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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 ENSN Maguire John Chester PA
1943 ET Frost Bonnell Lovell WY
1943 GM Anglin Nelson Eugene Champaign IL
1943 LTJG Melaugh William Portland ME
1943 SM Pulaski Stanley Grand Rapids MI
1943 TM Leverich Matthew Queens NY
1944 MM Rockney Robert Madison WI
1944 SN Lennard Robert Bethleham PA
1946 LTJG Moon Kirk Glendale CA
1949 BT Mcmahon Donald The Dalles OR
1950 MM Snyder Dick Springfield IL
1951 BM Niehues Louis Kelly KS
1951 BT Leslie William Conway AR
1951 EM Henley James San Diego CA
1951 MM Campbell Dale Hillsboro OH
1951 MM Hayes James Etowah TN
1951 QM Becker William Phila PA
1951 RM Holland James Cobbtown GA
1951 SM Becker William Phila. PA
1952 Heffner Sidney Poestenkill NY
1952 EM Asciolla Tony Coventry RI
1952 MM Speidell George Queens Village NY
1952 RM Berry Gordon Seymour IN
1952 SC Summers Robert Oxnard CA
1952 SN Mcdade Sherman Baltimore MD
1953 RD Martinucci Arthur Erie PA
1953 SN Harrison Richard Spokane WA
1954 SC Summit Richard Chicago IL
1955 BT Martin Turner Winchester VA
1955 BT Rhodes Kenneth Waycross GA
1955 PN Weston Jack Oregon WI
1956 BT Green Robert Fortworth TX
1956 FTM Bobbitt Bart Forest Grove OR
1956 MM Bender David Detriot MI
1956 SM Frank Liggins Houston TX
1956 SN Liggins Frank Houston TX
1956 SO Nealy Robert Garden Grove CA
1957 MM Haskell Edward Florence OR
1957 RD Brase Raymond Wamego KS
1957 RM Brown Morris Marietta GA
1958 BM Hart Dixie Blytheville AR
1958 CS Teel Harold Davenport IA
1958 ET Wicklund Donald Highlands NJ
1958 ET Wicklund Donald Highlands NJ
1958 MM Winfield John Bronx New York NY
1958 MM Winfield John Bronx New York NY
1958 RM Outland James Orlando FL
1959 BT Angona Sam Melville LA
1959 FN Woodward Larry Fort Worth TX
1959 FN Woodward Larry Fort Worth TX
1959 MM Alexis Fred Bakersfield CA
1959 PN Canfield Al Meadow Vista CA
1959 SF Kronschnbel Peter Appleton WI
1960 BT Shults Fred Bakersfield CA





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