eley Richard Phil PA
1942 LTJG Wirsing Edward Oradell NJ
1943 SF Wittkamp Henry Columbus OH
1944 -- Carangi Cosmo Philadelphia PA
1944 AS Del Russo Angelo Samuel Bellville NJ
1944 BM Depierro Ronald New Rochelle NY
1944 GM Marshall Rolland Russell KS
1944 GM Marshall Rolland Russell KS
1944 MID2 Georeno John Philadelphia PA
1944 PVT Cochran James Hamilton NY
1944 RM Kingston John Philadelphia PA
1945 EM Weaver Thomas Water Valley MS
1945 MID2 Georeno John Philadelphia PA
1945 SN Cohen Richard Greensburg PA
1951 FC Ulm James Spring City TN
1951 MM Weimer James Bloomington IN
1951 RD Davis Walter New York NY
1951 RD Gemzik Raphael Dupont PA
1951 SN Possnecke Ed San Francisco CA
1952 BM Hunley Edgar Centerville TN
1952 FN Erickson Jack Minnapolis MN
1952 FT Herbst Bill Rochester, NY
1952 LCDR Anastasion Steven New Haven CT
1953 EM Mathias Gene Marion IN
1954 RD Schmall Elmer Buffalo NY
1954 YN Laferte Ronald Mapleville RI
1955 Kenny John Salem MA
1956 RM Fox Richard Webster MA
1956 RM Leverich Rex Van Buren IN
1956 SN Giovingo Louis Monroe LA
1957 BT Monaghan Robert Summit Station OH
1957 DK La Fianza Bernard Pittsburgh PA
1957 DK La Fianza Bernard Pittsburgh PA
1957 FC Weiner Herman Washington DC
1958 Cords
1958 Griggs
1958 ET Cross ? ?
1958 ET King
1958 RD Bowe John Greenfield MA
1958 YN Griggs
1981 CPO Ewing Bryant Los Gatos CA





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