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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1994 CPO Anderson Scott Titusville FL
1994 CPO Moran Patrick (Pc) Billings MT
1994 CPO Toohey Gene Greenville TX
1994 CWO Becraft David Zion IL
1994 ET Baldwin Brice Amarillo TX
1994 FC Flatt Ken Las Cruces NM
1994 FC Sprague Adam Rockport TX
1994 HT Jersey Steve San Jose CA
1994 OS Ward Nathan Hartford WV
1994 PN Hernandez Phillip Lubbock TX
1994 RM Durant Timothy Marion SC
1994 RM Fuller Charles Camden TN
1994 SK Luna Angel Phoenix AZ
1994 SK Reital Richard St. Joseph MO
1994 SK Reital Richard St. Joseph MO
1994 ST Brewer Cody Oklahoma City OK
1995 CPO Wylie Jeff San Diego CA
1995 DC Woods Ronald Titusville FL
1995 EN Theus Steven San Diego CA
1995 EW Jackson Benjamin FL
1995 FC Guzik John New York City NY
1995 FC Meeks James Huntsville AL
1995 FC Rogers Brannan Drain OR
1995 FN Carrithers William Midfield AL
1995 HM Cart Tim Santa Clara CA
1995 IC Nesbit Terry Whitsett NC
1995 LT Edwards Chris San Diego CA
1995 MA Davis James San Antonio TX
1995 MS Cundieff Eric Yucaipa CA
1995 MS Fox John Apache Jct AZ
1995 MS Gecale Aurelio Union City CA
1995 MS Pierce Billy Enrico San Diego CA
1995 RM Smalling Raymond Yaphank NY
1995 SCPO Essway John Jeannette PA
1995 SH Carrington Greg Richmond VA
1995 SK Chumley Danny Augusta GA
1995 SM Murphy Jerry North Ft Myers FL
1995 SN Dollar William Quitman TX
1995 SN Sanders Chad Phoenix AZ
1995 ST Karpewicz Robert Baltimore MD
1996 FC Mcmahan Mark Memphis TN
1996 IC Caputo Eugene (jay) Pittsburgh PA
1996 LT Strand Mel Waseca MN
1997 DC Ruedamartinez Jose El Paso TX
1997 FC Isenman James Ravenna OH
1997 HT Wilson Chris Dale OK
1997 IC Mazurkiewicz Joe Chicago IL
1997 LT Strand Melvin Waseca MN
1997 MS Dozier Ronald Jacksonville FL
1997 RM Morris Ryan Rexburg ID
1997 SH Norton Gregory Price UT
1997 ST Fontenot James Eunice LA
1998 CPO Hagan Frank Haddon Hts NJ
1998 DK Carsten Anthony Casper WY
1998 ET Russert Heath Norfolk NE
1998 FC Mckinney Sean Simi Valley CA
1998 FC Remson Vincent Anderson IN
1998 GS Miner Vincent Coal City IL
1998 RM Renner Greg Minneapolis MN
1998 SK Murphy Sean Boston MA
1998 SN Spier James Salem OR
1998 YN Wooten George Dayton OH
1999 BM Carlson John Phoneixville PA
1999 CPO Ayala Rolando San Juan PR
1999 CPO Salim Mario Philippines CA
1999 ET Mapp William Bowie MD
1999 OS Lyle Jeremy Commerce TX
2000 CPO Curtis Dan Detroit MI
2000 CPO Siegrist Mike Niota IL
2000 RM Lepage Greg Fall River MA
2000 SN Sullivan John El Cajon CA
2001 CPO Nash Thomas Wilmington DE
2001 FC Andrews Ryan Redmond WA
2001 FC Davidson Christopher San Diego CA
2001 LT Jacobs Matt NJ
2002 ET Rasmussen
2002 FC Brush Patrick Ann Arbor MI
2002 SK Thrasher Darnell Rock Island IL
2003 OS White John Arlington TX
2004 BM Seitz Sol Corpus Christi TX
2008 FC Hoffman Lee Mount Pleasant NC
2008 GM Barber Kenny Cullman AL





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