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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1998 CPO Bolton Michael Winter Haven FL
1998 CWO Peterson Eric Norfolk VA
1998 MS Cramer John Indiana PA
1999 CPO Gilmartin Kevin Columbia MD
1999 CPO Mcdonald Joseph Elmira NY
1999 CT Davis Michael New Orleans LA
1999 CT Washburn Robert Hazlehurst GA
1999 DC Darling Daniel Trenton NJ
1999 DC Sanders Jamie Hope AR
1999 DC Sanders Jamie
1999 EN Creonte Augustine \ Dallas TX
1999 FC Lutz Keith Mechanicsburg PA
1999 GM Lee Brannon Clute TX
1999 GM Shilts James South Bend IN
1999 GS Stiern Mike Quincy IL
1999 LT Fontana Timothy Monterey CA
1999 OS Santoni Hiram Sarasota FL
1999 OS Stanifer Albert Franklin OH
1999 QM Ganter Christopher Brighton IL
1999 SCPO Horn Ash Mcalester OK
1999 ST Haley John Houston TX
1999 ST Martinez Luis Guanica PR
1999 YN Doherty Ginamarie Portsmouth RI
2000 BM Dalo Tara Philly PA
2000 BM Dalo Tara Philly PA
2000 BM Duncan Itro Philly PA
2000 BM Gardner Kenneth Buffalo NY
2000 EM David Patrick Lakewood CA
2000 EM Messler Michael Prairie Du Chien WI
2000 ENSN Norton Emily Marietta GA
2000 ET Adams Brian San Diego CA
2000 ET Barrett Jeffrey Camarillo CA
2000 ET Sheppard Olivia --
2000 LT Adams Charles Northfield VT
2000 OS Smith Nicholas Montgomery AL
2000 PN Lilly Leopold West Palm Beach FL
2000 QM Avila Melinda San Antonio TX
2000 RM Dill Harry Johnstown PA
2000 RM Gibbs Gloria Newport News VA
2000 ST Morrow Jason Morristown NJ
2000 YN Milliken Camela South Bend IN
2001 AW Richardson Jeff Henderson NC
2001 CT Floyd Terry Julayne Pullman MI
2001 ET Hansen Dane Glen Burnie MD
2001 ET Mcginn Matt Humble TX
2001 OS Wiggins Patrick Montgomery AL
2002 -- York Jeff Salem MA
2002 AM Miltenberger John ( Pop`s ) Oakland CA
2002 AT Brown Jonathan Akron OH
2002 EN Salter Joel Mobile AL
2002 ET Allen Giles Trimble TN
2002 SM Mcnabb Richard Vernon TX
2002 SN Meglic Kevin Budd Lake NJ
2003 -- (nichols) Souslin Carrie Matawan NJ
2003 YN Obando Arnulfo Woodbridge VA
2004 AZ Carrillo Heidi Carteret NJ
2004 CPO Mccomic John P LA
2004 GS Mikkelsen Stephen Spokane WA
2004 OS Cammie Kevin Philadelphia & Virgin Islands PA
2004 RM Burks Nathan Virginia Beach VA
2004 SN Mercereau Andrea Toledo OH
2005 FC Standen Matt Amherst OH
2005 QM Rabe Joe Ocala FL
2006 CS Pifer Bryan Erie PA
2006 MA King Reginald New Bern NC
2010 ET Kersey Tyler Rogersville TN
2010 HT Towne James La Vernia TX
2013 BM Paquet Bethany Canoga Park CA





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