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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Bowers Harry --
1940 Weger Glenn Flat Rock IL
1941 Dulinski Lee Chicago IL
1941 CPO Bell Charles Denver CO
1941 CWO Bammann Fredrick Queens NY
1941 ENS Cathell Wayne Columbus OH
1941 PFC Benich Joe Cleveland OH
1941 PFC Benich Joe Cleveland OH
1941 SM Desalvo James Brooklyn NY
1942 Cunefare Dewey Newton IL
1942 Cunefare Dewey Newton IL
1942 BM Ratcliffe Alfred Rochester NH
1942 BT Murrie John Grayslake IL
1942 CMDR Crossland George Angola IN
1942 CPL Miller Alfred Springfield MA
1942 EM Briand Francis Cambridge MA
1942 EM Mcdowell Ernest Tacoma WA
1942 EN Meldrum Lynn Treminton UT
1942 EN Meldrum Lynn Treminton UT
1942 GM Cleaver Bob
1942 GM Guerro Joseph J. Stockton CA
1942 GM Melancon Doyle Baton Rouge LA
1942 LT Nelson Henry T. Cheyeen WY
1942 MM Busa Hugo Palo Alto CA
1942 MM Macks Andrew Brunswick OH
1942 MM Roberts Hubert Yorkville NY
1942 RM Kinsey Maurice Bamberg SC
1942 SC Mount James Birmingham AL
1942 SF Mount James Watson Alabama City (gadsden) AL
1942 SM Johnson Frank Belton WV
1942 SN Campora Antohny Spottswood NJ
1943 Edwards Luther Big Spring TX
1943 Edwards Luther B. Big Spring TX
1943 -- Sharp Calvin Syracuse NY
1943 -- Wellmeier Robert Dayton OH
1943 BM Sheekey Joseph Philadelphia PA
1943 CPO Cain Walter Philadelphia PA
1943 EM Pierson John La Grande OR
1943 GM Corrao Joseph Cleveland OH
1943 GM Portwood Carl Eldred IL
1943 LT Atherton Harry Springfield MA
1943 MM Waskewicz Harry Easthampton MA
1943 RM Kinsey Maurice Bamberg SC
1943 RM Rudder Thomas Dante VA
1943 SC Hummer Robert Detroit MI
1943 SCPO Fite Walter Philadelphia PA
1943 SGT Spotti Ernie Cecil PA
1943 SM Flynn Gerard Staten Island NY
1943 SM Jacobs Elmer Louisville KY
1943 SM Mackelvie William Pittsfield MA
1944 Askren Kenneth Indianapolis IN
1944 -- Dobbins Robert Yadkinville NC
1944 -- Lewandowski Frank Oregon IL
1944 -- Norris Chester Bardstown KY
1944 FC Loomer Fen Flushing NY
1944 QM Fillinger Clinton John Marinette WI
1944 RD Goins Elmer Kingsport TN
1944 SC Berg Richard Milan IL
1944 SC Huddleston Leon L. Bogata TX
1944 SC Rasmussen Carl Long Beach CA
1944 SC Scanlon Harry Bocaratan FL
1944 SC Spangler Richard Wilmington IL
1944 SM Sabino Peter Girard OH
1945 SC Hudgin Harry Elizabethtown KY
1945 SN Murrow Louis Louisville KY





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