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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1994 CMDR Allard Fred Newville PA
1994 CPO Davis Paul St Augustine FL
1995 CPO Drake Paul Warren OH
1995 FC Abaloyan Ferdinand Virginia Beach VA
1995 FC Armocida Michael Arcanum OH
1995 FC Collins Robert Lake City FL
1995 FC Hyndman Matt Slidell LA
1995 FC Trybus Steven Orrstown PA
1995 FC Wong Master Shaolin Temple PI
1995 GM Gomez Carlos NY
1995 GS Martinez David Denver CO
1995 MCPO Ridgel Pat San Diego CA
1995 MCPO Ridgel Patrick San Diego CA
1995 OS Adkins Brent Florence KY
1995 OS Hinesly Timmy Nyc NY
1995 RM Edwards George Philadelphia PA
1995 ST Bush Eric Ecorse MI
1995 ST Glovinski Joshua IL
1995 ST Smith Michael Boston MA
1996 BM Gwyn Frog West Brownsville PA
1996 BM Hankins Greg SC
1996 BM Hawkins Mark Enterprise AL
1996 BM Hawkins Mark Enterprice AL
1996 BM Lilley Robert Suffolk VA
1996 BM Potter Steven Detroit MI
1996 BM Potter Steven Detroit MI
1996 BM Stark Jason Clare MI
1996 CPO Chaffin Tom Tuscaloosa AL
1996 CPO Ridgeway William Little Rock AR
1996 DC Hiniker Aj Phoenix AZ
1996 DC Jones W. Scott Watertown NY
1996 EW Black Ronald Gastonia NC
1996 EW Goncalves John Casper WY
1996 EW Lewis Dean Berlin VA
1996 FC Burgos-Torres Raynaldo Guayama PR
1996 FC Van Ness Travis San Diego CA
1996 GM Boy Pony Chi Town IL
1996 GM Mullins Brian Granada Hills CA
1996 IC Dery Jeff Harper Woods MI
1996 MR Oleary Joseph Limestone ME
1996 SCPO Watson Brad Dunn NC
1996 SH Gladden Matthew Martinsburg WV
1996 SM Miller Jamie Samson AL
1996 ST Randolph Ii Charles Cleveland OH
1996 ST Smoozyez Pyle Updik IN
1997 BM Cavanaugh Ward Kitty Beckley WV
1997 ET Bonney Ron St. Cloud FL
1997 FC Cheatwood Jeremy Marrietta GA
1997 MCPO Groomes Mark Livermore Falls ME
1998 CPO Joshua Wright Muncie IN
1998 CPO Sandy Clifford (Sandman) Doylestown PA
1998 CPO Wommack Gary Panama City Beach FL
1998 EM Wright Joshua Muncie IN
1998 ET White William Medford NJ
1998 FC Abaloyan --
1998 FC Mckee Jerry Harrisville WV
1998 FC Pratt Derek Turin NY
1998 ST Moore Bruce Elyria OH
1999 BM Crocker Matt Portsmouth VA
2000 CMDR Orourke Patrick --
2000 IC Smith Derek Philly PA
2000 MS Crater Lemuel Howard PA
2000 PFC Stuart Jamie Eastport ME
2000 RM Malson Susan NY
2000 SH Strodtbeck Anthony Cleveland OH
2000 ST Mosley Jeremiah Appomattox VA
2001 FC Conary Bob Orland ME
2001 OS Jackson Steve Baltimore MD
2001 OS Urena Edwin New York NY
2002 Micheal Swerda --
2002 CPO Rimbey Stephen Groton CT
2002 ET Mazurek Benjamin Warren MI
2002 GM Mcmurry Josh Prospect VA
2003 EN Rosati Giorgio Woodhaven MI
2003 FC Boehler Eric Tiffin OH
2003 SN Insley Jessica Tampa FL
2003 SN Insley Jessica Tampa FL
2005 CPO Indelicato Robert Holtsville NY
2005 CT Hymer Tony Martinsville IN
2006 MCPO Thomas Keith Montgomery AL
2007 BM Olschewski Christopher Clifton NJ
2009 GM Stoffel Catherine Kewaskum WI
2009 IC Cohen Amber Conner MT
2009 IC Cohen Amber Conner MT
2009 IC Lovett
2009 ST Stewart Nikole El Paso TX
2010 CS Robinson Nikolaus Kingsport TN





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