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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 AB Barnett Rufus Hagy Appalachia VA
1943 AB Barnett Rufus Hagy Big Stone Gap VA
1943 CPO Cross George Phila PA
1943 CS Thomas Rodney Murray City OH
1943 LTJG Smith C. Edgar Baltimore MD
1943 MM Engles Earl Philadelphia IL
1943 RM Horne John California MD
1943 SK Siclari Frank Port Chester NY
1943 SN Spearman Marvin Walhalla SC
1943 WT Bird Arthur Pontiac MI
1943 WT J.bird Arthur Pontiac MI
1944 ENSN Carroll Leon St Pauls NC
1944 WT Bird Arthur James Pontiac MI
1945 AS Zakem George Aloona PA
1950 ET Palm Arthur Yonkers NY
1950 ET Parenti William (bill) Kulpmont PA
1950 RM Dobbins Ronald Gallipolis OH
1950 RM Sparks Harold Portsmouth OH
1951 DK Werner Albert Bridgeton NJ
1951 EM Dombroski John Ft Lauderdale FL
1951 ET Van Nostrand
1951 RM Bolduc Larry
1951 RM Epps ?
1951 RM Fiato John
1951 RM Smith John Paul
1952 GM Dampier Louie Nayler GA
1952 GM Henderson Richard Fairmont WV
1952 GM Ward Wilbert Decatur IL
1952 GM Ward Wilbert Decatur IL
1952 QM Neal Robert Clark SD
1954 LTJG Cornely Edward Ft. Lauderdale FL
1955 -- Carter Earl Mcfall MO
1955 MM Carter Earl Mcfall MO
1955 MM Maddox Harold Wichita KS
1955 MM Maddox Harold Wichita KS
1955 SM Headley Gordon Herrin IL
1955 SN Hughes David Tamaqua PA
1955 SN Werner Frank Levittown NY
1955 YN Frisbee Leon Brockport NY
1956 MM Bottrill Marvin Syracuse NY
1956 SM Carr Paul Danville PA
1956 SN Waugh Larry Dean Jackson OH
1958 EM Pinkerton John Levittown PA
1959 SN Swartwood Clayton Chicago IL
1960 MM Battaglia Dick Rochester NY
1960 MM Battaglia Dick Rochester NY
1961 Otto NJ
1961 BM Mauro John Phila PA
1961 BM Zane Edward Phila PA
1961 BT Polito Lou Buffalo NY
1961 CMDR Grelis John Philadelphia PA
1961 IC Durr Ronald Lawndale PA
1961 MM Tucker George Toledo OH
1961 SK Waldron Edward. (waldo) Albany NY
1961 SM Patrick Robert Springfield MO
1961 SN Boyd Edward Uniontown PA
1961 SN Sutton Harry Skip Upper Darby PA
1961 YN Marks Joe Allentown PA
1962 EM Guertin Ronald Fichburg M
1962 ET Fols Louis Gloucester NJ
1962 SN Pyle Charles Philadelphia PA
1963 EM Hasiak Stephen Omaha NE
1963 EM Marriott Edward Lyons NY
1963 MM Burns Francis H Philadelphia PA
1964 BT Thompson Joseph Philadelphia PA
1964 FN Ranzetti Danny Philadelphia PA
1964 QM Barbieri John Philadelphia PA
1965 IC Schultz Dave
1965 MM Leister Edwin Philadelphia NJ
1965 ST Haser Alvin Malta MT
1966 CS Kelly Tim Cambria Heights NY
1966 EM Rosenthal Stephen Philadelphia PA
1966 RM Lynch James H Altoona PA
1966 SM Mault Richard Marion OH
1966 SM Millette Joseph Burlington VT
1967 BM Johnson Charles Scott Depot WV
1967 BT Porter James St. Louis MO
1967 EM Poland Tom Stratford CT
1967 GM Clark Henry Fulton NY
1967 GM Stoddard William (Bill) North Babylon NY
1967 MR Brown Randy Williamstown NJ
1967 SN Scott Mike Oregon OH
1967 ST Oldani David Byrnedale PA
1968 BM Thompson Charles Paramus NJ
1968 EM Spindler Ernest Astoria NY
1968 EM Spindler Ernest Astoria NY
1968 FT Colarusso John Allentown PA
1968 LT Darwin John Fairhaven MA
1968 LT Darwin John Fairhaven MA
1968 LTJG Fouts Gene Hazard KY
1968 MM Ford John Florham Park NJ
1968 MR Mccarthy Ronald East Islip NY
1968 SN Diorio Mike New York City NY
1969 ENS Pruitt Bill Unkown NJ
1969 SN Murphy Edward Pittsburgh PA
1969 ST Snodgrass Leonard (lennie) Hernshaw MA





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