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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Guimond Robert RI
1954 GM Mahoneewell Ewell Belo WV
1954 QM Allebaugh Russell Strasburg VA
1955 GM Mahone Ewell Belo WV
1955 RM Wing Herman Bridgewater VA
1955 ST Patterson James Talladega AL
1956 EN Beckner Ernest Montcalm WV
1956 ET Rich George Rangeley ME
1956 MM De Marco Charles Livingston NJ
1957 EM Cimino Cono Brooklyn NY
1957 FT Mulford Charles (chuck) Collingswood NJ
1957 FT Xabcdef Ybdfhjl Abcdefghijkl NJ
1957 GM Dejac Jack NY
1957 GM Zorn Marvin Olpe KS
1957 QM Howard David Fulton NY
1957 SM Porier Bruce Iron River MI
1957 TM Harris Milton OH
1958 Guimond Robert RI
1958 BT Murphy Talmage New Carlisle OH
1958 ET Kuttruff William (bill) Philadelphia PA
1958 SK Kenneth Tomaso Kenneth Tomaso Milford MA
1958 YN Urlton Theodore New Haven CT
1959 BT Distin Ron Avon CT
1959 RM Percival Lawrence Mount Vernon NY
1960 BT Odenbach Dick Des Moines IA
1960 FT Mckillips Harry E Wormleysburg PA
1960 RD Stetar Richard Pittsburgh PA
1961 DC Giorlando Sal South Boston MA
1961 EM Potts Marion Tallassee AL
1961 LTJG Haynes Gordon Chattanooga TN
1961 MM Baye Howard Utica NY
1961 SF Melton James Fitzgerald GA
1962 BM Bevins R. L. TX
1962 BM Courtney Richard Newton MA
1962 MM Huff Alvin South Paris, ME
1962 OS Reichard Larry Willoughby OH
1963 BM Licata Ross A Clifton NJ
1963 BT Smith Roy Tulsa OK
1963 GM Smith Vernon Baltimore MD
1963 RM Barnes George Walden NY
1963 SK Hall William R. Stockbridge MA
1963 SM Asturi Joseph Pittsburgh PA
1963 SM Rubenstein Ralph Pittsburgh PA
1964 BM Pinkston Everett Galloway TX
1964 SF Bernhard Frank Columbus OH
1964 SF Wells Dennis Walpole MA
1964 TM Mattson Kenneth Penns Grove NJ
1964 YN Jackson George Pittsburgh PA
1965 BM Hicks Quentin Wayne MI
1966 Zbyszewski Robert MA
1966 BM Perry Cliff Fort Dodge IA
1966 BM Shenberger Bill Grafton IL
1966 BM Taylor Jerry Cleveland OH
1966 BM Taylor Jerry Cleveland OH
1966 BT Wilson David Taylor Ridge IL
1966 BT Winn Johnny Hopkinsville KY
1966 EM Cantu Bob California CA
1966 GM Smit Garry Hudsonville MI
1966 GM Smit Garry Hudsonville MI
1966 IC Brock Wm. Keith Riverside NJ
1966 MM Mclaughlin Francis J. (Mac) Kapolei HI
1966 MM Rowe Roger Lavale MD
1966 RD Durbin Bart Oklahoma City OK
1966 RD King Frank Lebanon CT
1966 RD Vaneman Gary
1966 RD Vaneman Gary
1966 RD Zbyszewski Robert Seekonk MA
1966 RD Zbyszewski Robert MA
1966 RM Hughes Robert Anchorage AK
1966 RM Hughes Robert Anchorage AK
1966 SF Dailey Noel D. Vinegar Bend AL
1966 SM Marcucci Tyrone Lovelock NV
1966 SO Yost William Stroudsburg PA
1966 ST Kimmey David Milford DE
1967 BM Foissett John Brooklyn NY
1967 BM Moore F J Cortland NY
1967 BM Newton Ralph Brunswick ME
1967 BT Eaton Tom Chicago IL
1967 BT Eaton Tom Chicago IL
1967 GM Newport Daniel Owosso MI
1967 MM Haberman Thomas Cheswick PA
1967 SK Haese Richard Green Bayw WI
1967 ST Tom Raymond MA
1967 ST Tom Raymond MA
1967 ST Coleman John Lake Ozark MO
1967 ST Kimmey David Milford DE
1967 ST Mac Donald Larry Quincy MA
1967 ST Meyers George Bay Village, Ohio OH
1968 BM Newton Ralph Brunswick ME
1968 ET Tiemann Joseph Cincinnati OH
1968 FT Dickinson Wade Villas NJ
1968 GM Decker Steve Gainesville FL
1968 MM Hudas Gerald Sterling Heights MI
1968 MM Owens Stephen Jacksboro TN
1968 RD Bartlett Harold Olney MD
1968 SF Smith Clayton Hinton WV
1968 ST Wernery Dan Cincinnati OH
1969 BT Rondeau David Chelmsford MA
1969 BT Van Eyck Robert Appleton WI
1969 EN Kirkham Robert West Newton IN
1969 ET Kjos Dan Fort Dodge IA
1969 ET Reid Billy Marlow OK
1969 MM Nordahl Fred Fall River MA
1969 MR Tonak Gerald Ft. Wayne IN
1969 PN Adessa Chester Kapolei HI
1969 PN Adessa Chester Kapolei HI
1969 QM Butler Daniel Flushing MI
1969 QM Butler Daniel Flushing MI
1969 RD Mcsheffrey Joe Weymouth MA
1969 RD Norton Phillip Glens Falls NY
1969 SN Lyttle David Batesville IN
1969 ST Jupena James Adamsburg PA
1969 ST Lamb Ronald (tom) Ft Wayne IN
1969 YN Marter Richard S. Riverside NJ
1970 DC Miceli Vincent Lombard IL
1970 EM Mcguiness William Charlton MA
1970 ET Price Tom Brighton CO
1970 IC Hanff Charles Islip NY
1970 MM Harding Robert (jerry) Cincinnati OH
1970 QM Butler Daniel MI
1970 QM Harris Robert Enid OK
1970 QM Harris Robert Enid OK
1970 RM Miles Billy Muncie IN
1970 SF Miceli Vincent Lombard IL
1970 SH Foley James Guilford CT
1970 SN Livingston Walter (Buddy) Groves TX
1970 ST Pearson Gregory Jamestown NY
1971 CS Hedman Robert Janesville WI
1971 ET Snyder Alton Mason City IA
1971 ET Snyder Alton Mason City IA
1971 ET Snyder Alton Mason City IA
1971 QM Dunn Al Tarentum PA
1971 RD Hughes Dennis Pearl River NY
1971 RM Baker Richard Linwood NJ
1971 RM Vandergriff Donald Borger TX





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