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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Murphy Patrick --
1940 Swanson --
1943 GM Goins David Frankfort KY
1943 GM Odonnell Robert Folsom PA
1943 YN Carroll Jack Needham MA
1944 Kingery Vernen IL
1944 BM Maybury Ted Baltimore MD
1944 BM Maybury Ted Baltimore MD
1944 BM Stanton James Oakland CA
1944 BM Stanton James Oakland CA
1944 CPTN Desel Robert New York NY
1944 GM Chandler Alden Livermore Falls ME
1949 FT Martinez Richard San Antonio TX
1949 FT Reed Larry Fremont NE
1950 Aronson Donald --
1950 Benton Paul Camden AR
1950 BM Grove Vernon Columbus OH
1950 BT Farris Samuel P. Van Buren MO
1950 BT Meddley W. Wayne Arkadelphia AR
1950 BT Meddley W. Wayne Arkadelphia AR
1950 BT Midkiff G L Bud Mt Airy NC
1950 BT Musselwhite John Lumberton NC
1950 BT Musselwhite John Lumberton NC
1950 BT Workmon Robert L. Pawhuska OK
1950 ET Pindroh John Forest Hills PA
1950 LT Graham John Oklahoma City OK
1950 MM Enriquez Fernando Corona CA
1950 MM Snavely Richard Aberdeen WA
1950 RD Odell L. Elmira CA
1950 SCPO Ritchie William Fernandina FL
1950 SF House Chrles E. Orlando FL
1950 SN Pease Bill Elwood KS
1950 SN Willard Walter Butte MT
1951 BT Farris S P Van Buren MO
1951 BT Harvey Thomas N. Choudrant LA
1951 BT Kaleta Thaddeus Buffalo NY
1951 MM Lamborn James Sturgis MI
1951 MM Lewis Vernon Fortuna CA
1951 SC Cota George National City CA
1951 SM Neely Gary GA
1951 SM Stutler Donald Akron OH
1951 SO Thomas Roy San Francisco CA
1952 DC Cross Stewart Pennsville NJ
1952 ET Campbell Kay Los Olivos CA
1952 LT Pabst R.J. --
1952 RD Graham Vernon (Pete) Belmont NC
1952 RM Riffe Fred New Boston OH
1952 RM Roush Robert OH
1953 HM Rawson Donald J. Grosse Pointe MI
1954 FT Taylor Floyd Bell CA
1954 IC Butterworth William Turlock CA
1954 SM Olier Curtis Biloxi MS
1954 SN Godbold Jack Augusta GA
1955 FT Paterson Louis Excelsior Springs MO
1955 RM Reeves Norman Norfolk VA
1956 FT Mcafee William Philadelphia PA
1956 HM Lee, Adrian Dexter MN
1956 RD Orville [gene] South Bend IN
1956 RD Milner Orville (gene) South Bend IN
1957 -- Boadway Robert Apple Valley CA
1957 GM King Byron Perdido AL
1957 RD Kallay William East Chicago IN
1957 SN Bryant Jerry Amarillo TX
1958 BT Suddreth Richard Grand Junction CO
1958 GM Graves Larry Palmyra MO
1958 GM King Byron Perdido AL
1958 GM Wages Coolidge (co) Mulberry AR
1959 BT Lomenick Mike Las Vegas NV
1959 IC Rutledge Richard Glen Ellyn IL
1959 RD Waikel Thomas Ft Wayne IN
1960 GM Brewster Thelton Ft. Worth TX
1960 GM Brewster Thelton Ft. Worth TX
1960 IC Rutledge Richard Glen Ellyn IL
1960 IC Rutledge Richard Glen Ellyn IL
1960 SM Odom Doug Sepulveda CA
1961 BT Cimental Francisco Kingsbury TX
1961 CS Mcgraw William J Manchester IA
1961 ET Ernst Bob Long Beach CA
