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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 -- Smyth Orville - Son Here Tucson AZ
1943 GM Johnson Clyde Bloomington CA
1943 GM Smith William Huey IL
1943 MM Campbell Frank St. Petersburg FL
1943 PM Griffey Earl Chicago IL
1944 BM Morgan James Crawfordsville IN
1944 BT Morgan James Crawfordsville IN
1944 CM Townsend Jr. Bert St. Louis MO
1944 EM Wiedman William Willow Street PA
1944 EN Zaczek Casimer Detroit MI
1944 LTJG Alcott Joseph Broken Arrow OK
1944 MM Ferrie Bob Peoria IL
1945 GM Kjar Louis Troy NY
1947 LCDR Wilson James Millville NJ
1950 CWO Castleberry William South Charleston WV
1950 TM Jackson Ian Gallatin TN
1951 Dunfee Charles --
1951 BM Stephany Edward Phila PA
1951 MM Barr John ? FL
1951 MM Massini Tony East Haven CT
1951 RD Cobb Warren Walpole MA
1951 SN Kenney Leonard CA
1952 EM Rugloski John Minneapolis MN
1952 MM Watkins Lester Coaldale PA
1952 QM Gregson Clayton Pleasant Garden NC
1953 BT Swensen Eugene --
1953 SN Adkins Bill S. Williamson KY
1954 BM Merry Max Gaylord MI
1954 EM Preston Frank Hudson NY
1954 SN Giannotti Roy Washburn IL
1954 SN West Robert Andover MA
1954 SO Barrett Ed Donna TX
1954 SO Mcclure William PA
1955 BM Weber Jim Denver NC
1955 BT Waterfield Jjames Richmond VA
1955 RD Keough Francis Charlestown MA
1955 RM Johnson Tom Pueblo CO
1955 SO Martin Dale Buxton ND
1955 YN Novosel Stephen Rexmont PA
1956 FT Marlowe Charles Athens GA
1956 FT Taylor Floyd Bell CA
1956 SN Kane Kenneth Bronx NY
1957 ET Sheldon Philip La Honda CA
1957 LTJG Katz Ben Brooklyn NY





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