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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 Kazmierczak Bernard South Bend IN
1942 SC Moore Richard Ladderdale IA
1942 TM Jones Davis Vernon Hollandale MS
1943 -- Smith Charles Chanute KS
1943 AG Donovan John Charlestown MA
1943 BM Eynon Harold Huntington Beach CA
1943 FC Engen Leverne (lee) Fergus Falls MN
1943 GM Griffith William Ellicott City MD
1943 PFC Avery Earl Olla LA
1943 SGTMAJ Coleman Edward
1943 SM Procaccini Gerald Providence RI
1943 SM Procaccini Gerald Providence RI
1944 PVT Shipley Clifford Drexel MO
1944 QM Graham Fred Bellingham WA
1950 DC Buchholz Duane Sheridan WY
1950 FC Turner Bob Holdenville OK
1950 FN Cohagan Richard Columbus OH
1950 FN Loper Robert J Athens OH
1950 GM Rollins Maurice Bellingham WA
1950 IC Seid Bill Worland WY
1951 BT Howard William (Doug) Pass Christian MS
1951 ET Blair Robert Vancouver WA
1951 ET Blair Robert Vancouver WA
1951 FN Horton Irby Lee Elba AL
1951 FT Norton Raymond Howell MI
1951 QM Frank Joe Chicago IL
1951 RM Canchola Joe St. Joseph MO
1951 RM Sand Robert Odell NE
1952 ET Palmer Douglas St. Petersburg FL
1952 ET Palmer Douglas St. Petersburg FL
1952 ET Regan Bill Woburn MA
1952 MID3 Wright Henry Piney WV
1953 BT Hartley Frank Sterling Hgts MI
1953 EM Kelly Phil Whittier CA
1953 EN Howard James Clay City IN
1953 SK Miller Robert Stanley San Jose, CA
1953 SN Cowart Glenn Staugustine FL
1954 FT May William Clarksville TX
1955 EM James Reed St. Joseph MO
1955 EM Korzekwa Fred Falls City IN
1955 MID3 Gardiner George Canoga Park CA
1955 PT Bello Dino Columbus OH
1955 SK Calaway Robert De Pere WI
1956 Mccammon Harold Mankato KS
1956 BT Richardson Bill Hillsdale KS
1956 EA Farris James Mercury TX
1956 FT Fox Gerald Anchorage AK
1956 GM Dewitt Richard Shell Rock IA
1957 DK Hardin Philip
1957 EM Simmons Ray Bay City TX
1957 FT Bailey Chuck San Jose CA
1957 FT Friend James Willmar MN
1957 MID3 Thomas David Knoxville TN
1957 MM Hellie Dennis Rice WA
1957 RD Luellen Don Mancos CO
1957 RM Edgar Curtis Custer OK
1957 SK Mathis David Huntley IL
1957 SN Salyer Gerald (Jerry) Corrigan TX
1957 SN Scroggins Randy San Diego CA
1957 SN Sickler Bill San Diego CA
1958 BT Baze James B. Alton IL
1958 BT Baze James Alton IL
1958 BT Estrada Raymond Phoenix AZ
1958 BT Hall Roy West Covina CA
1959 MM Erlandson Albert T Stockton CA
1959 RD Rogers Larry Richmond IN
1959 SK Braun Thomas Wahpeton ND
1960 BM Chapman Bill Kilgore TX
1960 BT Withrow Wayne Ocala FL
1960 DC Billingsley Batesville MS
1960 FN Lusk Jamie Paragould AR
1960 FN Nott Gerald Detroit MI
1960 MM Menard Roland Brownsville TX
1960 QM Mcbride Kenneth Fort Wayne IN
1960 RD Lehtonen Rick Summerville SC
1960 RM Manning Jim Rocky Mount NC
1960 SM Toruno Ray Fullerton CA
1960 SN Ferguson Orland Camden AR
1961 FN Averill David Minneapolis MN
1961 MID1 Bommer David San Antonio TX
1961 PN Sperry Dale Grand Valley CO
1961 RD Brizzi Nick Paterson NJ
1961 RM Wilson Ray Corydon IN
1961 SK Giese Don Berlin WI
1961 SN Halfman Gerald St. John IN
1962 RD Brizzi Nick Paterson NJ
1962 SN Thunstrom Paul Detroit Lakes MS





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