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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 CPO Oliver Clyde Columbus OH
1943 BM Yugovich Mike J. Beach Bottom WV
1943 FC Crider Joseph Birmingham AL
1943 FC Crider Joseph Birmingham AL
1943 GM Coffaro Andy New Brunswick NJ
1943 LTJG Lynch N. John Auburn NY
1943 PVT Bell Willard New Milford NJ
1943 RM Mazeiko John Chelsea MA
1943 RT Allen Clarence (clancy) Atchison KS
1943 SM Rolfe Walter Littleton NH
1944 -- Singer Harry Mount Laurel NJ
1944 AS Morais Chrles Endicott NY
1944 BM Dimaio Mario Gloversville NY
1944 EM Jones Lawrence Austin TX
1944 EM Mccollum James Decatur IL
1944 EM Opuda John Garfield NJ
1944 ENS Bradstreet Philip Gloucester MA
1944 FC Vanfechtmann William Brooklyn NY
1944 FC Young David NJ
1944 FC Young David Tuckerton NJ
1944 GS Osterlund Carl R. West Belmar NJ
1944 MM Metivier James Rockland MA
1944 RD Claxon John Mattoon IL
1944 RM Gabhart Charles Simpsonville KY
1944 SC Rudden Edward Port Monmouth NJ
1944 SF Cavalcanti James Bronx NY
1944 SF Nordyke Adin North Lauderdale FL
1944 SGT Gibbs Hugh Houston TX
1944 SM Catalano Steven Laurence MA
1944 SN Capps Joseph Marietta SC
1944 SN Dinolfo Charles Astoria Queens NY
1944 SN Perrotta Thomas Brooklyn NY
1944 SSGT Gibbs Hugh Houston TX
1944 TE Sorensen Jerell (jerry) El Monte, CA
1944 WT Murphy Charles Long Island NY
1944 WT Walsh Thomas Brooklyn NY
1945 -- Moncur Reginald Delaware OH
1945 AS Bartel Cecil Balko OK
1945 GM Boles Leo Wimp King NC
1945 RD Weatherly Ray Tacoma WA
1945 TE Parker Walton Dallas TX
1946 AS Diliegro Cosmo Revere MA
1946 AS Duncan Homer T Duncan Gleason TN
1946 AS Duncan Homer T Duncan Gleason TN
1946 ET Davidson George ** MI
1946 ET Watson Clarence San Antonio TX
1946 MM .snell Eugene Joplin MO
1946 MM Moore .....................charles KS
1946 MM Snell Eugene Joplin MO
1946 MM Wallace Dale Hamilton IA
1946 RD Ginsberg Edward Brooklyn NY
1946 RD Thomas Richard Trenton NJ
1946 SN Edmunds George Thomson GA
1946 YN Lawrence. Charles J. Peabody MA
1946 YN Nowak Henry Wallis TX
1947 ET Morehouse Bill Lansing MI
1947 RM Landrum Charles Colorado Springs CO
1948 EM Fuller Robert Peabody MA
1948 ET Huth Carl Reno NV
1948 HM Catlin Clark Loyal WI
1948 PN Duncan Reginald Cloudcroft NM
1948 SN Burks Bobby Benton AR
1948 SN Canupp Jr Lee R Concord NC
2007 SGT Bullard Corey San Antonio TX





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