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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1945 FN Avveduti Joe Seneca Falls NY
1945 GM Austin Arthur Sharpsville PA
1945 LTJG Cimon, Jr. Ralph Salem MA
1945 LTJG Cimon,Jr Ralph Salem MA
1945 SC Northurp Richard Rochester NY
1945 SF Almeida Edward Bristol RI
1946 Byard George ??
1946 Silverstrini
1946 -- Huffman Charles Selma AL
1946 -- Lista Louis Port Charlotte FL
1946 -- Powers Allen Jackson \\ Ft. Myers FL
1946 BM Tew Louis M Goldsboro NC
1946 DC Huinker Adolph Austin MN
1946 FN Weeks Joshua Charleston SC
1946 PC Bowles Charles Mount Vernon NY
1946 QM Scott Robert Winston-salem NC
1946 RM Aubrey Bill Detroit MI
1946 SC Lincoln Larry North Attleboro MA
1946 SC Ruscica Sal Bronx NY
1946 SC Ruscica Sal Bronx NY
1946 SC Ruscica Salvatore Bronx NY
1946 SC Rusica Sal Bronx NY
1946 SN Ackley Edward (ted) Hamburg NY
1946 SN Austin John Potsdam SC
1946 SN Haswell
1946 SN Lee Darvin Seneca SC
1946 SN Reed Kenneth Des Moines IA
1946 SN Russell James (rocky) Canmer KY
1946 WT Vessia Vito J. New York FL
1947 -- Thom Herbert New York NY
1947 FC Canada Norman Azusa CA
1947 GM Coghill Wallace Baltimore MD
1947 GM Coghill Wallace Baltimore MD
1947 GM Love William Russell KY
1947 GM Mcardle Thomas Summit Hill PA
1947 GM Shownberger William Baltimore MD
1947 PVT Mckee Russell Phila PA
1947 SK Lee Raymond Scottsdale AZ
1947 SM Folk Edwin Greenville NC
1947 SM Rohler Donald Lafayette IN
1947 SM Sutter Charles Belleville NJ
1947 SN Mehegan James Long Beach CA
1948 Ward James Plant City FL
1948 FC Priddy Raymond Arkansas City AR
1948 FN Shaffer Walter New Windsor NY
1948 SN Bruckner Ed
1948 SN Lastra Joaquin Newyork City NY
1948 YN Barnes Roy Philadelphia PA
1949 LCDR Cassidy John V. Cleveland OH
1954 CPO Valdez Joseph Raton New Mexico NM





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