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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 MID2 Weaver Ernest Knoxville Tenn TN
1943 SC Van Rossum Paul Appleton WI
1944 Alfred Alexander Hyde Park MA
1944 Jacoby Arthur Philadelphia PA
1944 James Aust Monticello MN
1944 Kuhwald Edwin Philadelphia PA
1944 Lafloe L Belcourt ND
1944 Lowry Richard Downingtown PA
1944 Mckiernan Robert Losangeles CA
1944 BM Faiella Anthony Mattapan MA
1944 EM Meara Philip Trenton NJ
1944 GM Gross Bobbie Dunedin FL
1944 HM Kostaras Frederick Watsonville CA
1944 RD Wiliams John Forsyth GA
1944 WT Mcginley Carl Norfolk VA
1945 Axelrod --
1945 -- Smithee Eunice Monette AR
1945 EN Hutchinson Frank Newark NJ
1945 GM Bloskas John D Waco Tx TX
1945 GM Bloskas John D Waco TX
1945 PFC Yarbrough John Indianola MS
1945 PM Kostaras Frederick Watsonville CA
1945 SC Gutierrez Arturo San Antonio TX
1945 SC Mcginnis Eugene Detroit MI
1945 SC Morgan Billy Wilburton OK
1945 SF Schoolcraft Wesley Follansbee WV
1945 SF Schoolcraft Wesley Follansbee WV
1946 AM Fulghum Charles Vidalia GA
1946 AM Fulghum Charles Vidalia GA
1946 BM Robinson William Pleasant Grove UT
1946 ET Sabin William Covington KY
1946 SC Cronin John Malden MA
1946 SK Toman Robert VA
1947 ET Titus
1947 ET Walker Donald Auburn CA
1947 QM Rodway Ralph Portland ME
1947 SD Walker Donald Auburn CA
1948 PN Duncan Reginald Cloudcroft NM
1948 RM Perry Wilson Billings MT
1963 BM Heindrich William Rochester NY
1963 CS Hansen Eugene Manitowoc WI
1963 EN Tulley Peter Rochester NY
1963 FTM Waide Douglas Clayton NM
1963 GM Wood William Concord CA
1963 MM Mcquerry John San Francisco Ca. CA
1963 SM Timberlake Jerry Baldknob AR
1964 LT Johnson Merne Logan IA
1964 SN Upshaw Robert Pasadena CA





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