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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 Mccracken Robert Conway SC
1943 CPO Hume Marvin Old Bridge NJ
1943 CS Blue Rhoderick North Adams
1943 CS Blue Rhoderick Warwick
1943 FC Mccabe William Robert Colonial Heights VA
1943 GM Ernes John White Plains NY
1943 QM Sullivan John Salem MA
1951 BT Marmo Mike Malvern OH
1951 BT Marmo Mike Malvern OH
1951 CS Perkins Frederick West Chester PA
1952 Myhre Kenneth Popular Bluff MO
1952 BT Marmo Michael Malvern OH
1952 CS Hirt Charles Springfield MA
1952 EN Cordino Charles Plymouth MA
1952 FT Harkins William Mobile AL
1952 RM Krause Wilbur Java SD
1952 SH Deluca Joseph Glassboro NJ
1952 SN Trimmer Jack Washington NJ
1954 LTJG Miller Duane Hastings NE
1954 MCPO Douglas Edward Chicago IL
1954 RD Murphy Thomas South Boston MA
1954 RM Herring Richard Queens NY
1955 Paul Chappel Hill NC
1955 EM Bullard William Adrian ND
1955 EN Best John Viera FL
1955 EN Pachucki Stan Schenectady NY
1955 QM Jordon Robert Pittsburgh PA
1955 RD Neumann Herbert E Markham IL
1955 RM Jackson Curtis Oak Hill Ohio OH
1955 RM Jackson Curtis David Oak Hill OH
1956 Kirkleski Frank Pine Beach NJ
1956 Kirkleski Frank Pine Beach NJ
1956 Strauch Edward Bronx NY
1956 BM Cutolo Frank Miami FL
1956 BT Trembley Richard (dick) Southbrides MA
1956 CS Cook George Dunedin DC
1956 EN Jones William (bill) Ridgeway OH
1956 EN Snell Loren Hastings NE
1956 RD Kennedy James Northport NY
1956 RD Van Cleave Jerry Altus OK
1956 RM Grogan Edward MO
1956 RM Reeves Paul Wake Forest NC
1956 RM Ward Keith Olatha KS
1956 YN Vogt Donald Chicago IL
1956 YN Vogt Donald Chicago IL
1957 -- Vehstedt Martin Hawley PA
1957 BT Bryant Raybion Middlesex NC
1957 BT Mccormick Louis Couicil Bluffs IA
1957 GM Di Maggio Joseph Yonkers NY
1957 GM Jurries Gerald --
1957 RD Friswold Paul Nyc NY
1958 AG Klink Don Myersdale PA
1958 EN Stevens Charles Medora ND
1958 EN Weilbacher Jim Miami FL
1958 FT Maeko Michael Syracuse NY
1958 GM stephens Kenneth Allentown PA
1958 GM Stephens Kenneth Allentown PA
1958 PN Ursprung David Ephrata Pa PA
1958 SF Anderson Bruce Minneapolis MN
1958 SF Clark Matthew Macon GA
1959 FC Johnson Cecil Macon GA
1959 FT Thompson Leonard Honor MI
1959 RM Sell Larry Scottsbluff NE
1959 RM Smith Orville Franklin OH
1959 SF Brown Sidney Birmingham AL
1960 AG Wailgum George Holyoke MA
1960 FT Mcbrayer Gary Fredericksburg VA
1960 RD Enhoffer Ronald Paterson NJ
1960 RD James Underwood Florence AL
1960 RD Mortrud Gerry Minneapolis MN
1960 RM Evdemon Mark Toledo OH
1960 SF Kulp Ronald Pittsford NY
1960 SO Meesseman Ray Detroit MI
1960 SO Weiss Fred Pittsburgh PA
1961 CM Lawson Sherman Durham CT
1961 EN Hutcherson Lloyd Hale MO
1961 EN Mccann John North Huntingdon PA
1961 ENS Dougherty Dennis West Long Branch NJ
1961 FN Yoakum Frank Detroit MI
1961 PVT Bass Billy Rockford IL
1961 QM Barry Frank Brattleboro VT
1962 EM Larson Robert Long Beach CA
1962 EN Netsch Bill Phila. PA
1962 ET Spinelli Gene Bronx NY
1962 GM Frazier Lavern Salt Lake City UT
1962 IC Johnson Earl Worcester MA
1962 RD Beckham William Dekalb MS
1962 RD Cole Ronald Clayton DE
1962 RD Reider James Findlay IL
1962 SM Medama Dave IA
1962 SM York Phillip Mansfield OH
1962 SO Moore Benny Pascagoula MS
1962 SO Sowell Tom Jenks OK
1962 ST Sowell Tom Monterey CA
1963 BT Gormley Harry [chuck] Bronx NY
1963 BT Gormley Harry [chuck] Bronx NY
1963 LTJG Parrott Ralph Weatherford TX
1963 RD Beckham William Conehatta MS
1963 RD Beckham William Conehatta MS
1963 RD Beckham William Damascus MS
1964 Abshire Texas --
1964 Shoemaker Wayne --
1964 -- Basford Charles Ft. Pierce FL
1964 FT Balan Albert Binghamton NY
1965 MM Huff Larry Chillicothe OH





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