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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Phelps Carlton Allen Cambridge MA
1940 BT Taylor Kenneth --
1942 SN Luken William Terre Haute IN
1943 FC Waller James Portland OR
1944 -- Fink Paul Beckley WV
1944 AM Taylor Floyd Olan Memphis TN
1944 FC Farrar Luther Auburn AL
1944 LCDR Murray John Buffalo NY
1944 MID3 Fulwider Richard Lebanon IN
1950 SK Gordon Hilgrove New York City IL
1951 BT Mc Carry John Brooklyn NY
1951 BT Mc Carry John Brooklyn NY
1951 FN Bradley Evart Salt Lake City UT
1951 GM Egler James Wyandotte MI
1951 MM Bauersfeld George D. Tarrytown NY
1951 MM Ciarrochi Roger Rancho Palos Verde CA
1951 MM Crawley Arthur --
1951 RD Dean Raymond Bridgeton NJ
1951 RD Leduc Maurice (Duke) Watertown CT
1951 SH Powers Gene New York City NY
1951 SK Consonery Phillip Charleroi PA
1951 YN Webb Nile Mitchellville MD
1952 FN Parlin James Wheelersburg OH
1952 LT Voss Jim Austin MN
1952 OM Liskom Robert Murrells Inlet SC
1952 QM Liskom Robert Myrtle Beach SC
1952 SN Cupp James Newport CT
1952 YN Lee Robert Edenton NC
1952 YN Lee Robert Edenton NC
1953 RD Graf Charles Danville IL
1954 DIVER Lore Michael Brooklyn NY
1954 EM Holliday Richard Maryville TN
1954 GM Cobb Thomas Ola AR
1954 RD Gugerty Arthur Ohio IL
1954 SM Anes German New York NY
1955 Lee Robert NC
1955 SN Hagy Robert Reading PA
1955 YN Young David Athens IL
1956 EM Britt Douglas Kansas City KS
1956 FT Alkire Richard Ladson SC
1956 RM Ryan Roger Qus\\\\eens Astoria New York NY
1956 SN Crawford Thomas Pleasantville NJ
1956 SN Sullivan Philip Staten Island NY
1956 SN Sullivan Philip Staten Island NY





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