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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 RM Conant Malcom Peabody MA
1944 BM Knepp George Mifflin PA
1944 BM Knepp George Mifflin PA
1944 BM Knepp George Mifflin PA
1944 BM Sanders Elmer Elberton GA
1944 GM Noe Ernest Bethlehem PA
1944 LT Olson James Russell Kansas City KS
1944 SF Kent James Micaville NC
1944 YN Cheslock Andrew New Philadelphia OH
1944 YN Cheslock Andrew New Philadelphia OH
1945 FC Truhe John Barnegat NJ
1950 Walter MN
1950 Baker Walter IA
1950 Bates Melvin Odessa TX
1951 AS Reece Donald Lubbock Texas TX
1951 AS Reece Donald Lubbock Texas TX
1951 BT W Glenn Okla City OK
1951 CM Porterfield John
1951 CT Moore Dewayne Jerome ID
1951 ET Millstein Harold Philadelphia PA
1951 GM Gunnin Bob Deering MO
1951 SC Baker Walter Atlantic IA
1951 SH Baker Walter Atlantic IA
1951 SN Bates Melvin TX
1951 SN Fries Al San Antonio TX
1951 SO Doty John W Los Angeles CA
1951 SO K Robert San Diego CA
1951 SO Walker Robert San Diego CA
1952 BT Autry Wallace Dunn NC
1952 MM Everhart Don St. Edward NE
1952 MM Gant Bill Provo UT
1952 MM Hansen Mel MN
1952 MR Rechs John South Gate CA
1952 RD Cox Fred Carlsbad NM
1952 SF Harris William Preston ID
1953 BT Brewer Aaron Alexander AL
1953 ET Cahill Mike Decorah IA
1953 FT Sanders Darrell Tacoma WA
1953 RD Alexander Tom Phoenix AZ
1953 SN Traurig Ronald Van Nuys CA
1954 GM Boone Virgil Spruce Pine NC
1954 MR Krajcirik Edward Chico CA
1954 RD Mccall William Spencer NC
1955 BM Hogan Jack OK
1955 BM Mendietta Arnoldo Kingsville TX
1955 BT Johnson Bundy Rock Hill SC
1955 ET Berry Charles Kenneth (Ck) Santa Barbara CA
1955 FN Griffin George Louisville KY
1955 FT Long Larry Vacaville CA
1955 LTJG Clarence Wall College Park GA
1955 LTJG Collier Larry Wasta SD
1955 LTJG Nelson Maurice Seattle WA
1955 MAJ Griffin George Louisville KY
1955 MM Kendall Ivan Vacaville CA
1955 MR Krajcirik Edward Chico CA
1955 RD Fitzwilliam Vince Canton MA
1956 BM Coffee ?? ? OK
1956 BM Hammond ? OK
1956 BT Barnes Horace Fort Worth TX
1956 BT Jacksi Phil Chicago IL
1956 DK Dedmon Russ Durant OK
1956 MM Dufault Duane Argyle MN
1956 RD Mcgee ? ? NY
1956 RD Nelson Freeman Balkan KY
1956 RM Mitchell ? ? KS
1956 RM Prouty Mel Colfax WA
1956 SM Davis Bartlett Richmond VA
1956 YN Pruitt Jim Mattoon IL
1957 Boone Virgle
1957 -- Bartlett Davis Richmond VA
1957 BT Benson Marvin Bellingham WA
1957 BT Willis William Carrollton KY
1957 EN Shields Jim CA
1957 ET Carbis Ronald Berkeley CA
1957 FT Higgins Jerry Imogene IA
1957 PN Hobbs Bert Cincinnat OH
1957 RD Milhone Gordon Canton IL
1957 RM Swenson Paul Osseo MN
1957 SN Phil Gelber Los Angeles CA
1957 YN Crider George TX
1958 EM Wright William Saybrook IL
1958 EN Welk Ernest Everett WA
1958 MM Holmes Ronald Middletown DE
1958 SK Murdoch Don Portland OR
1958 SO John Austin Concord CA
1958 YN Benner Cornelius Saint Paul MN
1959 AN Lee Bill Seattle WA
1959 MM Blanchet Gerald L. Seattle WA
1960 BT Hernandez Jose Brownsville TX
1960 MM Lane John Billings MT
1960 PN Blood Harold Charlotte NC
1960 QM Hansen Gary Lake Oswego Or OR
1961 BM Bailey Louis Portland OR
1961 BT Springer Lanny Vancouver WA
1961 EM Hays Larry Dean Ann Arbor MI
1961 EN Prewitt Richard Canby OR
1961 GM Adams Peter Portland OR
1961 IC Horner Thomas Rochester PA
1961 LTJG Ferbrache Ray Calif CA
1961 MM Dye Charles Portland OR
1961 RM Dolan Danny Everett WA
1961 SM Ball James R Casper WY
1961 SN Huitt Bob Portland OR
1963 BM Perez Harry Porterville CA
1963 BM Wyatt Michael G. San Diego CA
1964 SN Guy William Yamhill OR
1964 SN Koffler Michael Echo OR
1964 YN Pinson Ed Boise ID
1965 CPTN Edmunds Basil Garibaldi OR
1965 EM Brickey Lloyd Tigard OR
1965 EM Rockwood Alan Castle Rock WA
1965 EM Sturkey Charles Newhall CA
1965 FN Davis James Athens IL
1965 MM Holbrook Ronald Mansfield OH
1966 LT Coshow George Middle Haddam CT
1966 MM Lindemann Dale Atkins AR
1968 EN Barnes David Clarkston WA
1968 MM Sage John Louisville KY
1968 SN Harmon Jim Oklahoma City OK





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