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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 Pagon Peter San Diego --
1996 ST Sidney Daryl Long Bech CA
1998 -- Marquez Dennis Las Vegas NM
1998 BM Hernandez Joe Snyder TX
1998 DC Freeman Eric Diamond Bar CA
1998 DC Matheny Jeff Paris TN
1998 DK Hines Charles Sandiego CA
1998 ET Hemingway Elmer Hartford CT
1998 ET Looney James Charleston SC
1998 EW Bennett Karen Long Beach MS
1998 FC Ternus Derek Creston NE
1998 IC Alexander Shantel Brooklyn NY
1998 IS Davenport Tracy Freeport TX
1998 LT Pilewski Jerome Washington CT
1998 LT Theus Eric Canton OH
1998 LT Tucker Richard Lexington TX
1998 LTJG Minnick David Niagara Falls NY
1998 OS Colonna Brad Milpitas CA
1998 SM Wilder Benjamin Marquette MI
1998 ST Gingrich Frank Lebanon PA
1998 ST Heagney Darrell San Diego CA
1998 ST Mahaney Brent Toledo OR
1999 CT Barrera Erik Torrington WY
1999 CT Snere Christopher Iowa Falls IA
1999 OS Dees James Great Falls MT
2000 MCPO Dibiccaro Michael Butler PA
2000 PFC Fraundorfer Andrew St. Augustine FL
2000 PN Nguyen --
2000 ST Calhoun Becky Glennwood NY
2001 EN Franklin James Sacramento CA
2001 FC Felix Mike San Diego CA
2001 GS Tavarez Fili San Diego CA
2001 LT Krolikowski Christopher Brunswick OH
2001 SM Laib Dawn Alhambra CA
2002 CPO Kryling Dan Cleveland OH
2002 GS Joseph Gourren Mia FL
2003 CPO Miller Steve Alamogordo NM
2003 FC Bass Pedro Eagle Pass TX
2003 OS Butler Skyler Carmi IL
2003 OS Young Kelly San Diego CA
2003 SCPO Hartley Brooks Wichita KS
2004 RM Jones Calvin Lakeview OR
2006 EN Gilliland Joe Louisburg KS
2007 CS Clark Matt Hemphill TX
2007 FC Isenman James Ravenna OH
2008 GM Crofoot Morgan Auburn NY





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