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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Walker John E. Gibsonville NC
1940 GM Paustian Louis Toledo
1940 WT Pacheco Adrian Concord CA
1941 BM Bennis (deceased) Alexander G Cleveland OH
1941 CMDR Nockold Louis Pubelo CO
1941 CPO Cummings William Hopkinsville TN
1941 CPO Seamans George Houlton ME
1941 CS Anderson George Honolulu HI
1941 CWO Mckim Bobi Plover IA
1941 EM Finney John Laurel MD
1941 FC Groves Floyd Mattoon IL
1941 GM Jacobson Reuben Fort Ransom ND
1941 GM Lundy Mitchell Philadelphia MS
1941 GM Pardun Harry Walla WA
1941 GM Reichert Elmer Fort Collins CO
1941 GM Shackelford Maurice Ponca City OK
1941 GM Simmons Sewell Yukon OK
1941 GM Theros James Wilsonville IL
1941 MM Hardwick James Dallas TX
1941 MM Hardwick James Dallas TX
1941 MM Mercure Benson Tunnelton WV
1941 PC Boss John Tuxedo NY
1941 RD King Clancy Kelso WA
1941 RM Travis Jr Charles Peekskill NY
1941 SCPO Johnson (deceased) Raymond (ray) Indianapolis IN
1941 SD Banzuelo Antonio Cavite PI
1941 YN Ferguson Elmer Wesley Atascdero CA
1941 YN Jerow William Escanaba MI
1942 AS Goetzel John Alice TX
1942 CN Ferguson John Vinton LA
1942 CN Ferguson John Vinton LA
1942 CPL Cordray Roy Algonquin IL
1942 CPO Snyder Robert Preston MN
1942 ENSN Whitlock Ralph W. Atlanta GA
1942 GM Cearley James Bristow OK
1942 LT Turner (deceased) Eugene Anniston AL
1942 MM Stiles Sam Louisville KY
1942 RD Lemoine Peter New Orleans LA
1942 SC Landis Robert Quincy IL
1942 SF Willey John Memphis TN
1942 SN Jesik Joseph Pueblo CO
1943 -- Carlson Mryon Oakland NE
1943 -- Wright Donald Grand Meadow MN
1943 BM Greenlief Aurther Weston WV
1943 FC Wright Eldon Heber City UT
1943 FT Smith James New York NY
1943 MU Taylor William Annapolis MD
1943 MU Taylor William Annapolis MD
1943 SM Olson Frederick Yakima WA
1943 SN Devito Thomas Philadelphia PA
1944 BM Watts Edwin (aka) Gus Bruce Baltimore MD
1944 BM Watts Edwin Baltimore MD
1944 CS Randle Harry York PA
1944 EM Brattmiller Roland Ayrshire IA
1944 ENSN Sorrells James Saint Louis MO
1944 FN Protsman William Boston KY
1944 SN Suddarth Thomas Phoenix AZ
1945 FC Diodati Ron Methuen MA
1945 PFC Pelaggi Albert Dominic Brockton MA
1945 RD Morris Morris New Brunswick NJ
1945 SM Boyd Harry Beaver PA
1945 SN Gon Douglas Woodside NY





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