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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 EW Sea Douglas Los Angeles CA
1955 EM Poole Bennie Greenville SC
1988 BM Phillips J Neil Birmingham AL
1990 ST Nelson Charles Clarksville TN
1992 CPO Ortez John Oakland CA
1992 RM Volstorf David Michigan City IN
1992 ST Cross Ted Boynton Beach FL
1992 ST Knight Dave Monticello FL
1992 YN Brown Derek Cuero TX
1993 CPO Horn Ash Mcalester OK
1993 DC Holliday Stephen Springfield OH
1993 EN Montoya Don Albuquerque NM
1993 EW Epperson Ian Hayward CA
1993 FC Black Randy Ashland AL
1993 FC Breakey Greg St. Clair Shores MI
1993 GM Macon Gregory Pasadena CA
1993 GS Tarter Keith Albuquerque NM
1993 LCDR Bachand Peter Plymouth CT
1993 MS Adona Frank (Bong) Pasay City Philippin HI
1993 MS Davis Michael Weatherford TX
1993 PC Knight Denny Perry FL
1993 QM Hedman James R. Warren PA
1993 RM Carter Jerry Winston Salem NC
1993 SCPO Hilliard Brian Londonderry NH
1994 BM Carter Trace Mt. Dora FL
1994 BM Tiemann William Brighton MI
1994 CPO Reiher Robert Bremerton WA
1994 DC Smith Glenn Daytona Beach FL
1994 ET Wuttke Erik New Rochelle NY
1994 GS Hatheway Bryan Mansfield OH
1994 GS Ward Mark Williamsburg KS
1994 LT Levesque David Jacksonville FL
1994 MR Cozzens John Glens Falls NY
1994 MS Sowers Jonathan Roanoke VA
1994 OS Drake Stephen Greensboro NC
1994 OS Gibson Christopher Richardson TX
1994 OS Gibson Christopher Richardson TX
1994 PN Lynn Joe Warren MI
1994 QM Arjona Tirso New York NY
1995 DC Reed Lawrence Westerly RI
1995 LT Searles Scot Harrisonville MO
1996 BM Martin Jason Phoenix AZ
1996 CWO Laplume Bob Lawrence MA
1996 GS Ellis Clint Noti OR
1996 GS Webb Maurice Chapel Hill NC
1996 IC Carter John Houston TX
1996 IC Teson Joe Albany NY
1996 MA Bridges Kenneth Little Rock AR
1996 TM Judge Douglas Spokane WA
1996 YN Stevens Keith Nashville TN
1997 EM Beene Eric La Center WA
1997 EN Himes Michael Stillwater OK
1997 ET Gaines Christopher Covington KY
1997 OS Shepherd Allen Aurora CO
1998 GM Cobb Samuel --
1998 GS Brewer Lyle Blountville TN
1998 MCPO Misiura Frank Olyphant PA
1998 SH Tenn Micheal --
1998 SK Deleon Johnrey Chino Hills California CA
1999 IS Ruble Matthew Pearl Harbor HI
1999 LTJG Steinberger Misty TX
1999 RM Mannon Matthew Atlanta GA
1999 SH Mandal Jose --
2000 DK Dublino Paul Country Club Hills IL
2000 FC Buck Chris Grand Rapids MI
2000 FC Vinson Xavier Fayetteville NC
2000 GM Nelson Todd Cambridge MN
2000 GM Welch Carlouse Tampa FL
2000 GM Welch Carlouse Tampa FL
2000 LTJG Choi Phoebe Tamuning GU
2000 LTJG Moore Timothy Atlanta GA
2000 LTJG Mui Michelle Miami FL
2000 SCPO Ricardo Nietes San Diego CA
2000 YN Walker Andrew Cairo GA
2000 YN Willis Timothy Burnsville NC
2001 LTJG Brown Patrick Slidell LA
2002 BM Alderson Lucas Wadena IA
2002 EN Weber Yuning Manitowoc WI
2002 EW Mccormick Brendan Aloha OR
2002 OS Rosas Phillip Brooklyn NY
2003 -- Lee Bekida Tampa FL
2003 HM Moore Joseph Coatesville PA
2003 LTJG Needham Michael Norwood MA
2004 GS Monu Richard Winston Salem NC
2005 HT Sabotta Josh Wilmington IL
2006 FC Bridges Patrick Benton AR
2008 GM Murphy Bryan Spokane WA
2009 EM Garcia Ricardo Subic Bay CA
2013 GS Law Andrew Middleburg Heights OH





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