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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1995 CPO Hummer Harry Easton PA
1995 GM Eiker Michael Prescott AZ
1995 YN Christopher Flowers Dumas CA
1996 CPO Davis Michael Clearwater FL
1996 CPO Hinojos Javier Los Angeles CA
1996 CPO Maddock Tim Holgate OH
1996 CPO Thompson Vincent Wildwood NJ
1996 CPO Veloz Manny El Paso TX
1996 DC Perry Shawn Adams NY
1996 EN Moulton Jack Potsdam NY
1996 GM Rezendes Paul Phoenix AZ
1996 GS Moscariello Nick Houston TX
1996 LT Day Patricia Baker City OR
1996 OS Poole Mike CA
1996 OS Thompson George Dorothy NJ
1996 OS Upham Jericho Wildwood FL
1996 RM Kesner Mitch Gillette WY
1996 SCPO Powers Kevin Helena AR
1996 SK Malaki Daniel T. Clinton ME
1996 SK Vasquez Shawn Port Hueneme CA
1996 ST Dery Michael West Hartford CT
1996 ST Devlin Shawn Anaheim CA
1997 CPO Lopez Joe Laredo TX
1997 CPO Picardal Alfonso Long Beach CA
1997 CPO Woods Fred Clarksdale MS
1997 DC Anderson John Little Rock AR
1997 ET Emory Scott Spartanburg SC
1997 EW Struewing Ronald Connersville IN
1997 FC Nell Scott Westlake Village CA
1997 FC Nevermann Eddie Yonkers NY
1997 FC Scott Beth Kennedale TX
1997 GM Albino Jose New York City NY
1997 IC Salazar Michelle Temple Hills MD
1997 LT Ermish Jeffrey Newport News FL
1997 OS Lessenberry David Houston TX
1997 QM Castillo Osiris Juncos PR
1997 SK Raquel Leo Los Angeles CA
1997 SK Raquel Leo Los Angeles CA
1997 ST Maestro Jennifer Kingston NY
1997 YN Balboa Ruben El Paso TX
1998 LCDR Abramson Alan Cranston RI
1998 OS Caampued Michelle Carson CA
1998 OS Meyers Rebecca Eugene OR
1999 FC Day Terry Oxford OH
1999 HT Dickinson Stephanie Omaha NE
1999 OS Hause David Barbourville KY
1999 SM Caro Juan New Jersey NJ
1999 ST Wilson Chris Portland OR
2000 HM Hardy Renne
2000 LCDR Hughes David --
2000 OS Ortega John Honolulu HI
2000 OS Sanchez David Lelia Lake TX
2000 SK Johnson Shannise St. Louis MO
2000 SM Jennings James San Antonio TX
2000 ST Grano Micheal Cleveland OH
2001 DC Longley Daniel Spokane WA
2001 ST Peters Kurk Portage MI
2002 SCPO Burrows Brian Honolulu HI
2002 ST Nevins Lucas Baltimore MD
2003 GS Cooke Michael Raleigh NC
2005 IC Hickey Brian Chicago IL
2006 YN Tetreau J P\'cola FL
2008 GS Bickel Faith Jacksonville AR
2009 Thomas Chelsea





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