1961 FT Lunsford David Falls City NE
1961 MM Graf Robert Kansas City MO
1961 MM Lenner Frank Chicago IL
1961 MR Erickson Darrill Holyoke MN
1961 RM Halsted Ronald Hastings NE
1961 RM Halsted Ron Hastings NE
1961 SO Jones George Ellsworth KS
1961 ST Jones George Sylvia KS
1962 FT Standley Thomas Mattoon IL
1962 RD Depue Glenn St Louis Park MN
1962 RM Covely Frank Los Angeles CA
1962 RM Covely Frank Haddonfield NJ
1962 SCPO Boone Charles Queen City TX
1963 CPO Haupt Edwin Gloucester MA
1963 MM Cox Joe Unk OR
1963 MM Williams Charles Ardmore OK
1963 SK Urban Ronald Hays KS
1963 SN Aslin David Jacksonville TX
1963 SN Reed Danny Norco CA
1963 SN Reed Dan Norco CA
1964 Wallis
1964 EM Chapman Mel Spokane WA
1964 MM Luckinbill Herschel Montgomery IL
1964 MM Mccarnan William Ladd Mason OH
1964 QM Edler Norman Williamsport PA
1964 RD Hartnett William Jacksonville FL
1964 SH Bell Edward Davenport IA
1965 Lowell Kenneth
1965 BT Sweetland Patrick Bosie, Id CA
1965 ET Whitman Robert Vivian LA
1965 ET Whitman Robert Vivian LA
1965 FN Wehunt Bill Redding CA
1965 MM Braxton (bob ) Jay Chattanooga TN
1965 MM Mckenzie Richard York NE
1965 RM Massa Peter K. Arma KS
1966 AD Delfel Earl St. Louis MO
1966 BM Richard North Hollywood CA
1966 BM Blair Richard North Hollywood CA
1966 BT Silver Steve Chester NY
1966 BT Silver Steve Chester NY
1966 FT Waite Robert Sarenac Lake NY
1966 MM Case Michael Birmingham MI
1966 PC Villani Allen San Francisco CA
1966 RD Mercy Kenneth Sylmar CA
1966 RM Galloway Les Tucson AZ
1966 SK Ramil Artemio Long Beach CA
1967 BM Williams Lesley. Tex San Angelo TX
1967 BT Brueggeman Kenneth Norwalk WI
1967 BT Caesar David Oklahoma City OK
1967 BT Caesar David Oklahoma City OK
1967 ET Mcfarland Ron Omaha NE
1967 FT Myers Dave Philadelphia PA
1967 LTJG White Nathan Plano TX
1967 QM Lewis R C Cement OK
1968 Reed Larry Freemont NE
1968 BM Knupp Thomas Scott City MO
1968 BT Klecha Lawrence Clifton NJ
1968 BT Klecha Lawrence Clifton NJ
1968 RD Diffendall Michael Hummelstown PA
1969 BM Doellman Gary Cincinnati OH
1969 BM Reginelli Tony Houston TX
1969 BT Barnett Gary Houston TX
1969 BT Bihler Paul Chicago Heights IL
1969 BT Moojen William Camano Island WA
1969 BT Stone Jimmy Valley Mills TX
1969 MR Bollinger Stanley Westminster MD
1970 BM Holbrook Kurt Salt Lake City UT
1970 BT Clark Michael Louisville KY
1970 CS Penn Neil Sacramento CA
1970 EM Brandenburg Walter Riley KS
1970 FT Beckers Bob Columbus MT
1970 LTJG Manson Terrance Massillon OH
1970 MM Fox Michael Portland OR
1970 MM Kuzanek Anthony Chicago IL
1970 SH Anderson Boyd Britton SD
1970 SM Guthrie William Mesa AZ
1970 SN Babcock
1971 BM Nuñez Elias Cayey PR
1971 EM Heist Ronald Muncy PA
1971 IC Robison Donald Seattle WA





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