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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 -- Naderer Julian Gmunden AL
1940 EM Miedaner Mike Marshfield WI
1940 SGT Westerson Francis Seattle WA
1941 Good Thomas Hot Springs NC
1941 AM Allen Leslie Joliet IL
1941 BT Matthews Thomas Portsmouth Va VA
1941 BT Nelson John F. New Orleans LA
1941 CPO Barrett (added By Daughter) Jack New York NY
1941 CPO Sexton (entered By Son) Barney Lenoir City TN
1941 CPO Wendel Albert Erie PA
1941 CPTN Dawes (cumings) Charles Henry Newyork NY
1941 CPTN Dawes (cumings) Charles Henry Newyork NY
1941 EM Lies (added By Daughter) Donald Bremen ND
1941 FC Hodges Julian Panama City FL
1941 FN Clements Woodrow Murphysboro IL
1941 FT Almond Jule Datona Beach FL
1941 FT Pancake (submitted By Niece) Toney Ironton OH
1941 GM Dempsey Lester Austell GA
1941 LCDR Hubbard Stu Springfield VA
1941 LTJG Rocque Francis Lexington MA
1941 MID2 Taylor Robert Jacksonville FL
1941 MM Bradley Gerald Auburn WA
1941 MM Bradley Gerald Auburn WA
1941 MM Palmer Matthew Vicksburg MS
1941 MM Winn Easton Overland Park KS
1941 PM Barbarick Lewis (passed) San Antonio TX
1941 PM Barbarick Lewis (passed) San Antonio TX
1941 RM Barkley Troy Ripley MS
1941 RM Robertson Duane Carbondale IL
1941 SC Cartee Gus Leonard Roebuck SC
1941 SC Valhos Nicholas N. Washington CT
1941 SCPO Schanbacher Harry Endicott NY
1941 SF Hickcox Robert Detroit MI
1941 SK Adair Willis Ventura CA
1941 SK James Zimmermann New Orleans LA
1941 SM Goode Robert Newport TN
1941 SM Horton George Kershaw SC
1941 SM Spooner Roger Iron City GA
1941 SM Walls L V Bill Vardaman MS
1941 WT Grant Coleman Sharpsburg NC
1942 -- Davis (deceased) Jesse E. Abita Springs LA
1942 AC Smart Randle Dean Fort Worth TX
1942 AD Huff Raymond GA
1942 AO Hartley (deceased 1983) Hammond Blakely NV
1942 BM Roberts Willie Fred Statenville GA
1942 BM Roberts (deceased 1997) Willie Fred Statenville GA
1942 CPO Pair French Watson Birmingham AL
1942 EM Stutsy Charles Houlka MS
1942 GM Duplak (remembered By Daughter) Frank William Penn PA
1942 GM Hill ( Remembered By Daughter) Bruce Salamanca NY
1942 MCPO Collins William Gloversville NY
1942 MM Irwin Stanley Indianapolis IN
1942 MU Lloyd - (submitted By Daughter) Thomas E. Martinsburg WV
1942 RM Ayers Roy (mia- Family Member Info) Cisco TX
1942 SF Gamble Ralph West Jefferson NC
1942 SF Woods Harvey Cincinnati OH
1942 SN Sipe Robert Nevada OH
1942 YN Barnett Coleman Cooter MO
1943 Hite Richard Huntington WV
1944 AM Clancy James St Louis MO
1949 COL Cumings John Thomas Boston MA
1959 PN Cosper George Childersburg AL
1962 EM E John Middle Village NY
1963 AD Wilson Francis Cuero TX
1967 AB Hill Wilbur Springfield NJ
1967 AB Horace Simon Orange Park FL
1967 BM Lynch Robert Chicago IL
1967 SK O Hara Thomas Marion IN
1968 AM Mccoy Donald Fort Wayne IN
1968 AN Brown Lonnie Ennis TX
1968 AX Swanzy Harold Rosebud TX
1968 SM Stevens Gary Pittsburgh NJ
1971 CPTN Linzey Stanford Escondido CA





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