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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1989 SM Serrano Ivan Bayamon PR
1994 BM Houk Timothy Baton Rouge LA
1994 BM Wharton Joshua Byron MN
1994 BM Wigginton Donald New Orleans LA
1994 CPO Boyce Stephen Saratoga Springs NY
1994 CPO Denk Paul Erie PA
1994 CPO Hufnagle Kevin Kelliher MN
1994 CPO James Rick Orrville OH
1994 CPO Norton Lee Livonia MI
1994 CPO Rawson Dwayne Waynesboro MS
1994 CPO Taylor Tyrone Tulsa OK
1994 CPO Thompson John Cleveland OH
1994 CPO Webb Randy Cincinnati OH
1994 ET Naiman Marc Baltimore MD
1994 FC Capers Daniel Pensacola FL
1994 FC Joyce Brian Sprott AL
1994 GS Pace Dave Parsippany NJ
1994 HT Vincent Danny Rockford MI
1994 IC Williams Freddie Anchorage AK
1994 OS Cashwell Brett Fayetteville NC
1994 OS Webb Randy Norfolk VA
1994 SCPO Hoffart John Coleridge NE
1994 SCPO Martinez Martin
1994 SK Murray Peter Bloomington IL
1994 SN Cole Chris Arlington TX
1994 SN Elswick_ Robert Rogersville TN
1994 SN Florence Darnell Covington KY
1994 ST Adams Brian Beckley WV
1994 ST Kruse Clay New Orleans LA
1995 AB James Rick Orrville OH
1995 BM Anderson James Chicago IL
1995 BM Booher Kevin Marklesburg PA
1995 BM Ganz David Buffalo NY
1995 CPO Barb David Norfolk VA
1995 CPO Crossen Scott Davison MI
1995 CPO Hindman Steve Grand Junction CO
1995 CPO Sylvester Sly Mobile AL
1995 DC Alcorn Thomas Indianapolis IN
1995 DC Alcorn Thomas Indianapolis IN
1995 DC Croaker Michael Orange TX
1995 DC Croaker Mike Orange TX
1995 DC Hoffman Mark North Huntingdon PA
1995 DK Ardaya Hugo P. Alexandria VA
1995 DK Lizarraga --
1995 FC Gibson Ernest Washington DC
1995 GS James Rick Orrville OH
1995 GS Samons John Milton FL
1995 HT Vincent Danny Rockford MI
1995 HT Vincent Danny Rockford MI
1995 OS Mulverhill Brian Malone NY
1995 OS Smith Steven St Louis MO
1995 QM Obrien Pat Atlantic Highlands NJ
1995 SH Pineiro (moncho-power) Roberto Jacksonville FL
1995 SK Shird Charles Baltimore MD
1995 SN Davis Renaun Portsmouth VA
1995 ST Harrison Neal Louisville KY
1995 ST Vail David Ocean Springs MS
1995 YN Slate Eric Boca Raton FL
1996 FC Kozera Corey Charleston WV
1996 FC Possert Rick Hubbard OH
1996 GS Johnson Craig Wiggins MS
1996 MCPO James Paul Easton PA
1996 RM Mabry Chris Springfield OH
1997 CPO Roberts Michael Mesa AZ
1997 CPO Schultz Paul Marysville MI
1997 DC Jemmott Miljan Orlando FL
1997 EN Brosnan Eric Manchester CT
1997 ET Lowery Tim Benton AR
1997 FC Robinson Alan IL
1997 GS Craigmyle John Madison IN
1997 HT Brooks Jason Williamsburg KY
1997 HT Herbison Adrien Colorado Springs CO
1997 MCPO Orren Dale Goose Creek SC
1997 PN Adolphus Jorge Brooklyn NY
1997 PN Bonner Jamar Baltimore MD
1997 SM Ramos Victor Paterson NJ
1997 ST Shultz --
1998 AE Murphy Thomas St. Augustine FL
1998 CPO Corderobonilla Waldemar Ponce PR
1998 EM Carmichael Jeffrey Laporte TX
1998 FC Lawson James Berlin MD
1998 GS Flory Justin Las Cruces NM
1998 GS Flory Justin Las Cruces NM
1998 LTJG Foringer Jd Washington PA
1998 OS Brathwaite Ryan Brooklyn NY
1998 PN Vijandre Paul Chicago / Manila IL
1998 QM Maupin Mark Middletown OH
1998 RM Cordero Waldemar Yauco PR
1998 SCPO Molden Michael Alma KS
1999 BM Trowbridge Adam San Ysidro CA
1999 CPO Sellers Randy Burnsville NC
1999 GM Day John Houston TX
1999 RM Stockstill Bj Fort Smith AR
1999 SCPO Hosie Michael Lewiston NY
1999 ST Wallner Stephen Berwick PA
1999 ST Wallner Stephen Berwick PA
2000 FC Lavigne Larry Buffalo NY
2000 LTJG Macias Miguel Houston TX
2000 QM Lacey Donald South Bend IN
2000 SM Serrano Ivan Bayamon --
2001 EW Sierra Jose Luis Miami FL
2001 MCPO Hunnicutt Steve Plattsburgh NY
2001 QM Scott Lawrence Perth Amboy NJ
2002 BM Nakoneczny James Detroit Hockeytown MI
2002 BM Truitt Thomas Dover DE
2002 HM Diston Brandon Gainesville FL
2003 RM Hinton Jesse Lorain OH
2004 DC Gerke David Newaygo MI
2004 ET Gauen Mark Granite City IL
2008 FC Daniels Dennis Greenville SC
2009 CS Surine Jonathan Spottsylvania VA
2009 GS Keppner Chris Mcclure IL
2010 MM Anthony Karl Lansing MI
2011 GS Strong Cory Wyandotte MI





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