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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1958 EN Williams Lloyd Canton IL
1958 LTJG Brown Alan Boston MA
1958 RD Kinsella William Jersey City NJ
1958 SO Robinson John Naperville IL
1959 RD Rapalee Clarence Springfield OH
1960 EN Lodewyck Henri Chicago IL
1960 LTJG Press William Dallas TX
1960 PC Huddleson Raymond Dayton, Ohio OH
1960 RM Bressel Herman New York NY
1960 SO Relation William Amherst NH
1961 LTJG Bessenger Frank Dade City FL
1961 YN Lemons Patrick Columbus OH
1962 -- Zeutzius John Victoria TX
1962 LTJG Dunn Joseph Savannah GA
1962 RM Kozak Mark New Hampton NH
1962 SM Moore Leon Troutville VA
1962 ST Edmonson James Terre Haute IN
1962 ST Edmonson James Terre Haute I
1962 ST French Thomas Portland MI
1962 ST French Tom Portland MI
1963 BM Clay James Lanett / Valley AL
1963 LTJG Kent Michael Hingham MA
1963 LTJG Parkhurst Charles Endicott, NY
1963 MR Anderson Spencer S. Fairbault MN
1963 MR Anderson Spencer S. Fairbault MN
1963 RD Arlington Rich Hollywood FL
1963 RD Tucker Edward J. Wilmington DE
1963 ST Frederick Roger Waterloo IA
1964 EN Marks Harry Phoeniz AZ
1964 GM Kuhn John Wilmington DE
1964 LTJG Trout Harry R. Lebanon PA
1965 BM Mcdevitt Robert Kuna ID
1965 FT Weybrecht Jim Levittown NY
1965 SN Cushing Edward Braintree MA
1965 SN Cushing Edward Braintree MA
1965 SN Toscano Jim Stamford CT
1966 EM Christensen Larry Marquette MI
1966 EN Friedhaber Robert Rochester NY
1966 LTJG Wilson Earl Duluth MN
1966 RM Moore Ray Cambridge MD
1966 SK Creekmur James Mason City IA
1966 ST Garner B Gibs NC
1966 TM Gross Harold Hillsboro OH
1967 EN Bailey Donald Leominster MA
1967 IC Pogatchnik David Albany MN
1967 LTJG Kneipp John Santee CA
1967 SD Rabulan Jose Honolulu HI
1968 CT Walker Jerry Felt OK
1968 LTJG Alston Cotten Atlanta GA
1969 BM Arthur Wayne Honolulu HI
1969 LTJG Frondorf John Gettysburg PA
1969 MM Kampe John Sayville NY
1969 QM Coe Peter Hewitt NJ
1969 SN Betts Marvin Kansas City MO
1969 ST Casler Douglas Montclair NJ
1970 BM Casillas Don San Rafael CA
1970 EM Kenneson Douglas Bantam CT
1970 EN Wilcox Michael Yakima WA
1970 ST Gibeault Glenn Milwaukee WI
1970 ST Herrington Wayne Galveston TX
1970 ST Patridge Danny Plainview TX
1971 CPO Walker Bill Matlock, WA
1971 CS Ladd Paul Sunnyvale CA
1971 CS Ladd Paul Sunnyvale CA
1971 HT Watkins Richard Hayward CA
1971 LT Chew David El Paso TX
1971 OS Patterson Terry Goshen IN
1971 OS Weber Mark North Lake WI
1971 QM Sanchez Marty MI
1971 RM Poynter Steve TX
1971 SD Alfaro A Philippines CA
1971 SD Estigoy Pablo Philippines CA
1971 SD Mangaser Luis Philippines CA
1972 AB Collins Milton Rockford IL
1972 AB Collins Milton Rockford IL
1972 CPO Adams Don Rockport TX
1972 CS Fox Ronald D Seaboard NC
1972 EN Dietz Robert Philadelphia PA
1972 EN Mooney Robert Pueblo CO
1972 ET Anderson Donald El Paso TX
1972 IC Deckard David Edmond OK
1972 LT White Dick Raleigh NC
1972 LTJG Herr Frederick Glendide, Pa PA
1972 OS Rinaldi John Brooklyn NY
1972 RM Knowles Tony --
1972 RM Poynter Steve Austin TX
1972 SD Camba Dick Philippines CA
1972 SD Valenzuela Pio Philippines CA
1972 SN Cooper Keith Sanger CA
1972 SN Harper James Newport Beach CA
1973 BM Penny Eric Lemon Grove CA
1973 BM Penny Eric Lemon Grove CA
1973 BT Daniel Mark Bonham TX
1973 SN Troncone Charles Marysville OH
1974 ET Commerson Larry St Clair Shores MI





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