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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 BM Higgins Louis Browning MT
1940 YN Makovy George Ritchmond Hill NY
1941 Daily Gene Decatur IL
1941 Petersen Paul --
1941 -- Crew George E. Springfield OH
1941 -- Freukes Lawrence Daniel Saint Louis MO
1941 -- Lewis Barney Richmond VA
1941 1STSGT Carpenter John Porter Franklin NC
1941 BM Hauter Walter Toledo OH
1941 BM Merriman Eugene Lee Fort Wayne IN
1941 BT Malan Roger Ogden UT
1941 CM Allee William Marion Colorado City TX
1941 CM Allee William Colorado City TX
1941 CM Hutto Charles (chuck) Gervais OR
1941 CMDR Morrill (deceased 1989) Robert W. San Francisco CA
1941 CPO Crusenberry Ara Rocky Mount NC
1941 CPO Pearson (deceased 2005) Lee Wilson NC
1941 EM Crew--e Div
1941 EM Froloff Lionel B Revelstoke Bc Canada NJ
1941 EM Spisak (deceased) Andrew Louis Middletown OH
1941 EM White John ( Jack ) Niagara Falls NY
1941 ENS Elkins Carl Bluefield WV
1941 FC Zavala Santos Orange TX
1941 GM Goodhue Richard Dracut MA
1941 GM Miller Roy Telford TN
1941 SK Stevens Kenneth Nacogdoches TX
1941 SN Kerber John Sandusky OH
1941 YN Gordon Curtis Provo UT
1942 Bunch C.W. --
1942 -- Secrete Joe Detroit MI
1942 AS Crowe Jesse Cherokee NC
1942 BM Gildersleeve Burr Poughkeepsie NY
1942 CPO Forrester Verne Niota TN
1942 EM Gaboury Leslie St. Paul MN
1942 ENS Breton Joseph Chicopee MA
1942 LT Bushman William Staunton VA
1942 RM Guinn Jack Yakima WA
1942 RM Mcnevin Robert Sacramento CA
1942 SM Kehm Harold Lincoln NE
1943 -- Fitzgerald Edwin Ft Worth TX
1943 AS Mcginty Edward L. Greensboro GA
1943 AS Mcginty Edward L. Greensboro GA
1943 GM Hallett (deceased 1985) Charles Oakland CA
1943 MM Quinci Nick San Diego CA
1943 SC Tribe Luke Lafayette LA
1944 Crook Newell H. Freedom WY
1944 BT Scozzafava Howard Oakland CO
1944 EM Barlow Charles Olympia WA
1944 GM Berkey Arnold Kirkland WA
1944 GM Jones Jack R. Cambridge OH
1944 RM Bushnell Robert Eugene OR
1944 SM Vazquez Samuel San Jose CA
1945 GM Jones Jack Cambridge OH





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