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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1958 CPO Rowlee Arthur Mitchell NE
1958 SN Colella Nick Newton MA
1968 FTM Caruso David San Diego CA
1990 OS Ingoe Bradley Dallastown PA
1991 CPO Eichholtz Paul Canyon Lake TX
1991 CPO Hayman Mark Beaufort SC
1991 CPO Obstaculo Rodolfo Salinas CA
1991 CPO Williams Ted Chicago IL
1991 CPO Wilson Charles Lewisville TX
1991 FC Hempfield Phillip New Rochelle NY
1991 FC Necaise Thomas Aztec NM
1991 GS Cooper Mathew Craig CO
1991 IC Ehlenfeldt Paul St. Charles MN
1991 MCPO Lillie Bruce Ashtabula OH
1991 MCPO Wells Tony Chula Vista CA
1991 ST Gisler Casey Kansas City MO
1992 BM Mullins Robert Ramona OK
1992 CPO Kargas Chris San Diego CA
1992 EN Layne Kelvin Bridgetown NY
1992 ET Garcia Victor Marfa TX
1992 FC Cobb Jason Oceanside CA
1992 FC Cordwell Barry Port Orange FL
1992 GM Agonoy Rodger Riverdale MD
1992 GS Donovan Bruce San Francisco CA
1992 OS Smith Robert Charlotte NC
1992 RM Lawson Scott
1992 RM Stuckey Greg Athens IL
1992 SM Riviere Michael Beaumont TX
1992 ST Henrikson Rick Redford Twp MI
1993 DC Dillman Declan Boulder CO
1993 DC Richardson Donald Boise ID
1993 EN Eisenman Stacy Beckley WV
1993 EN Morgan Justin Dublin Ireland AL
1993 EN Saldana Mark West Covina CA
1993 FC Begalla Jim Warren OH
1993 GM Hyder Jason Lebanon OR
1993 GS Gilkerson Glenn Huntington WV
1993 GS Mansfield Josh Palmer MA
1993 GS Smith Edward Charlotte NC
1993 HM Bosier Timothy Sabina OH
1993 MS Harris Joshua Worcester MA
1993 OS Lewis Keelan Amarillo TX
1993 OS Smith Robert Charlotte NC
1993 OS Stanifer Al Franklin OH
1993 RM Lawson Scott Williamsport IL
1993 ST Doughty Ronald San Diego CA
1994 -- Dent Amber Columbus OH
1994 -- Dent Vincent Columbus OH
1994 -- Morgan Justin Lucky Dublin Ireland CA
1994 CMDR Slade Peter Washington Dc WA
1994 EN Castano Rudy Tracy CA
1994 ST Kimes Terry Streator IL
1995 CPO Walker Dave San Diego CA
1995 DC Dupuy --
1995 DC Lucio --
1995 ET Miller Michael Lexington KY
1995 FC Brown Ronald L. Akron OH
1995 LTJG Munderloh Tim Riverside CA
1995 MS Hand Allan Tulsa OK
1995 SCPO Mccutcheon Mark Newport RI
1995 ST Liggett Danny Lufkin TX
1995 YN Choquette Duane Vancouver WA
1996 EN Christianson Terry San Diego CA
1996 ENSN Koprowski Neil Selden NY
1996 GS Cox Christopher Claremore OK
1996 LT Petry Robert Bayville NJ
1996 LTJG Coe Richard Newtown PA
1996 ST Harper Brian Burlington NC
1997 CPO Mcgee Kevin Phoenix AZ
1997 EW Smith Eldridge Atlanta GA
1997 FC Hill Rich San Diego CA
1997 FC Russell Mark Broomfield CO
1997 LT Pettit Kevin Mesa AZ
1997 OS Le Duyet Falls Church VA
1998 CPO Vinson Wilberto
1998 CPO Walker Randy Bloomfield IN
1998 DC Harvey Johnny Newark CA
1998 ET Hurtado Phil Rosemead CA
1998 FC Smith Wesley Silver Springs FL
1998 HT Ashton Patrick Angola NY
1998 LT De Luca Mario Philadelphia PA
1998 MCPO Mitchell Kenneth Selma NC
1998 OS Gleason Eric North Bend OR
1998 SK Stifter Anthony Isanti MN
1998 SK Stifter Anthony Spring Lake Park MN
1998 SK Stifter Anthony Spring Lake Park MN
1998 ST White Aaron Sacramento CA
1999 CPO Mook Kevin Lincoln NE
1999 CPO Wittwer Douglas Tucson AZ
1999 GM Fuentes David Irwindale CA
1999 GS Belgrave Mandel \ Omaha NE
1999 GS Belgrave Mandel \ Omaha NE
1999 MS Peters Antonio Sacramento CA
1999 RM Foote Robert Plymouth IN
1999 ST Mccart Brian Kansas City MO
1999 ST Ruiz Oscar Inglewood CA
2000 CPO Toney Tim Oceanside CA
2000 EN Siddons Mark --
2000 FC Lovell Alex --
2000 FC Miller Steve Alamogordo NM
2000 GM Goeglein Steven Yuma CO
2000 GM Schultz Robert IL
2000 SCPO Hartley Brooks Wichita KS
2000 ST Duffield Daniel Orange CA
2000 ST Pierson Geoff Dallas TX
2001 DC Mckinney Wes Orange County CA
2001 ET Vines Craig Detroit MI
2001 FC Brooks Joshua Greensboro NC
2001 FC Ryckman Brandon Memphis TN
2001 GM Duff Terry
2001 IC Herrera Diego Floresville TX
2001 MCPO Brown Charles Bronx NY
2001 ST Phillips James CA
2002 BM Williams Matthew Rock Springs WY
2002 EM Rosson Chris Winona TX
2002 FC Bass Pedro Eagle Pass TX
2002 FN Medeiros Ricky Oahu HI
2002 GM Rios Walter Royse City, Texas TX
2002 SM Groen Steven Nashua IA
2003 OS Lewis Jason Dallas TX
2003 SCPO Tran Chau Houston TX
2004 CPO Melnyk Michael Boston MA
2005 BM Torrez James Robstown TX
2005 CPO Tatunay Kristopher Sherman TX
2005 GS Boysen Karsten Anchorage AK
2005 MS Burgos James Oxnard CA
2006 CS Small Derek Racine WI
2006 ST Miller Jason Lexington OH
2007 ENS Pao Jpj San Diego CA
2009 CT Shaw Tiffany Billings MT
2009 GM Shingara Jessica Dauphin PA
2011 OS Sargent Ashley Parkersburg WV





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