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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 -- Rayl Floyd Hutchinson KS
1945 Hamilton Miles Merced CA
1951 BT Pond Merton Bishop CA
1951 EM Parker Rob Murray KY
1951 FP 2 Josefiak Merle Rush Center KS
1951 GM Boutilier David Sutton MA
1951 GM Jackson William Webb City MO
1951 MM Chapman Lavern Grass Valley CA
1951 MM Martin W. S. (Sam) Portales NM
1951 QM Brideau James- Jim Gardner MA
1951 RM Kleeschulte Ralph Corder MO
1951 RM Lague John MT
1952 BT Pond Ronald Covina CA
1952 ENS Clark Charles Attica IN
1952 ENS Clark Charles Attica IN
1952 ENS Downing Micheal Fillmore IN
1952 ENS Miller James Indianapolis IN
1952 ENS Miller George Indianapolis IN
1952 ENS Whitby Randall Indianapolis IN
1952 HM Mc Donald David Linsburg KS
1952 SN Williams Edward (ted) Gladstone OR
1952 SO Nealy Robert Garden Grove CA
1953 EM Moulders Richard Grants Pass OR
1954 EM Badeaux Hayes Larose LA
1954 MM Sheffield William L. Placitas NM
1954 PFC Kuykendall David Dexter NM
1954 RM Bremer John Bellingham WA
1955 -- Halle David Lafayette LA
1955 DK Rollins Charles Dumas TX
1955 RD Beasley John Arrington TN
1956 EM Fasteen Dutch WA
1956 EM Halle David
1956 ET Lowe John Delta CO
1956 FN Jacobs Donald Charles Town WV
1956 RD Wilson Wallace Walla Walla Wa WA
1957 IC Carter Robert Tucson AZ
1957 PN Dempewolf Dean Thornton CO
1958 RD Souza Jerry San Rafael CA
1959 MR Williams Ronald Royal Oak MI
1961 PN Dempewolf Dean Thornton CO
2003 -- Grantham John Hapeville GA





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