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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 EN Baker John Charleston SC
1971 IC Legarebrown Lorraine --
1995 MCPO Rogers Lee Rancho Cordova CA
1996 BM Wall Harry Philadelphia PA
1996 CPO Perera Diogenes Peoria IL
1996 CPO Spoolman Karl Norfolk VA
1996 CPO Welter Michel Sandpoint ID
1996 CPO Woten Mark Wapakoneta OH
1996 EN Feldman David Merrick NY
1996 ET Lewis Stephen Monroe ME
1996 ET Losee Noel Freeland MI
1996 EW McDonald Eric Lake Arrowhead CA
1996 FC Black Randy Ashland AL
1996 FC Skarvan Todd Green Bay WI
1996 GM Coyle Tim Orange CA
1996 HT Small Edward Hampton VA
1996 QM Lavana Paul Claymont DE
1996 RM Cothern Cliff Franklin KY
1996 SCPO Brodmann Richard Suffern NY
1996 SCPO Haney Daniel Wilmore Heights PA
1996 SCPO Scott Buck Manning SC
1996 YN Stotler Carrie Schofield WI
1997 FC Daniels James Covington KY
1997 FC Holzer John New York NY
1997 MS Whitted Gregory Cleveland OH
1997 OS Wallace Brian Sheridan IN
1997 RM Jones Steve Dallas TX
1997 SCPO Oberhausen Thomas Louisville KY
1997 SM King William Centreville MD
1997 SN Williams Antwonyne Baltimore MD
1997 ST Mckee Michael Dallas TX
1998 FN Beck Nicholas Warsaw IN
1998 MR Ward Michael Horseheads NY
1999 CPO Overturf Mary Ludungton MI
1999 CPO Warrington Ted Baltimore MD
1999 CPO White Scott Yorktown VA
1999 DC Haskins Dustin Bakersfield CA
1999 ET Anker Joshua Cleveland Heights OH
1999 GM Langone Stephen Ntc NY
1999 GM Rutledge Juan Dayton OH
1999 IC Messer Aaron Louisville, Ky VA
1999 IC Messer Aaron Louisville, Ky VA
1999 OS Thomas Derrick Youngstown OH
2000 CPO Stephens Joe Virginia Beach VA
2000 CS Maguire Brian Brockton MA
2000 FC Guyette Peter Minneapolis MN
2000 LT Gulley Jay Fayetteville TN
2000 SH Llewellyn John Boston MA
2001 CPO Musgrave Randall Jupiter FL
2001 CPO Penn Delbert Detroit MI
2001 DK Wilbourn Neketia Sardis MS
2002 EW Wilson Jeremy Yakima WA
2002 GS Medina Martin San Antonio TX
2002 SN Burke Kaitlin Milltown NJ
2002 ST Akers Leaha Mission Viejo CA
2003 ST Ray Samuel Borden IN
2004 HM Santiago Abby D Chicago IL
2005 LT Powell Jeremy Richmond IN
2006 CPO Hepner Kurt Normal IL
2006 CPO Mendelsohn Michael Lake Ronkonkoma NY
2007 FC Brooks Morgan Albany NY
2009 OS Concepcion Robert Baltimore MD
2010 ET Honroth Rory Cleveland OH





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