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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Attinello Lincoln Park --
1940 -- Smith Walter Deshler OH
1940 LCPL Depietro Alfred Clifton Heights PA
1941 -- Carbonelli Sandy Massapequa Park NY
1941 AB Futrell Robert Hendersonville NC
1941 CPO Draughn Hagan Pikeville KY
1941 CPO Zuchick Mike Kimball WV
1941 GM Ray David Dink WV
1941 LT King Robert Lincoln FL
1941 LT Southworth --
1941 LTJG Oreilly Henry Brooklyn NY
1942 Dias John New Bedford MA
1942 -- Weed Mitchell J. Orangeburg SC
1942 AD Howse Charles Cambridge MA
1942 AM Boggess Robert Freemont IA
1942 AM Figgs William Annapolis MD
1942 AO Jordan Raymond Providence
1942 AS Belleisle William Olean NY
1942 CPO Bona Edward Pittsfield MA
1942 CPO Soliday John Sistersvllei WV
1942 CPO Suggs John Americus GA
1942 FC Forslund Rudy Chicago IL
1942 FC Ten Cate William Bayonne NJ
1942 GM West Dewey Stevenson AL
1942 LT Barton Claude Reed OK
1942 MM Rapallo Fred Medford MA
1942 RM Bucklin Julian Pawtucket RI
1942 SC Render Eugene Canton OH
1942 SF Webster John Baltimore MD
1942 SM Sanders Charles Waterbury CT
1942 SN Scallen Daniel Minneapolis MN
1943 AE Smith Harold Davenport IA
1943 AM Lynch Charles Port Charlotte FL
1943 CPO Bradley Manassah Boston MA
1943 CPO Skipworth Thomas Rochester NY
1943 CPO Soliday John Sistersville WV
1943 EN Scott Eugene Columbus OH
1943 ENS Alliod Guido Chicago IL
1943 ENS Crocker Julius Union SC
1943 LTJG Mason Jr. James GL
1943 MA Frenier Edward Northampton MA
1943 PFC Demko Bruno Chicago IL
1943 PH Hladish John Mcadoo PA
1943 PVT Surguy James K Baltimore MD
1943 RM Blodorn Henry College Point NY
1943 RM Bowes William Oneonta NY
1943 SF Shelton John White Stone VA
1943 SM Spicer Robert Pottsville PA
1943 SN Metzner Charles Philadelphia PA
1943 ST Davis Walter Amherst VA
1944 Crocker Julius Union SC
1944 Fitz William Long Island NY
1944 Mody Pete Utica NY
1944 Post David States Island NY
1944 Reeves Jimmy Atlanta GA
1944 Schulz Danny Oshkosh WI
1944 Snyder Fred Long Island NY
1944 Stroud Leonard San Diego CA
1944 Thompson Woodrow Cincinnati OH
1944 -- Oliver William Lafayette GA
1944 AM Mika Joseph Philadelphia PA
1944 AO Sprague Phillip Marysville WA
1944 BM Carrigg F. D. Trenton NJ
1944 CPL Schultz S 1/C Ray Webster WI
1944 CS Brown John Glenside PA
1944 ENS Baldini George Silver Beach Gardens NY
1944 ENS Mills Bob Philadelphia PA
1944 GM Davis Junior Jefferson IN
1944 LCDR Hendricks Samuel Echola AL
1944 PFC Fields Dale Dell Rapids SD
1944 PFC Frenier Edward Northampton MA
1944 SC Cherry Gus Philadelphia PA
1944 SC Craft Harold Salyersville KY
1944 SM Aaserude Gerald Barron WI
1944 SM Berghuis Norbert Little Chute WI
1944 SM Laughlin Earl New London WI
1944 SN Gable Henry Mauch Chunk PA
1944 YN Barber W. A. Washington DC
1945 -- Gerard Paul Helena MT
1945 EM Theut George Centerline MI
1945 EN Dailey Ray High Point NC
1945 PM Wonner Rich Salem OH
1945 SC Johnson Richard L. Charlottesville IN
1945 TM Langhoff Chuck Tampa FL





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