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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1952 GM Wilder John Andalusia AL
1996 CPO Villanueva Ovillan Makati City, Philippines CA
1996 CS Huante Hoss San Antonio TX
1996 FC Pudleiner Tim Allentown PA
1997 CPO Joyce Steven Rochester NY
1997 CPO Mckeithen William San Diego CA
1997 CPO Smith Britt Guthrie OK
1997 CS Huante Hoss San Antonio TX
1997 CT Baird Christopher Hartford City IN
1997 EM Chambers Louis Houston TX
1997 EM Mohler Lisa Detroit MI
1997 EN Hembree Annette Klamath Falls OR
1997 ET Ward Troy Houston TX
1997 EW Labarr Mark Campbell NY
1997 LT Zaller Chris Bolivar TN
1997 MS Jeffrey Brian Hampton Bays NY
1997 MS Shumpert Cartrell Chicago IL
1997 RM Ratzburg Erik Moline IL
1997 RM Robertson Kenneth Houston TX
1997 SCPO Moore Robert Carthage NY
1997 SM Munos Alex Houston TX
1997 ST Lunde Michael San Diego CA
1997 ST Phillips Chad San Diego CA
1998 BM Mullins Dave Up State NY
1998 DC Olvera Garrett Stockton CA
1998 EW Byrd Jeremey Mobile AL
1998 EW Reddig Jeff Houston TX
1998 EW Reddig Jeff Houston TX
1998 LT Bridgewater Kendall St Louis MO
1998 NC Wells Karen Dayton OH
1998 SH Ciapponi Thomas Fremont CA
1999 CPO Balagtas Marcelo San Diego CA
1999 ET Casad Dwayne Chicago IL
1999 FC Mcgee Richard Midwest City OK
2000 EN Duran Erick Los Angeles CA
2000 HM Provo Eric Beaumont TX
2000 IC Herrera Diego Floresville TX
2000 OS Mauldin Jared Sacramento CA
2000 OS Santana Enrique South Gate CA
2001 CT Newbill Harold Sacramento CA
2001 EW Banks Cordelia Bloomfield NJ
2001 EW Degendorfer Daniel Los Angeles CA
2001 HT Gomez Nicolas El Paso TX
2002 ET Guerra Wilder Los Angeles CA
2002 SM Schlueter Sara Madison WI
2003 EN Pinney Mary Santa Fe TX
2003 GS Cabrera Elias Jose Benicia CA
2003 SH Gooding Shauna Jamaica NY
2003 SH Gooding Shauna Jamaica NY
2005 CS Saunders Mark Kilmarnock VA
2008 FC Orosco Christopher Los Angeles CA





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