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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 FC Soulberg Don --
1940 MM Cornell Ken Independence MO
1942 RM Paulette John Brooklyn NY
1942 SCPO Halter Louis Philadelphia PA
1942 SM Brighenti William New Britain CT
1942 SM Odoherty Francis Baltimore MD
1942 TM Scott Loyd Chico CA
1942 WT Hemstock Clifford H. New Haven,ct CT
1944 EM Scott Vane S Newcomerstown OH
1944 EM Scott Vane Newcomerstown OH
1944 EM Williams William Los Angeles CA
1944 TM Vecchi Eugene Des Moines IA
1945 BM Keiter Ed Larned KS
1945 BT Welch Richard Perry MI
1945 EM Smith Hugh Tyler TX
1945 SK O Connor John Chicago IL
1949 SO Schmidt Don Loleta CA
1949 ST Cleary Thomas Edinburg TX
1950 Hollar Richard Chillicothe OH
1950 -- Holcomb Earl Columbus OH
1950 EM Mcclure Billy Denison TX
1950 GM Turner Joseph Morro Bay CA
1950 PN Smith C Ft Worth TX
1950 SN Reidt Barry Stockston CA
1951 BM Coplin Donald Seattle WA
1952 BM Coplin Donald Seattle WA
1952 FN Adkison Herbert J. Tavares FL
1953 EM Jones Phillip Eureka CA
1955 BT Bachison Marvin Yakima WA
1955 BT Kidder Donnell Kennewick WA
1955 EM Jones Phillip Eureka CA
1955 ET Burton Edwin Santa Barbara CA
1955 MR Comstock Harry Fort Scott KS
1956 BT Ballard Jessie Saint Louis MO
1956 EM Cohagan Richard Marion OH
1956 SK Cantrell James Gadsden AL
1957 BT Worth Clarence Bell City MO
1957 RM Ocean/madsen Donald Phoenix AZ
1957 RM Ocean/madsen Donald Phoenix AZ
1958 BM Kester Bob King City CA
1958 BM Kester Bob King City CA
1958 BT Carson Richard Morganton NC
1958 EM Prest Raymond Greenfield MA
1958 GM Jacobson Gary E Tacoma WA
1958 YN Rusher Gary Pendleton OR
1959 BT Ashby Billy Mooringsport LA
1959 BT Mcgruder Joe OK
1959 BT Paul David Hightstown NJ
1959 CPO Denton William (Bill) Lakeside CA
1959 CPO Jernigan Alvin Corpus Christi TX
1959 EM Thompson Orville Knobnoster MO
1959 FN Crawford James Holt AL
1959 FT Stradal Larry Hinckley MN
1959 MM Lamaster Kirchel Doniphan MO
1960 BT Bender Tom OR
1960 BT Wylie Lawrence Greenville MS
1960 LCDR Anderson William New Orleans LA
1960 MM Gillogley/Gigalow John Kennewick WA
1960 MM Sukley William Joliet IL
1960 RD Edwards Bill Simi Valley CA
1960 RD Spillman Bill Los Angeles CA
1961 GM Humphreys James Chicago IL
1961 IC Miller Lawrence Whitter CA
1961 IC Miller Lawrence Whitter CA
1961 MCPO Walsh Donald Troy NY
1961 MM Moad Ray Laharpe IL
1961 RM Casey Mike Sioux City IA
1962 BM Brown Benjamin Hominy OK
1962 BM Ganon Francis Hilo HI
1962 BT Foster William Baton Rouge LA
1962 BT Parsons Charles Liverpool WV
1962 RM Irwin Larry Pomona CA
1963 BM Campbell Ron Los Banos CA
1963 BM Taylor Larry Jacksonville TX
1963 BT Bachor William (billy) Boiceville NY
1963 BT Franco Refugio (Tony) East Palo Alto CA
1963 DC Swanson Bruce Lakewood NY
1963 ET Dahl Carl Rick Chicago IL
1963 GM Lehr Steven Lincoln NE
1963 LCDR Anderson William New Orleans LA
1963 QM Bay Ron Luverne MN
1963 QM Bay Ron Luverne MN
1963 QM Poppe Gilbert Ruskin NE
1963 RD Mccauley John Prattville AL
1963 SF Reeves Mack Winnsboro LA
1963 SM Henry Billy Waipahu HI
1963 SM Redd Carl ???? OH
1963 YN Sanders Walter Junction City KS
1964 AD Dixon Marty Columbus IN
1964 BM Estes Roy Queen Creek AZ
1964 BT Renken Fred Struble IA
1964 BT Roberts John Bear Branch KY
1964 DC Lombardi Robert Chicago IL
1964 EM Cooper Phil Eddyville OR
1964 EN Starks Gary Ithaca NY
1964 FT Fought Edward Fremont OH
1964 HN Pederson Jesse Dallas TX
1964 MM Mitchell William Gainesville GA
1964 MM Woods Glenn Oregon City OR
1964 ST Smith Carl Reedley CA
1965 BM Lancaster Jimmy Manor TX
1965 BM Wall Ronald Gladevalley NC
1965 BT Albert Albert Oxnard CA
1965 BT Dye Richard Downey CA
1965 BT Eggleston Allen.eggleston Balboa CA
1965 BT Vargas Frank Simi Valley CA
1965 CWO Chartier John Vacaville CA
1965 GM Russell Brian San Gabriel CA
1965 GM Stiles Albion Los Angeles CA
1965 MM Cox Marion Portland OR
1965 MM Cox Eldon Dallas TX
1965 MR Dimoff George Seattle WA
1965 SM Black Jimmy Hays KS
1965 SM Black Jimmy Hays KS
1965 SM Mcwhorter Bob (joe College) Salt Lake City UT
1966 -- Mc Millon Sammy San Antonio TX
1966 -- Parrish John PA
1966 AE Price Melvin Los Angeles CA
1966 BT Buss James Omaha NE
1966 ET Tewes Pete Corpus Christi TX
1966 FT Nelson Michael Indianapolis IN
1966 GM Hamilton Ray El Paso TX
1966 MM Chapman Fred Clawson MI
1966 MM Kelly Ernie Big Stone Gap VA
1966 MM Peterson Gary Seattle WA
1966 MM Severns William Bensalem PA
1966 RD Hyatt Robert Yellville AR
1966 SM Lowrie Birk Oakland CA
1966 SM Mcconnaughey (mac) K. Detroit MI
1966 SN Price Melvin Los Angeles CA
1966 ST Proctor Larry Loveland CO
1966 ST Roe David Lebanon OR
1967 AD Johnson Larry Cleveland OH
1967 BT Bond Donald Ida Grove IA
1967 BT Hollon Richard Wichita KS
1967 EM Stabnow Monty Absarokee MT
1967 EN Holbrook Darrell Healdsburg CA
1967 ET Young Brian Scituate MA
1967 SN Reeves Darwin Los Angeles CA
1967 ST Drake Edwin Marne MI
1967 YN Evans Al Salem O
1968 Moore Lannie
1968 BM Clark Jim San Jose CA
1968 BT Ladendorf John Roanoke IL
1968 BT Ramsey William Pollock Pines CA
1968 BT Young Ralph Grand Rapids MI
1968 CPO Oglesby Don Onalaska WI
1968 FN Nixon William Dakota City NE
1968 HN Jones Stephen Doc Garner IA
1968 MM Klemm Richard Oklahoma City OK
1968 RD Clemons Lynn Winnemucca NV
1968 SF Horn Rick Gridley CA
1968 YN Mckay Tim ID
1969 BM Teige Dan Wausau WI
1969 FT Benedict Stephen Kansas City MO





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