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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Anderson Franklin MA
1941 EM Walker Elmer Currituck NC
1941 FC Northup Dale Gray IA
1941 GM Jamison Chesley Louisville KY
1942 BM Olmstead Roy \\ Flint MI
1942 BM Olmstead Roy \\ Flint MI
1942 BM Trotta Anthony Waterbury CT
1942 GM Blanton Charles Cowan TN
1942 SO Halls Gene C. Durango CO
1943 MM Baker Roger Seattle WA
1943 MM Diesel Michael Brooklyn NY
1943 MM Gram Fred Travers City MI
1943 MM Pilsey Francis Philadelphia PA
1943 QM Reed John Ithica NY
1943 RM Canfield Winton Houston TX
1943 SCPO Olsen Covell Trufant MI
1943 SF Penberthy Russell Northville MI
1943 WT Simmons Harvey Gause TX
1944 -- Eginton Patrick Brooklyn NY
1944 AB Hansen \ Bend OR
1944 AB Helt Saved My Life
1944 AB Pastor Robert Emmons Survivor
1944 AS Archer Richard Cranston RI
1944 AS Hargreaves Jack Cinncinnati OH
1944 AS Hayes Jack Chicago IL
1944 BM Hebert Lionel Uxbridge MA
1944 BM Kinsey Ernest Regular Navy
1944 BM Kulhammer
1944 EM Miller Frank Morristown NJ
1944 ENS King Ernest
1944 FN Hatton William Wilmington DE
1944 LCDR Cassel Charles Captain
1944 LT Corcoran Philip
1944 MM Jensen Aage
1944 RM Huntsinger Ronnie SC
1944 RM Phillips William Sedro Woolley WA
1944 SC Moran William Conshohocken PA
1944 SC Pullia William Philadelphia PA
1944 SM Greene
1945 AB Archer Richard Cranston RI
1945 AB Heebner Charles CT
1945 AB Hill Red Ottumwa IA
1945 PFC Vlk Richard Cleveland OH
1945 RP Micheson Paul Framingham MA
1945 YN Thomas Donald Bend OR





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