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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Lee Albert Philadelphia PA
1942 PC Trevizo Leonardo El Paso TX
1966 SN Clark Richard W Virginia Beach VA
1999 DC Navarrete Eduardo Los Angeles CA
1999 DK Hiott Milton Goose Creek SC
1999 ET Smith Jeff Orlando FL
1999 FC Yount Scott Zephyrhills FL
1999 FC Yount Scott Zephyrhills FL
1999 FC Yount Scott Zephyrhills FL
1999 FN Black Ronnie AK
1999 GM Johnson Maurice Pascagoula MS
1999 GM Robinson Robert Richmond VA
1999 GS Tolentino Marcus Jacksonville FL
1999 HT Hall Willie Tampa FL
1999 OS Gibbs Jerry Ulysses KS
1999 OS Hoff Curt Waterloo IL
1999 OS Irvine Michael Hudson MI
1999 SCPO Barrios Jayson Albuquerque NM
1999 SCPO Hartley Brooks Wichita KS
1999 SCPO Spears Duane Gary IN
1999 SCPO Wells Walter Daytona Beach FL
2000 Hall James California FL
2000 AE Wilson Mandy PA
2000 BM Snell Tommy Dequincy LA
2000 CPO James Roger Potosi MO
2000 CT Fountain Brent Centreville VA
2000 CT Laws David Syracuse NY
2000 EW Murray Julia Nobleboro ME
2000 EW Schaefer Matthew Houston TX
2000 GM Houts Gerri Circleville OH
2000 GS Lebron Daniel Patillas PR
2000 GS Wisniewski Gscs Deltona FL
2000 LT Croft Jennifer Manassas VA
2000 LT Ethen Mike Somewhere In MN
2000 MS Dorsman Christina Portland OR
2000 OS Pastrana Sandra Jacksonville FL
2000 RM Chisholm Michael Millville NJ
2000 SK Holley Tonya Newport News VA
2001 AM Connell Scott Arlington TX
2001 CWO Cunliffe Fred Jordan NY
2001 EM Breaux Chad Houma LA
2001 EN Schupp Charles Clovis NM
2001 HM Williams Adrain Philadelphia PA
2001 LT Jaske Jennifer Corpus Christi TX
2002 Goodman Michelle FL
2002 AW Heath Barry West Palm Beach FL
2002 DK Ragsdale Melissa Sedalia MO
2003 AD Lynda John Jacksonville FL
2003 CS Farr Robert Haverhill MA
2003 DC Campbell Eric Princeton MO
2003 OS Gattorno Denise Miami FL
2003 ST Cortez Edward Union City CA
2004 AE Jackson Joseph Sumter SC
2004 CPO Davis Michael Clearwater FL
2004 CPO Mcmullen Bradley Dardanelle AR
2004 CWO Johnson Jason Pocatello ID
2006 GM Weeks John Poughkeepsie NY
2006 OS Mckean Stephen Bayard NE
2009 LT Litchfield Brett Sullivan KY
2012 FC Carr Danny Eatonton GA





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