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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 OS Kelly John Boston NY
1949 BM Carr Lincoln Earl ? --
1949 BM Mcdaniels Waco ? TX
1949 LT Sobyra Michael Chicago IL
1949 SM Balser Jim Chicago IL
1957 EN Moreno Jose Granbury TX
1957 IC Zahn Walt Waterloo IA
1957 MM Moore Jack Rylie TX
1957 MM Sargent Kenneth Trona CA
1957 MM Sponseller Ronald (ron) Ecorse MI
1957 RD Lund Richard Hennepin IL
1958 AS Leland Ted Pasadena CA
1958 BT Kidder Donnell Kennewick WA
1958 LTJG Crowe Donald Tilton NH
1958 SN Racca Daniel W Lake Charles LA
1958 SO Crismore John Brandon FL
1959 BM Peek Clarence Dallas TX
1959 FT Hansen Kerry Chehalis WA
1959 MM Disney Franklin Knoxville TN
1959 MM Juvenile Fred Oberlin OH
1960 Smotherman Glen Center TX
1960 BM Twins Yakima Washington WA
1960 BM Miller Jerry Phoenix AZ
1960 BT Benedetti Joseph Endicott NY
1960 BT Boyle James Princeton IN
1960 BT Parker Bill Birmingham AL
1960 EM Wells Winston Not Sure LA
1960 EM Wiggins Joe Kane PA
1960 FT Springer Thomas Klamath River CA
1960 LT Hannson --
1960 LTJG Wright Bruce Ogden IA
1960 LTJG Wright Bruce Ogden IA
1960 RM Korn Marvin Overland Park KS
1960 RM Korn Marvin Overland Park KS
1960 SF Hill Coyle Houston TX
1960 SO Munger Ronald Campbell CA
1960 SO Schmidt Ted Milwaukee WI
1961 MM Akin William Bend OR
1961 MM Fred Juvenile Fred
1961 RD Miller Robert Dallas TX
1961 SF Binion John Lithonia GA
1961 TM Smalley Donald Dodge City KS
1962 ET Dobbs Robert (bob) Gulfport MS
1962 HM Borlek Dennis Chicago IL
1962 MM Akin William Bend OR
1962 MM Steele Fred Palmdale CA
1962 RD Anderson Ralph Milwaukee WI
1962 RM Lising Carlos Miami FL
1962 RM Price Jack Suffolk VA
1962 SM Anderson C. (Andy) Phoenix AZ
1962 SM Schwarztrauber Jerry Archbald PA
1962 SO Langbecker Lee Milwaukee WI
1962 SO Reid Felix Philadelphia PA
1963 -- Mehls Russell River Edge NJ
1963 CS Still Albert Columbus OH
1963 EM Williams James Victorville CA
1963 ET Felt Glen (Keith) Friend NE
1963 ET Spaulding George Hiawatha KS
1963 GM Gill George Columbus OH
1963 SM Lytle Jerry Fairview NC
1964 BM Fisher Robert Tucson Az AZ
1964 BT Lechner Jim Elmwood WI
1964 FT Northover John Richland WA
1964 MM Meredith Jr. James L Ottumwa IA
1964 PC Foesch David Monroe WI
1964 RM Warren Dan Anacortes WA
1965 ENS Coleman William Johnson City TN
1965 ET Swinford Michael Anderson IN
1965 FT Earl James Farmington UT
1965 IC Walker Pete Union Beach NJ
1965 MM Akin Bill Bend OR
1965 MM Quarles George ? --
1965 RM Schneider Joseph Orland Park IL
1965 ST Rosenberg Robert Philly PA
1965 TM Piontek Thomas
1966 BT Elder Cliff Banner Elk, Nc 28604 NC
1966 EN Clark Leroy Lacey WA
1966 ET Blackburn John Aurora IL
1966 HM Stockberger John Orlando FL
1966 MM Johnson Hank (Johnny) Phoenix AZ
1966 RD Trailor Jerry Mattoon IL
1966 RM Schneider Joe Chicago Ridge IL
1966 SK Nelson Terry Lebanon OR
1966 SM Sopher Billy Granbury TX
1966 ST Adair James Houston TX
1966 ST Book Wayne St. Louis MO
1966 ST Brown Dean San Jose CA
1967 Kemp Donald AL
1967 BT Sherman Jim El Centro CA
1967 EM Humphrey Raymond Gary IN
1967 EN Morris Lloyd Milton WV
1967 FT Demuth Grant Leesburg IN
1967 MM Gallagher Bruce Grand Rapids MI
1967 MM Wallace Charles Weatherford TX
1967 RM Adair Bob Houston TX
1967 RM Hendrickson Clark Albion NE
1967 ST Black Peter
1967 ST Book Wayne St. Louis MO
1967 ST Eads John Sheridan WY
1967 ST Smith Roger Cypress CA
1967 TM Lefeuvre George Leonard MI
1968 BM Buchanan Steven San Pedro CA
1968 ET Anderson Dan (andy) Santa Cruz CA
1968 FN Hatfield Tom West Branch IA
1969 LTJG Sobyra Michael Chicago IL
1969 MM Clifton Ridley Mason TN
1969 RD Otkins Mike Santa Rosa CA
1969 RM Hutton Bill Spokane WA
1969 SN Glasser Mike Lancaster PA
1969 YN Sturdevant Jim Sheridan WY
1970 BM Matson Doug Torrance, California CA
1970 BT Keeling Ronald San Angelo TX
1970 FT Rolando John Herrin IL
1970 HT Hauber James Bristol PA
1970 LT Chrisman R. C. (Bob) Portland OR
1970 RM Searcy James Bentonia MS
1970 RM Searcy James Bentonia MS
1970 SCPO Moulders Richard Grants Pass OR
1970 ST Mccarthy Robert Denver CO
1971 BT Donchez Frank Bethlehem PA
1971 BT James Billy Eugene OR
1971 EM Bass Robert Corona CA
1971 GM Mayes Michael San Pedro CA
1971 MM Greeley Tim Boise ID
1971 OM Washington Hershal Kansas City MO
1971 RD Lindner Richard Peshtigo WI
1971 ST Barton John Huntington Beach CA
1972 GM Wolff Gary Merrill WI
1972 PN Pinson Ed Boise ID
1972 PN Pinson Ed Boise ID
1973 SN Bible Monte Los Alamitos CA





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