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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Crosswait Albert --
1943 BM Desmond James C. Perth Amboy NJ
1944 Perry Ronald Los Angeles CA
1944 Perry Ronald Los Angeles CA
1944 BM Chabert Elvis Cut Off LA
1944 EM Neely Ross Birmingham AL
1944 OT Stusek William Wickliffe OH
1944 SF Rosenberg Marvin Philadelphia PA
1944 TM Culver Bob Lincoln NE
1945 AB Deak Michael Fairmont WV
1945 GM Levesque Robert North Adams MA
1945 SM Alvarado Fidel. (toddy) Laredo TX
1946 GM Bullette Ronald North Adam MA
1947 ET Sandstrom William(bill) Brooklyn NY
1947 FC Cherek Chester J. Elderon (near Wausau) WI
1948 EN Cruz Daniel Arlington CA
1948 LTJG Justice Richard San Diego CA
1949 AT Jaffa Donald Claremont CA
1949 DC Campbell Charles --
1949 FN Sargent Wesley Chicago IL
1949 RM Pedersen Alfred Salerno, FL
1949 RM Pedersen Alfred Salerno, FL
1949 RM Pedersen Alfred (al) Port Salerno FL
1950 -- Stonecipher Walter Alex Briceville TN
1950 MM Oliver Cecil Baltimore MD
1950 SM Lynch Gerald Laurens SC
1951 BT Jennings Bart La Marque TX
1951 GM Harley Jimmy Eliasville TX
1951 GM Landreville Tom Argyle MN
1951 MM Carmon Louie Clarksville GA
1952 EN Willingham Lawrence ( Jim ) Summit Point WV
1952 ENS Romestant Louis Akron OH
1952 FT Robby Reeves San Antonio TX
1952 RM Ankney Roger Orofino ID
1953 QM Hines Shearl Fairbanks AK
1954 -- Curtis Bud Eaton Rapids MD
1954 -- Curtis Edwin Eaton Rapids MD
1955 -- Jones John Orange TX
1955 BM Jones John Orange TX
1955 CS Taylor Don High Point NC
1955 GM Gibson David Pine Bluff AR
1955 MM Mchughes David Rush Springs OK
1955 MM West (formerly Fett) Ronald Coshocton OH
1955 SO Krogh David Orchard Mesa CO
1956 BM Westall Jim Los Angeles CA
1956 ET Blair James Cypress CA
1957 BM Decaccia Earl Pleasant Hill CA
1957 BT Seal Bernard (bernie) Sioux Falls SD
1958 MM Withers Richard Flagstaff AZ
1958 SN Ackerman William Clinton MO
1959 CMDR Bohlken John Burlington IA
1959 ET Rister M. Fred Evansville IN
1959 SN Wilkinson Gary Central Point OR
1960 QM Hartman Curtis Mt.Cory OH
1960 RM King IL
1960 RM Koons Larry San Jon NM
1960 SN Edwards Gordon Spokane WA
1961 EM Keppler Kenneth Paramus NJ
1961 MM Bellmyer Elmer Caney KS
1961 MM Bullington Charles Jacksonville FL
1962 CMDR Mccabe Robert Minneapolis MN
1962 ET Dregne Richard Bay Village OH
1962 ET Frediani Harold Pompey Center NY
1962 FN Gradick Bobby Rincon GA
1962 MM Sundstrom Robert Layafette CA
1962 YN Groves Tom Carpinteria CA
1962 YN Tubbs Marty ? TX
1963 BT Jackson Thomas Dillon SC
1963 EM Miles Jared D Salt Lake City UT
1963 EM Miles Jared D. Salt Lake City UT
1963 EN Coker Jerry Huntington Beach CA
1963 ET Cleveland OH
1963 RM Barker James Glendale CA
1963 RM O’neal Ira Roswell NM
1963 RM Pettit Tom Marietta OH
1963 RM Pettit Tom Marietta OH
1963 SH Coady Newt Thomaston GA
1963 SM Evans Ronald Mattoon IL
1964 FT Kelly William Montebello CA
1964 RD Brown Michael Oakland CA
1964 RM Cole Franklin San Predro CA
1964 SF Jeter Robert Santa Barbara CA
1965 BM Johnson Thomas Winter Haven FL
1965 EM Locke James Eugene OR
1965 EM Loerke James Eugene OR
1965 GM Peterson Alan Petaluma CA
1965 PM Karlson Chester Missoula MT
1965 RD Calder John West Windsor NJ
1965 RD North Dennis La Port City IA
1965 SN Corrales Antonio El Paso TX
1966 Marks Charles W. IN
1966 BT Nelson Stan San Francisco CA
1966 CPO Sisti Frank Harrisburg PA
1966 EM Long Paul Dayton NV
1966 EN Siwinski Theodore New Haven CT
1966 ET Meyer John Woodland Park CO
1966 FT Bingham (bing) Charles Denver CO
1966 HM Shepard Daniel Cheny WA
1966 SH Martin William ( Bill - Marty) Federal Way WA
1966 SH Martin William ( Bill - Marty) Federal Way WA
1966 SK Colby Bruce Chicago IL
1966 SK Sisti Frank Hendersonville NC
1966 SN Carpenter Thomas Marion OH
1966 ST Bider Thomas Queens NY
1966 ST Runion Douglas Summerville SC
1966 ST Scrimger Gordon Sonoma CA
1966 ST Stephenson Gary Cheyenne WY
1967 BM Magee Michael San Antonio TX
1967 BT Pippin Danny SC
1967 CS Hall Jeffrey Arcadia IN
1967 EM Height John Unknown CA
1967 EM Wasik Gerald Brooklyn NY
1967 ENS Parks Frank Rome NY
1967 ET Glick Phillip Tower Hill IL
1967 ET Kenedy James IL
1967 ET Kerr PA
1967 ET Krick
1967 MM Bell William (bill) New Orleans LA
1967 MM Groves Larry St Louis MO
1967 RD Fowler Richard Dorchester MA
1967 RD Pozzi \
1967 RD Weck Paul Elizabeth NJ
1967 RM Lehrkind Paul Arvada CO
1967 SK Trosper Albert Upland IN
1967 SN Leininger Otto Metairie LA
1967 ST Marshall Harold Shenandoah VA
1967 YN Graziano Joe Okc OK
1968 FN Peters Dennis Bellingham Wa. WA
1968 FT Smith Lloyd San Benito TX
1968 MM Mariscal Joseph Merced CA
1968 SK Martin Doug Wabash IN
1968 SM Meave Adolph (tommy) Houston TX
1969 ENS Felloney Jack Barrington NJ





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