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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 SN Terifay Alexander Naples FL
1942 BM Rutan Ralph Columbus OH
1943 MM Foat Gene Waukesha WI
1943 PM Baughman William Akron OH
1944 -- Luther Norman Kerrville TX
1944 LTJG Jones Raymond Pasadena CA
1944 SC Walsh Martin Worcester MA
1945 SN Chicvara George Chicago IL
1951 Burleson Charles Birmingham AL
1951 Fowler Jerry Long Island NY
1951 Staat Bob Milstat IL
1951 BM Eldridge Ralph Stanford KY
1951 BM Shamrock Jerry TN
1951 BM Walker James Catlettsburg KY
1951 CM Blackburn Bill Cairo IL
1951 CMDR Eastwood James A --
1951 CMDR Eastwood James A (Jungle Jim) --
1951 CMDR Mc Coy Ellwood C --
1951 QM Renfrow Forrest Myrtle Point OR
1951 RD Laske Joel N.Y.C NY
1951 RD Strong Perry Murrieta CA
1951 RM Depinto Anthony Bronx NY
1951 SN Cowart Jim Vidalia GA
1951 SO Blunt Bion Bangore ME
1951 SO Grisham John Pittsfield IL
1951 SO Johnson Robert Carbondale IL
1951 TM Lilly Don Los Angles CA
1952 Kelly David Manhassett Long Isla NY
1952 RM Seaman Gerald Philadelphia PA
1952 SH Lafleur Raymond Fall River MA
1953 LT Verner Elliott Jay NY
1953 SN Whiddon William Winters TX
1954 GM Hawk Larry Easton PA
1954 GM Stephenson Ernest Bluefield VA
1954 MM Dugan Daniel Poughkeepsie NY
1954 RD Burks Robert Oungstown OH
1954 RM Carroll Richard Cape Girardeau MO
1954 SN Clark Harry Richeyville PA
1954 TE Brodeur Arthur New Bedford MA
1954 TE Feronti Samuel Johnsonburg PA
1954 TM Feronti Sam Johnsonburg PA
1955 Carroll Richard Cape Girado MO
1955 BT Richey Edward Lemont Furnace PA
1955 EM Cermak John Chicago IL
1955 GM Arbogast Donald Layton, Rook Co. KS
1955 GM Labrecque Robert Lowell MA
1955 MM Sands Tony FL
1955 QM Mcerlane Ambrose Palm Coast FL
1956 BT Jasper Phillip Lynco WV
1956 BT Laperle Donald Danielson Ct. CT
1956 FT Wagner Robert Hazleton PA
1956 FT Wagner Robert Hazleton PA
1956 RD Beery George Bellevue OH
1956 SK Morrissette Normand Lowell MA
1957 FN Laperle Donald Danielson CT
1957 FT Anderson John Mcmechen WV
1957 FT Anderson John Mcmechen WV
1957 FT Maier Richard Hartford CT
1957 GM Brown Joe Charleston WV
1957 RM Howse Gilbert Freeport NY
1957 SN Lockwood Dexter Springfield VT
1958 BM Sweeney Kevan Largo FL
1958 DC Griffin Errol Poland IN
1958 FN Poglitsch Karl New Britain CT
1958 MM Lauzon Ronald New Bedford MA
1958 RD Holtz Charles Almond WI
1958 RD Holtz Charles Almond WI
1959 Zelinsky Luke Pottsville PA
1959 GM Barg Robert White SD
1959 MM Milano George Bridgeport CT
1959 MM Milano George Fairfield CT
1959 MR Burke John Charlotte NC
1959 PN Doherty Richard Flint MI
1959 QM Ridenour Thomas Shelby OH
1959 RD Ramsay Walt Monticello NY
1959 RD Ramsay Walt Monticello NY
1959 RM Yates Dave
1959 RM Yates David Trenton NJ
1959 SN Drescher Bill Newark NJ
1959 SO Gamble Gary Scranton Area PA
1959 SO Maddy Donald Crestline OH
1959 SO Sampieri Eugene Woodbury NJ
1960 BT Springer Lanny Vancouver WA
1960 EN Goodman John Honey Brook PA
1960 ET Mcdonnell John Barrington NH
1960 IC Liss Gerald Nanticoke PA
1960 SK Pelrine Edward North Kingstown RI
1960 SM Dortenzio Frank Everett MA
1960 SM Schweighardt Patrick Lexington KY
1960 SN Roosa David Congers NY





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