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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 CMDR Elliott R. Not Known --
1940 CPO Boyette Eldrige --
1940 CPO Dewhurst Robert Not Known --
1940 CPO Ferguson Harley Not Known --
1940 CPO Gertschen Ed. Waukegan IL
1940 CPO Henderson Ray Not Known --
1940 CPO Loftis James Not Known --
1940 CPO Marsh James Not Known --
1940 CPO Perkins Junis Not Known --
1940 CPO Wright Charles Not Known --
1940 EM Melton Henry Not Known --
1940 MM Bryan John Not Known --
1940 MM Kuhn Sylvester Not Known --
1940 MM Yeager B.L. --
1940 RM Brockdorf Carl Trufant MI
1941 AM Henley Charles Shreveport LA
1941 BM Johnson Henry San Diego CA
1941 CPO Perry Joseph Alameda CA
1941 EM Kitchen Arthur Welch WV
1941 ENS Cope Alfred Savannah GA
1941 GM Hribal 1920S Frank Pittsburgh PA
1941 MM Bauer Carl Mesquite TX
1941 MM Cook Francis (Frank) Handley TX
1941 MM Wolfe George New Orleans LA
1941 PFC Ellegood Alton Paduach KY
1941 RM Horne Ellis Pine Bluff AR
1941 RM Johnson Edward Colorado Springs CO
1941 RM Knod Ernest Port Arthur TX
1941 RM Maiorano Anthony Nyack NY
1942 BM Mctigue James Brooklyn NY
1942 BM Robertson Robert Charleston WV
1942 GM Heinz Harold A Lockport NY
1942 QM Newham Robert Salem OR
1942 RM Bennett Karl San Antonio TX
1942 WT Rose Garrison St. Louis MO
1943 Pierce Marvin Not Known --
1943 BM Richmond Ernest Fowlerville MI
1943 CPO Long Tom Wilmington NC
1943 CS Riggle Russell Berwyn IL
1943 FN Burlile Dale Kansas City. MO
1943 MM Barnes Leroy Rouge River OK
1943 MS Werner William Not Known --
1943 PFC Bourdon Robert New York NY
1943 PH Sheeran Joe Wagena MN
1943 RD Smith Billy Thomas Dallas TX
1943 RM Holguin Librado Ontario CA
1943 RM Law /marvin Alva OK
1943 RM Law Bud Alva OK
1943 RM Minter Jesse Ponca City
1943 SC Selmeyer Lowell Lincoln NE
1943 SF Hines Donald Not Known --
1943 SF Ryan William Brooklyn NY
1943 SGT Eugene Albert Fort Worth TX
1943 SK Steiber Frederick Long Island NY
1943 SM Sauer Frank Ellis KS
1943 SN Loiacona Salvatore Not Known --
1943 SN Mabar William Not Known --
1943 SN Mixson Robert L. Miami FL
1943 SN Reed Kenneth Not Known --
1943 SN Rodriguez Martin Not Known --
1943 SN Warrick Calvin Not Known --
1944 MM Degen Charles Chicago IL
1944 RM Parr John S. Rochester NY
1944 SF Crooks Walter J Alexandria LA
1944 SM Gallagher Frank So. Belmar NJ





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