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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1945 MM Gumpf Thomas Beaver Falls PA
1945 SC Retcho Joseph Hallandale Beach FL
1945 SM Bohn William New York NY
1945 SN Pearce Verlan Hanford CA
1946 FN Brignoli Robert New Britain CT
1947 ET Hahn (now Frazier) Bernard Walla Walla WA
1947 SM Williams Robert E Chipley FL
1948 RM Blevins Howard Winston Salem NC
1949 CPO Moore John Washington NC
1949 EN Spohn William Bakersfield CA
1949 RM Hanzik Melvin Needville TX
1950 BM Lyndell Smiley Fallon NV
1950 CWO Smith William Clark Portland OR
1950 RD Merritt Robert Kansas City MO
1950 RM Carey Mel Fort Worth TX
1950 SN Pennington Carl Sugar Creek MO
1950 SO Hinton Harry National City CA
1951 GM Vick James Wadesboro NC
1951 LCDR Hoeppner Frederick Seattle WA
1951 ME Correll Robert Correll Benedict MD
1952 CS Alexander Richard Pocatello ID
1952 EM Hansen Russell Beloit WI
1952 EM Hansen Russell Beloit WI
1952 EN Hansen Russell Beloit WI
1952 MM Bennideti Paul Columbus OH
1952 MM Hamilton Robert Bellville OH
1953 LTJG Hecht Gerald Cincinnati OH
1953 LTJG Sissom Joe Corsicana TX
1953 MM Studlien Vance Portland ND
1954 FN Swanson William Two Harbors MN
1954 GM Smith Don Phoenix AZ
1955 BT Overbey Leroy California IL
1956 DC Slate Robert Ft. Worth TX
1956 DK Martinez Eugene Denver CO
1956 SO Walrod David Oxford OH
1957 BT Brown Jim Atlanta GA
1957 BT Harlan Bill Monterey CA
1957 GM Bonner Everett Dinuba CA
1957 SO Facer James Howard West Jordan UT
1957 SO Facer James Howard West Jordan UT
1958 DK Mead Jim Spokane WA
1958 FT Sciba Jeff Wharton TX
1959 BT Swift George San Bernardino CA
1959 CS Hicks Trellis . Mt. Vernon CO
1959 CS Zigan Joe Great Falls MT
1959 FT Porter Earl San Jose CA
1959 QM Evans John Memphis TX
1959 SN Bedenbaugh Milton Columbia SC
1959 SN Lee Dale Olympia WA
1960 CPO Monroe Charles Poth TX
1960 FT Schmidt Glenn Rio WI
1960 LT Buenz Peter Baytown TX
1960 LT Buenz Peter San Antonio TX
1960 SN Adams Stephen Tipton IN
1960 TM Nye Ernie Spokane WA
1961 CPO Springer Thomas Klamath River CA
1961 FT Blasdell William Houston TX
1961 LTJG Schmidt Leonard Beloit KS
1961 PN Lingenfelter Daniel San Diego CA
1961 RD Borchers Aaron New Orleans LA
1961 RM Nunnally Jesse Pine Village IN
1961 SM Scarlata James (jim) Trenton NJ
1962 ET Raade John Negaunee MI
1962 FT Guest Donald Downers Grove IL
1962 FT Guest Donald Naperville IL
1962 MM Rauscher Dean Highland CA
1962 SK Boaz Ronald Monterey CA
1962 SO Brooke Bob Minneapolis TX
1963 BT Miner Robert Phoenix AZ
1963 BT Pelleriti John C San Francisco CA
1963 CS Smith Dennis Battle Ground WA
1963 DC Wiggins Charles Winters CA
1963 SM Pettit Robert Louisiana LA
1963 SN Lames Steven Dysart IA
1963 ST Hatch Larry South Holland, Ill IL
1963 TM Poston Robert Borger TX
1963 TM Poston Bob Borger TX
1963 YN Nixon Steven Chicago IL
1964 BM Hall Larkin (William) CA
1964 BM Mcbride Mike Tyler TX
1964 LTJG Dutt Wil Marion OH
1964 PN Thibodaux Ronald Gretna LA
1964 RD Todd Bill Tacoma WA
1964 RM Morin Douglas Hays MT
1964 SM Hicks Marshall Cleburne TX
1965 BT Boothroyd Robert Amesbury MA
1965 LTJG Gregory Stephen West Chester PA
1965 MM Price Alan Reno NV
1965 RD Meier Michael Madison WI
1965 RD Morgan David A El Paso TX
1965 RD Speaks David Emporia KS
1965 RD Welch Patrick Libby MT
1965 RM Hanley Clifford Great Falls MT
1965 RM Miller Joseph Chicago IL
1965 TM Casaurang Charles. (rick) Columbia CA
1966 BM Haendiges John Pomona CA
1966 ET Eckard Raymond (mike) Akron OH
1966 MM Brewer Billy Denham Springs LA
1966 MM Spillane Richard Detroit MI
1966 MM Spillane Richard Detroit MI
1966 RD Barlow Dennis Bergenfield NJ
1966 RD Henderson Robert Waterloo IA
1966 RD Miller Harvey Cleveland OH
1966 SN Murray Peter Visalia CA
1967 BT Seele John San Antonio TX
1967 IC Fitzgerald Paul Hercules CA
1967 PN Lemasters Ron Muncie IN
1967 RD Shackelford James Camp Wood TX
1967 RM Hanley Clifford Great Falls MT
1967 SK Davenport Bob Maplewood MN
1967 SM Estes George Omaha NE
1967 ST Vandiver Vern Spokane WA
1967 TM Hinkle Stuart Toledo OH
1967 YN Hagen Rex Danville IL
1967 YN Hagen Rex Danville IL
1968 BT Lewis Howard Charleston SC
1968 MM Morris Roy Montrose CO
1968 SM Crow Alan St Louis MO
1968 ST Kendziorski Carl Milwaukee WI
1969 BM Turner Mike Burns OR
1969 EN Spohn William Bakersfield CA
1969 HT Moore John Washington NC
1969 QM Henry Roger Merced CA
1969 RD Packwood Walter Port Angeles WA
1969 SH Koepnick Ted Twin Falls ID
1970 BT Ebensberger Don Clinton IA
1970 LTJG Newman Kevin Holyoke MA
1970 MM Devone Ray Pennsauken NJ
1970 SH Taylor Robert Dorchester MA
1970 SH Taylor Robert Dorchester MA
1970 SN Castellano Kenneth Garden Home OR
1983 BT Miner Robert Phoenix AZ





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