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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 PVT Wolf Oscar Houston TX
1943 CM Kafka John Freehold NJ
1943 LCOL Stotlar --
1943 MM Miller James Aliquippa PA
1943 MM Rice Franklin Three Rivers MI
1944 CM Kafka John Freehold NJ
1944 FC Byers Oren (ozzie) North Wilkesboro NC
1944 SO Kowalsky Walter Brooklyn NY
1956 BT Dostroph Dick Coshocton OH
1956 FT Moles Frank Cresskill NJ
1957 AG Pattarozzi Richard Oglesby IL
1957 CS Menegalli Joe New York FL
1957 SO Argeriou Milton Manchester NH
1958 BM Bowen James St.petersburg FL
1958 CPO Geis Neil F. Beaver Crossing NE
1958 DC Dunbar Robert Buffalo NY
1958 EN Geis Neil San Diego CA
1958 ET Carlson Henry OH
1958 FT Rumph Howard Olean NY
1958 QM Tweedy Dave Inkster MI
1958 RD Poshard James West View PA
1958 SN Finnerty Lon The Bronx NY
1958 SN Finnerty Lon The Bronx NY
1959 BM Bowen James St.petersburg FL
1959 BM Snively George Cleveland OH
1959 ET Dean Thomas Frankfort KY
1959 ET Riddle Ross KY
1959 ET Silkowski --
1959 ET Simon James Rosemont WV
1959 GM McCarthy David Norwood OH
1959 IC Mooney --
1959 LTJG Voegtlin Robert Boston MA
1959 LTJG Weller Frank Brockton MA
1959 PN Ammendola Anthony Staten Island, Ny FL
1959 RD Stevens --
1959 RM Reichart Gary Hanover PA
1959 SK Johns Walter IL
1959 SO Cleveland E A (cleve) Ortonville MI
1960 AG Manning Chuck Chula MO
1960 BM Valenta David Endicott NY
1960 EM Smith Buriel York PA
1960 ENS Webster Ralph Chicago IL
1960 SN Blomeley Harry Tampa FL
1960 SO Engeseth Jim Snohomish WA
1960 TM Pasterick Marty Unkown NJ
1961 Harvey Hyvanen MI
1961 DC Bauman Paul Camden NJ
1961 EN Warne William Florida NY
1961 EN Yokavonis Joseph Nanticoke PA
1961 LTJG Hiddemen George Pottstown PA
1961 MR Zander Marvin Burbank IL
1961 RD Butler Paul Farmington NH
1961 SO Wayne Coos Bay ? OR
1962 Peters Middletown RI
1962 Peters Joseph Middletown RI
1962 EN Loiselle Dennis Leominster MA
1962 ET Wilson Kenneth Poughkeepsie NY
1962 ET Wilson Kenneth Poughkeepsie NY
1962 QM Rowman Louis Marshfield MA





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