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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1959 EN Poole Jim Rochester NY
1959 FT Peterson Tom Brenham TX
1959 PN Turman Carlyle (Jack) Lynchburg VA
1959 RD Damicone Lee Barberton OH
1959 RM D Eugenio Rocco East Haven CT
1959 RM Zukow Edward Tampa FL
1959 SN Walker Robert New Orleans LA
1959 SN Walker Robert New Orleans LA
1959 SN Woodrome William Louisville KY
1960 EN Ohlsson John Bridgeport CT
1960 FT Hall James Upper Fairmount MD
1960 IC Sorber Robert Greenville PA
1960 PN Vandeventer Charles Strugis MI
1960 RD Kostritza Ronald Milwaukee WI
1960 RD Sisler Ronald Thomson IL
1960 RM Bateman Donald R. Eastover SC
1960 RM Rickert Milton (rick) Louisville KY
1960 RM Rickert Rick
1960 RM Rickert Rick KY
1960 SM Johnson Terry Frewsburg NY
1960 SN Shettles John New Orleans LA
1960 ST Poole Harold (smokey) Summerland Key FL
1960 TM Batchler Laing Wilkes-barre PA
1961 EN Buberger Edward J . Brooklyn NY
1961 IC Sather Thomas Cobden IL
1961 SCPO Huff Wayne Bessemer AL
1961 SO Szabo John C OH
1962 CS Carman William Franklin Park IL
1962 EM Todd Ronald Twin Falls ID
1962 EN Crawley Bobby Augusta GA
1962 EN Maculaitis Edward Uhrichsville OH
1962 EN Powell William Lumberton MS
1962 FT Robinson William Lexington KY
1962 SM Moore Leon Troutville VA
1963 GM Mccullough Chuck Branson/Altoona Flor FL
1963 MR Altrichter David Slatington PA
1963 ST West Stephen (steve) Des Moines IA
1964 EN Weathers Charles Elizabethtown KY
1964 RM Hayes Gordon Guntersville AL
1964 RM Henry William H HI
1964 TM Rhodes Wallace Arkansas City KS
1965 ET Taskey Donald Seymour IN
1965 ST Jones Gene Austin TX
1966 Stokes Michael NC
1966 DC Gilbert Milt Cary IL
1966 EN Horton David Port Angeles WA
1966 ET White Wayne Killeen TX
1966 LTJG Belden Jeffrey Wickford RI
1966 ST Kiser Kenneth Kermit TX
1967 BT Bailey Randal Shreveport LA
1967 CS Dalgleish Gary Whittier CA
1967 EM Heft Gordon Sacramento CA
1967 EM Luttrell Robert Rural Retreat VA
1967 EM Weaver Chuck Brainerd MN
1967 EN Grossman David Dale WI
1967 EN Zingrich John Daly City CA
1967 IC Sullivan Larry Albuquerque NM
1967 RD Mackelrath Jimmy Hawthorne CA
1967 RD Shellene Richard S. Kid Mt. Holly NJ
1967 RM Harvey John Santa Rosa CA
1967 SN Luttrell William Rural Retreat VA
1968 CT Hanna Cody Buffalo MO
1968 EM Heft Gordon Sacramento CA
1968 GM Butts Newell Nathalie VA
1968 GM Butts Newell Water Valley MS
1968 QM Oakman Raymond Minneapolis MN
1968 RD Cox Charles New Orleans LA
1968 RD Harris Keith (craig) Murphysboro IL
1968 SM Henriksen Rick (jibbs) Wilmington NC
1968 SM Sampson John Aptos CA
1969 EM Saucier Donald Bay St. Louis MS
1969 EM Svehla Ronald Caldwell NJ
1969 FT Caffey David San Antonio TX
1969 HT Heath James Carrollton VA
1969 RD Streitman Alan Queens NY
1969 RM Blechl Bruce Oshkosh WI
1969 SN Weaver Richard Chicago IL
1969 YN Cranford Dennis El Paso TX
1969 YN Rossi Richard Syracuse NY
1970 AG Furlong William (bill) Minneapolis MN
1970 DC Tegel Larry Newport Beach CA
1970 EM Coker Frank Houston TX
1970 EN Finney Marvin Pampa TX
1970 EN Jeffries Earl Joplin MO
1970 EN Spaetti Ed Willow Grove PA
1970 ET Null Curt Mineola TX
1970 QM Gay James MN
1970 RD Cromwell Norman Hightstown NJ
1970 SK Montgimery Jack Seattle WA
1970 SN Dovel Tom Denison IA
1970 SN Gube Rene Dizon Batangas PI
1970 ST Brunette Ed Sheboygan WI
1970 ST Hammond Rick Birmingham AL
1971 BM Finks Charles Canal Winchester OH
1971 BM Long Harold Winston Salem NC
1971 EN Benjamin Lito San Diego CA
1971 EN Karlin Jonathan Reseda CA
1971 EN Koehler Dan Naylor MO
1971 EN Koehler Dan Naylor MO
1971 EN Zarr Paul Chesterfield NH
1971 FN Peterson Laverl K Salt Lake City UT
1971 FT Zimmerman Ted Clancy MT
1971 GM Van Kuren Richard Leroy NY
1971 SN Phillip Fred Kwigillingok AK
1971 SN Phillip Fred Kwigillingok AK
1971 ST Faubion Martin Fort Worth TX
1971 ST Faubion Martin Fort Worth TX
1971 ST Phil Sharp Sheffield AL
1971 TM Alperovitz Dave Manchester NH
1972 FN Faires Randall Novato CA
1972 RD Dixon Thomas Livermore CA
1972 RD Morris Jim Detroit MI
1972 SK Billington Paul Prairie Village KS





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