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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Petersen Herman Howard SD
1940 -- Evans Milford Earl Pine Level NC
1940 EM Starkey Charles Massapequa Park NY
1940 NC Corkery Gene Binghamton NY
1940 SM Evanick Michael Binghamton NY
1941 Baker Richard H. Detroit MI
1941 Lesko George Bridgeport CT
1941 Taylor Billy Norwalk OH
1941 AB Robertson Robert Henderson NC
1941 AB Robertson Robert Henderson NC
1941 BM Stafford Harold West Terre Haute IN
1941 CWO Record Floyd Sullivan MO
1941 EM Giardino John (jerry) Garfield NJ
1941 EM Runyon Ancie Belfry KY
1941 GM Weak Raymond Winner SD
1941 PC Rehbein Wallace Milwaukee WI
1941 PVT Treadaway Arvel Blackwell AR
1941 SGT Buchanan Theodore Pawtucket RI
1941 SK Cronin Paul Philadelphia PA
1941 SM Moseley Harwell Winter Park FL
1942 Taylor William Norwalk OH
1942 22 Gutman Arthur New York NY
1942 AS Baker Richard H. Detroit MI
1942 BM Campeau Clarence Detroit MI
1942 CWO Boyd Arthur Sioux City IA
1942 Diver Wooten James T Parkin AR
1942 EM Albright Walter Toledo OH
1942 ENSN Plyler --
1942 FC Mcdonald Joseph Maurice Medford MA
1942 GM Ashburn Raymond Huntsville AL
1942 MID1 Vernon Clarice Friendship TN
1942 MM Head Floyd Battle Creek MI
1942 SC Strosko Andy Armburst PA
1942 SM Buitenwert Edward Grand Haven MI
1942 SM Forsberg Charles Charleston SC
1942 SM Smith Edgar (jack) California CA
1942 WT Prather Harry Wilmington DE
1944 Kane Joseph Norwood PA
1944 RM Moore Sam Spring City TN
1944 RM Moore Sam TN
1950 Green Wayne Marshall MI
1954 MS Carico William Bill Adin CA





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