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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
0 Gauthier Adam Muskegon MI
1940 LCDR Deans Karl Concord NH
1988 ET Grabowski Craig Detroit MI
1988 FC Beller Bob Zion IL
1988 FC Holderness Steve Denver CO
1989 BM Cullum Christopher New Harmony IN
1989 BM Davis Timothy Tuscaloosa AL
1989 BM Price Dwight Lenoir NC
1989 BM Willingham Wade Cedartown GA
1989 CPO Harburn Matt Orlando FL
1989 CT Schnathorst Scott Seattle WA
1989 CWO Moore Paul Pineville NC
1989 FC Roach Michael San Diego CA
1989 FC Scott David Spring TX
1989 FN Greenwood Jack Shreveport LA
1989 GS Massingale Ronald West Bend WI
1989 LT Rissky George IL
1989 LT Sickel Dennis NE
1989 MS Harris Roy Chicago IL
1989 RM Sparks Charles San Diego CA
1989 SCPO Berry Tom Dayton OH
1990 DC Kallenberger Darrin Broken Arrow OK
1990 FC Schulz Steven Rochester NY
1990 GS Pavel Pete Ft. Myers FL
1990 MS Litman Scott Casper WY
1990 ST Thomson Dan Scotia NY
1991 GS Rarig David Catawissa PA
1992 BM Greenwood Jack Shrevport LA
1992 BM Hylton Gary Atl GA
1992 EW Lanciers Peter A. Highland Park N
1992 OS Kipke Bob Detroit MI
1992 OS Sauer Steve Moorestown NJ
1992 RM Pryor Tom Kent WA
1992 ST Kruger Todd Portland OR
1993 CPO Lafond Donald Jacksonville FL
1993 FC Durfee Shelten Salt Lake City UT
1993 FC Maclafferty Conan Gig Harbor WA
1993 GS Pate Mike American Fork UT
1993 OS Doss Dennis Warrior AL
1993 OS Taylor Stanley Silver Spring MD
1994 FC Lawrence Vincent Huntington NY
1994 FC Van Brunt Freeman Pocatello ID
1994 IC Carswell Douglas Mariposa CA
1994 IS Isham Todd Mackville KY
1994 OS Coffell Mike Muskegon MI
1994 OS Putnam David Cincinnati OH
1994 SH Hargrove Troy Midland/odessa TX
1994 SH Turner Brent Dallas TX
1995 FC Beller Bob Zion IL
1995 YN Acosta Jose Gardena CA
1996 BM Kave James Mannford OK
1996 EM Teas Matthew Shepherd TX
1996 LTJG Brundle Tim Salt Lake City UT
1996 MS Gardner Malcolm Youngstown OH
1996 OS Chase Larry Fresno CA
1996 SK Nathanson Larry Canoga Park CA
1997 BM Martin Dorshel Manning SC
1997 BM Martin Dorshel Manning SC
1997 EN Cleary Cliff Flint MI
1997 ST Hileman Gary St. Louis MO
1998 CPO Agey Paul Belmar NJ
1998 CT Panacciulli Mike Franklin Square NY
1998 CT Panacciulli Mike Franklin Square NY
1998 CT Yannuzzi Ryan Mount Pleasant SC
1998 ET Ryer Mark Tulsa OK
1998 FC Thompson Christy Escondido CA
1998 GM Howard Ron Port Angles WA
1999 CPO Smithee Dale La Mesa CA
1999 EM Mcbride Patrick Geneva AL
1999 GM Grabarczyk Christopher Swanton OH
1999 MS Sabra Kamal Brooklyn NY
2000 AZ Pinlac Patricio Las Vegas NV
2000 SM Chavez Laurie South Berwick ME
2001 EN Dodge Gerid Rice Lake WI
2001 GM Raught Melissa San Antonio TX
2002 CPO Wiley Robert Cuthbert GA
2002 GS Montoya NM
2002 SK Cruces Julio San Francisco CA
2002 ST Palenik Edward Worth IL
2003 HT Smith Brandon Fort Scott KS
2004 ET Burr Jesse Phoenix AZ
2004 HM Gonzales Vincent Vallejo CA
2005 CT Arwood Philip Ripley TN
2006 ET Burr Jesse Phoenix AZ
2006 LCDR Fendrick Troy Tempe AZ
2006 RM Butler Chris Argos IN
2007 GM English Jessica Cody WY
2008 OS Ellison Shawn Ludlow VT
2009 CT Pratt Travis Bangor ME





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