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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 AS Guilmette Robert Fall River MA
1942 PVT Maciukenas Paul Tinley Park IL
1943 CM Hughes Fred Worcester MA
1943 RM Collins PA
1943 SM Gallagher Joseph Astoria L
1943 SM Gardner Robert Lyndhurst NJ
1944 BM Brown Francis Newport RI
1944 BM Obrian --
1944 GM Bennett William (deceased/nephew) Wadesboro NC
1944 PM Husemoller Carl Deceased Daugh Lincoln NE
1944 RM Fitzgerald --
1944 RM Oconnell --
1944 RM Soscia Frank Chester PA
1945 SN Cox Ed Necon NJ
1951 Keith Barstad Ames IA
1951 BT Spicer James Raytown MO
1951 DK Chapman Donald (pete) Brownsboro TX
1951 MM Huebner Paul Tacoma WA
1951 RM Cheesebrough Charles Pasadena CA
1951 RM Diego John Del Rio TX
1951 RM Feska Albert
1952 EN Ramsay Thomas Chicago IL
1952 RM Catt Roy Saxonburg PA
1952 SO Abrams Robert Wells NY
1953 Huston Jim Johstown PA
1953 BM Edwards Charles Eclectic AL
1953 BT Adams Chuck Erie PA
1953 EM Lambert Robert Kankakee IL
1953 EN Dreiseidel Dirk Columbus OH
1954 Edwards Donald Lancaster PA
1954 -- Degenaro Tom Millington NJ
1954 BT Brown Tom Eau Claire WI
1954 BT Rush Howard Lenoir City TN
1954 RM Bendiksen John New Bedford MA
1955 BT Cunningham Herbert Salineville OH
1955 BT Cunningham Herbert Salineville OH
1955 ET Woodbury Colin Hyannis MA
1955 SN Reid Francis Henrietta NY
1956 CPO Weston Winfield Endicott NY
1956 GM Caldwell Jim Spartanburg SC
1956 MM Iapalucci Patsy Crabtree PA
1956 PVT Hahn Richard Malvern OH
1957 BM Anderson Warren Thomasville GA
1957 CPL Sperber Philli Or Pittsburg PA
1957 EM Ziroli Humbert West Jefferson NC
1957 PVT Molloy John Sloatsburg NY





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